Jeon Ji Hyun Emerges Still a Screen Goddess After 5 Month Maternity Leave

The goddess is back! After a nearly five month maternity leave after giving birth on February 10, 2016. top Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun returned to the limelight this week attending the rouge & lounge fashion event in Seoul. She looks as beautiful as ever sporting the same long locks hairstyle and a simply designed white double breasted suit dress and black high heeled open toed sleek sandals. I don’t have any opinion on when or if a woman should return to work after having a baby but Jeon Ji Hyun is clearly going to be an actress even after having a baby after signing on to do the upcoming K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea with younger Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho. Filming is likely to begin soon on that drama if it’s aiming to be fully pre-produced so might as well pop up to do some PR and CF events to earn more well deserved milk money and look fabulous doing it!


Jeon Ji Hyun Emerges Still a Screen Goddess After 5 Month Maternity Leave — 81 Comments

  1. Probably the only one who was never impressed with JJH’s cinema career, it doesn’t really have range. Never excited me enough to check her drama. She is lovely looking though.

    • She has obviously gained weight.

      So DotS actually started a trend of pre production and filming in foreign countries as well!!!!!????

      • I read that in order for a drama to pass Chinese authorities, it must be pre produced to be aired in China.

    • I don’t understand why they must look oily. I always feel like taking a wipe to their face, as if the makeup has melted

  2. Queen, stunning, radiant, who looks like this after just giving birth? Only the Goddess. ‘Young actresses in attempt’ should just quit, next to her beauty , poise and charisma they all look like second hand goods.

  3. Wow Queen. The filming of her drama begins in September in Australia and premier in November. I don’t think they are going for fully pre production.

      • It’s not revealed yet. I heard the production crew is in Australia for checking sites. They’ll be shooting her underwater scenes there (since she’s playing a mermaid), so most probably in coastal areas.

  4. Can’t buy into her hype sorry ….I’ve never seen her in any drama with content ..just quick cheesy hit with any popular trending actor ….her film career is nothing to write home about either…… All her so called box office gross was where she played a supporting role thieves Berlin file etc
    She ain’t that pretty either ….with tiny mosquito legs and don’t get me started on her acting skills….is sad this woman is ranked at the same level with serious actresses like ha ji won hye kyo and co .mess!!!!

    • I can’t believe this time ail agree with u, only about the hype. She played the nearly the same character so far in MSG, Wonderstruck,even in YWCFTS…bubly and tomboyish. SHK, whose acting is often criticized shows more dynamic acting, imo. They are good of course and regarding to the star power, their level is equal. I also can’t deny if JJH’s aura and confidence make her look stand out. She is beautiful and charismatic, indeed.

      • Are you drunk? By what stretch of the imagination are JJH’s characters in The Berlin File or Assassination in any way similar to My Sassy Girl or YWCFAS?

      • Did I let JJH down in my comment? It’s some of JJH’s fans who always feel superior and bring other actors down. We have our own opinion, but we should admit if both SHK and JJH have equal star power. Don’t be blind complimenting ur bias. And never generalize the childish comments supporting the bias, as I don’t think all JJH fans are childish like u!

      • @Diandra

        Double check her reply. I don’t think her reply was directed at you. Your reaction is quite ott

    • I used to like SHK since full house, but friendly speaking I dont like her fans, thats why I hate SHK. Especially with SHK fans, why always bash many actresses, i.g : moon chae won, kim tae hee, jeon ji hyun, gong hyo jin, ha ji won, choi ji wo, son ye jin etc.

      Its ok you love your bias, but please don’t let another down. Most of SHK fans are childish, poor SHK have a terrible fans like you guys. Take a look how mature and adorable fans of son ye jin, they never bash other actress.

      The more you bash another actress, the more your bias getting hate.

      • Pls don’t generalise. Her long-time fans don’t like comparing her with other actresses. We just wanna support her..that’s all. If you wanna hate kyo for something she has no control over, then there’s nothing she can do.

      • Am not even a hye kyo fan I’ve bashed her several times Herr too …so you can stop now .

      • @hye jin

        Not SHK’s fan? are you the same commenter in those SJK’s articles where the poster mentioned that s/he will only supported her hye kyo from now on cause SJK is just using her. Just curious since the username and the icon are the same as yours

      • Urg urg nah nah pls don’t bring down SHK in here
        Im proud to say I’m her long time fan and I’m proud to say Most long time fan never bash other actress and they are very civilized fan . Having all said we are not sitting quietly just to let people talk trash about her
        Both SHK and JJH have their star powers , charisma ,
        Since this is article about jJH , I have to say JJH is amazing in YWCFR , she is the star in the drama , she stole the entire show with her endless energy
        And I am looking forward to see her in new drama with LMH

      • Let me add this.

