Lee Bum Soo Decks Out Wife and Adorable Kids in Dodgers Blue and Heads to LA to Attend All-Star Game

It’s Major League Baseball All-Star weekend and one famous Korean star family is headed to Southern California to attend. Lee Bum Soo packed up his wife Lee Yoon Jin along with their kids daughter So Eul and son Da Eul and flew out of Incheon airport headed for Los Angeles. This year’s All-Star Game is in San Diego just two hours south of LA, and there is likely plenty for the family to do both at the MLB events as well as hanging around attraction laden SoCal. It’s adorable that the entire family is decked out in Dodgers Blue, clearly Lee Bum Soo is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan and friends with Dodgers pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin. I don’t watch Superman Returns anymore so am not sure whether Lee Bum Soo’s participation with his two kids is entertaining to viewers but he’s definitely channeling the super daddy ensemble here.


Lee Bum Soo Decks Out Wife and Adorable Kids in Dodgers Blue and Heads to LA to Attend All-Star Game — 11 Comments

  1. I enjoyed Superman Returns for a while but it did get a bit old, and I dropped even before the triplets left the show.

  2. Wow the kids grow up so fast. LBS and Jang Hyuk are my two favorite actors of the older generation. It’s so nice to see both of them happily married with adorable kids.

  3. I watched some eps of Superman Returns. His daughter is very sensible and really takes good care of the little brother. His son loves his sister very much and he is very adorable.

  4. We watch it every week. He doesn’t have the most interesting family but he’s interesting to watch. I think it’s because he is the oldest dad. He is very old fashioned and really very sweet as a father. Pretty clueless in the beginning though. The episode when he made the tteok offerings by hand when he needed to visit his father? Very sweet. Taught his children to respect the elders.

    Supermarket returns is kind of boring after the triplets left.

  5. His kids are lovely, well-behaved kids. If you watch the show they both seem like excellent parents. So Eul’s such a smart and sensible 6 year old, very mature for her age, and Da Eul’s such a cutie pie!

  6. Their family is literally family goals. They don’t draw the most attention but i personally think they have a great family unit going for them — both mom and dad’s partnership in raising their children. The sibling bond between these two are the sweetest on the show, imho. The sister adores her little brother and protects him endlessly. Their segment is always warm and filled with enlightening adventures for the kids, particularly in nature and farming.

    Every fam on RoS got their on shtick

  7. I really love superman returns.i watch the show for daebak and his sisters,they are so funny and adorable.just love that family…

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