        If you are the same person as the person who posted on SJK’s dating rumour article. Then, how unusual it is to see someone who claimed as not SHK’s fan to engaged in a cyber fight with a troll who attacked SHK.. where you counter attack what the troll wrote by calling HJW as a product of plastic surgery and JJH as a wrinkle old woman.

      • Buzet, what an illogical reason you have there to hate Song Hye Kyo! Does an actress choose her fans? Try to find another reason if you don’t like her (or, can it be that you can’t find any other reason and just wanted to say something negative about her?).

      • I hate it when my fave actress Moon Chae Won closed her IG because of song-song shipper bashing her in IG. Ew childish.

    • when you said… ‘her film career is nothing to write home about either’ I know you’re a troll.
      and then you attack her appearance…. you are nasty!

      • Don’t you have anything to do than stalk my comments …u stupid useless trashy thing called candycane .

      • @hye jin – I believe this is flyme’s comment… LOL… your comprehension is so poor… SMH!

    • You even suggesting SKH is on same acting level as JJH is a sacrilege.

      Also she played lead role in Assassination and the movie was huge success so you can eat your words.

      • She didn’t play lead in assassin …she was the lead female pls know the difference …what is so great about her acting ?
        Screaming do min Jo chu all the time …no wonder she failed in Hollywood after a box office disaster ….you people accept any mediocre here as great ….am grateful I left Korea at a young age…now my perception of the world is broader and Wilder !!!

      • @hye jin I really didnt like assasination but you should get your facts straight.. she’s the female lead there.. she’s the one carrying the film you know…I know cause I watched the film and its obvious just on the posters and the billing and the flow of the story….

      • and also she’s the first female korean to have a movie that have more than 10 million admissions where there’s a female lead on the top 10 highest grossing films of south korea… you can check it out..

    • Moyil defending her when a troll attacked her doesn’t make me a fan ….it simply means between her and Song joong ki ,I chose the one I disliked the least … hye kyo has never been my cup of tea…I have incredible amount of respect for her ..but she is not my favorite actress not even among the top five …so stop now!!!!
      If u must reference my comments then refrence the day I was batched here for saying she dates all her co stars !!!

    • Hey yo, for this one time I sorta agree with you on the hype about her acting resume. She’s not as versatile as I expect an A-list actress to be supposedly. JJH took rom-com pretty well. But that’s it. Has she ever done any memorable melo drama?

  5. personality wise she is the one actress resemblance lmh most due them both being workhorses and very private.. You will likely never see them in reality show or anywhere else where there is TV or taking photos with celebs etc etc and rarely most on sns.. They just come to work basically. It’s a very honorable characteristics and humble in work.. When you carry youself like that you’re always bound to be sucessful in which ever field

  6. @ hye Jin : are you purposely going to every single article just to star Fan war ?
    Pls don’t feed the troll guys
    I think she /he is enjoying her fun right now

  7. oot..but I just wanna say that those who keep bringing SHK into every article are probably not her long-time fans. She doesn’t even like to be compared to anyone because she thinks that there are a lot of other younger, prettier and more talented actresses. SHK knows she isn’t naturally gifted, so she works hard to to improve. Most of her dramas did extremely well but that doesn’t stop her from learning. SHK, JJH, KTH etc…it doesn’t matter who you stan, all of them have their own charm.

    • Lmao she thinks there are lot of actresses prettier and you really believe such false modesty ….no wonder you people cry like fish out of water once a controversy happens cos u guys think these people are angels from heaven not actually humans !!!
      From song hye kyo’s carriage expression and off camera attitude do you really believe that trash you just typed ?

      • Who are you to tell me what to believe? I’ve been following her career for 15-16 years..and if she’s just pretending to be nice, then she’s doing a rly good job at it. and eventho she’s not as kind as i think she is, who am i to judge her? if i want some real role models, i won’t be looking at actors or actresses. no one’s perfect..but unlike you, i don’t spend my time hating on other ppl.

    • I sort of agree with you. I’m not a SHK’s fan but feels neutral about her and felt bad for her and her fans when SeGa was a hit and her name got dragged out of nowhere from the crazy shippers. I noticed her fans were quiet and level headed people. They handled all the hates she received in the pass in classy way. But these days after DotS, saw many OTT comments and quite a lot of insulting comments towards other actresses. It makes me wondering whether these are coming from new fans? Hope that they won’t dragging the fandom’s name into the mud as those kind of comments can easily got backfired.

      One person above stated that it is illogical to hate on an actress because of its fans. Yes. I agree. It is stupid and immature. But sadly, a lot of people have this type of mentality.

  8. I have been seeing that hye jin person’s comments and only one thing crosses my mind is that person is real nasty.

      • Do you have anything better to say?!?!?! Is this your best comeback statement? DUH! lmao… Retard!!!

      • @hye jin – look who is stalking who’s comments here?? you are such an idiot…LMAO…

      • @hye jin – I think you have to stop your nonsense here. You won’t get anywhere with me. You can neither get me angry nor irritate me any bit. My impression of you as an idiot will not change if you keep on leaving nasty comments everywhere. You are only showing your stupidity to all the readers of this blog as we know you now. And don’t mess with me because I am an ANIMAL…ROAR ROAR ROAR!!!… LOL… SMH… hahahaha…

  9. What the hell so many fanwar???????whats going on people??? Please don’t hate korean A list actress, they are too adorable to be hate.

    I love them so much such as : gong hyo jin, gianna jun, song hye gyo, sohn ye jin, lee young ae, soo ae, bae donna, lim soo jung etc.

    Please support them everybody.. let speard the love and please be a good fans, don’t bash ya, ok πŸ™‚ ???????????

  10. @lovely ‘hye jin’ : Please give her ‘gianna jun’ a chance, she is nice person and humble, you can see her works in MSG, she is so cute?

    Who is your bias hye jin?? I am sure I will support and ? her.. πŸ™‚

  11. Motherhood doesn’t seem to be his thing ! It’s not like she needs money to raise his kid ! Why coming back so soon after birth , when a lot of mothers must leave to earn money. So sad.

    • What ‘s wrong with her choosing to be a working mother? Lots of women who are mothers enjoy working too. Just because they enjoy going to work doesn’t mean they don’t care about being a mother. Whether the woman is a stay-at-home mom or working mom isn’t what matters. As long as the child is loved and care for is what is important.

      • Cahill, if you are a female, I’ll be extremely disappointed at your comment. Nobody should ever accuse a women of not enjoying motherhood just because she chooses to go back to work when the baby is 5 months old (or even earlier!!). I went back to work as a full time Doctor when my kids were 8 weeks old. Not easy by any mean, but i never regretted it. I am now a very successful female doctor and as far as I know a pretty good mum. My kids are well loved and are very loving to all the kids around them. They grow up just fine even though I choose a path that require me to work 60 hours a week.

      • I’m just saying that life is unfair. some mothers would like to stay with their baby at home but they can’t while others can and choose to go working. That’s all ! Nothing more nothing less.

    • I do understand your concern, Cahill, as I quite think the same. JJH is not in a condition where she needs money as she is super rich, so are her husband and family. However, life is about choice. There could be something going on which we haven’t known yet, making her choose to pursue her carrier over being a full-time mother that stays at home.

  12. Why is there always a ruckus everytime someone mentions Song Hye Kyo’s name? She and Park Shin Hye both always seem to attract a lot of rabid commenters. I guess one good thing about it is that it shows how much star power they have. LOL!

    • I guess that’s because the “best projects” are allways for the same star power actresses or actors. I would like to see them to be less safety with their choices. To try something risky. Un rΓ΄le Γ  contre emploi comme on dit en France.

  13. I still cannot picture her with Lee Min Ho, is that a good thing or a bad thing?? She does look great but you can tell she is a mother now with her body structure now.

    • Don’t worry, if she can’t wear the mermaid suit, Lee Min Ho can. Didn’t you see his topless wet suit look in Heirs? Just add scales and some seaweed for accessories.

  14. Pretty much scrolled past all the fan wars.

    All I want to know is, how does one come out looking even YOUNGER than they did post birth? She is radiating!

    • Ever since she was back from her maternity leave, she has been looking so much younger. She is a vampire tho, aging backwards! hahaha

  15. She is just pretty but not beautiful as a goddess should be. This is just my opinion. But better than KTH . SYJ is beautiful and sexy. SHK is beautiful and attractive to opposite sex.

    • Well, i guess that just shows that shes human like all of us, and that she gets cuts and bruises just like all of us. By saying ‘she looks 40’, id like to think that youre saying shes aging well. Cheerios!

      P.s. i really love your comments, so funny! You light up my day!

    • LOLz. I think that we have a winner for best comment! ? Don’t worry, unni, I will always support you. I look forward to your drama with Lee Min-ho oppa in November. When will we see pictorials of you and the baby? Or do we have to wait for Dispatch?

      • Don’t worry dear.. you will see my baby and I in pictorial next two months, I am glad having loyal fans like you. God bless you πŸ™‚

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