Korean and Chinese Audiences Differing Taste Shows in Favorite Actors, Dramas, Variety Shows, and Singers

The different tastes of the Chinese and Korean audiences is once more at the forefront as a new poll taken of one thousand voters revealed results that differed some in quality while still hewing to similar popularity barometers. Song Joong Ki landed on both lists top three for favorite actor/actress, but he was number 1 in the Chinese choice while number 2 being veteran Ahn Sung Ki on the Korean side. Being right behind an acting god like Ahn Sung Ki is quite an honor if you ask me, and Song Kang Ho rounds out the top three in the Korean choice. On the Chinese side, behind Song Joong Ki is his Descendants of the Sun costar Song Hye Kyo followed by Hallyu star Lee Min Ho. For favorite K-dramas, Koreans picked classic mega hit Dae Jang Geum followed by DotS and then oldie Winter Sonata in the third spot. The Chinese viewers are all about DotS still, ranking it first followed by You From Another Star and then Dae Jang Geum. Check out the full poll results below.

Favorite actors/actresses:

Korean voters:

1. Ahn Sung Gi
2. Song Joong Ki
3. Song Kang Ho

Chinese voters:

1. Song Joong Ki
2. Song Hye Kyo
3. Lee Min Ho

Favorite musicians:

Korean voters:

1. Jo Yong Pil
2. Psy
3. Big Bang

Chinese voters:

1. Big Bang
2. G-dragon
3. Hwang Chi Yeul

Favorite drama:

Korean voters:

1. Dae Jang Geum
2. Descendants of the Sun
3. Winter Sonata

Chinese voters:

1. Descendants of the Sun
2. You From Another Star
3. Dae Jang Geum

Favorite variety show:

Korean voters:

1. Infinity Challenge
2. Running Man
3. I am a Singer

Chinese voters:

1. Running Man
2. Infinity Challenge
3. Two Days One Night


Korean and Chinese Audiences Differing Taste Shows in Favorite Actors, Dramas, Variety Shows, and Singers — 46 Comments

  1. 1000 voters is a tiny sample size. The confidence interval is probably huge and not reflective of the population as a whole. That being said, Song Joong Ki and DotS is the flavor of the year, so not surprised that he is at the top of the list.

  2. 1000?????? lol another easy mediaplay on the day exposed rather quickly.. I’m laughing in tears.. Everybody knows which camp it’s coming from. My advice just stopped it’s embarrasing at this point

  3. I read the other day that hundred thousands of people in china prefer tvn dramas online they’re more popular to people…like signal & reply 1988…..hmmm

  4. 1000 people?!?! Lolz, was their budget that desperately low or they want a certain result? I’d have said more but that’s just inviting trouble to myself haha.

  5. Of course it will differ. Not all of those Korean favorite promoted heavily on China. Only those that get promoted heaviy on China would get high result there.
    And 1000 sample on China big populations?

  6. Enough media play from SJK’s camp. So sick of his face everywhere. Only 1000 ppl voted? That is lame and pathetic.

  7. Obviously SJK wins the every single poll because he is the hot commodity at the moment and Dots just completed its run few months ago. Conducted this poll say 2 years later, KSH definitely would be on top of list of everything. Classics like DJG and WS without a doubt deserving to be in the list being that they contributed big time to the Hallyu wave but I personally think Dots is overrated. I couldn’t even get past first episode.

  8. Thank you for an interesting poll. Not quite sure why people felt the needed to be negative. I appreciated the info and the effort behind the poll. Also always glad to see my beloved Chiyeul ranking highly.

  9. Koala, many thanks for the article – great to see Hwang Chi Yeul’s name here. I can only comment on him – thank you to the 2000 Chinese people who took part in the poll by the Korean Marketing Association πŸ™‚ Chi Yeul is an amazing singer, dancer, variety show performer but in addition to that, what has won him many fans is his personality – affable, humble, respectful, humorous. I am very grateful to “I Am A Singer” China for letting me know about Chi Yeul.” HCY fighting!

    • Yup! He’s such a great entertainer and his life performance is a bomb. I always wonder why he isn’t that famous in his own hometown. Something very wrong about Kpop. As I see, a lot of popular Kpop idols can’t perform well on stage.

      • @Drama2016 – love your post. Sadly, Chi Yeul isn’t as popular in South Korea as his adoring fans would like. His live stages are great – sadly I can’t experience for myself as yet. Hopefully, one day he’ll hold a fan meeting or concert in Singapore – I’ll be there, come hell or high water! πŸ™‚

      • He was invited to a famous K variety show after his huge success in China. On the show, he said that Chinese pay him 100x of what he got from K ent to show up in the events in China. It sounds really bizarre. I know Kpop singers/idols all went through excruciating training before debut. It’s really incomprehensible that K singers are so relatively underpaid. I’m glad such a good singer as he was scouted by “I am a singer” producer and landed a huge successful career in a broader market like China.

      • Can’t wait to see Chiyeul live in August. I can’t think of any other celebrity that I would put the effort out to see. Chiyeul is one of a kind.

    • Why not? The thread is open for every actors’ fans be it that their bias is not even in the list and it came as no surprise to SJK topping most list since Dots is still very fresh. Like I said, the result would have been different 2 years ago and would be different 2 years later. As a fan of other actors and not SJK, there’s nothing to be angry of. It’s part of life cycle, the one on top will come down eventually and the cycle continues.

      • Who’s angry of what? And who’s the one mentioning “angry?” LOL…Don’t be over-sensitive unless you’re referring to your self or fans of other actors being angry. The poll is a poll. Other polls show other actors more popular and this one shows SJK on the top. LOL..Why so serious??? Fans are not supposed to reside on any poll to determine how popular an actor is. Just enjoy the blog raving about your faves. When other sites give limelight to other actors, you may as well skip the blogs if you are not happy about the posts. Chill.

      • I am not referring to “you” implying that fans of other actors are angry but there are some comments here that not sounding happy with the results. That was why I said, there is no point to be upset when the result is not favoring their bias as it is normal with the ups and downs within this industry. You are the one being sensitive.

      • And by the way, I don’t comment on actors that I am not a fan of and skip articles about them except for the recent post on Ji Chang Wook as I used to like him until his RM appearance.

  10. “he has been named as a possibility for the male lead in the Korean-Chinese joint production β€œYou, The Scent of Love” (literal translation). The actress Zheng Shuang has also been named as a possible female lead and the production is said to involve some of the staff from β€œDescendants of the Sun.” – Soompi

    I hope SJK bypass this offer, specifically when the female lead’s past performance is not consistent. Also, dubbed voice? Don’t! His voice tones are part of his acting expressions that make him convincing on screen. SJK doesn’t need collab with C cast to make him visible in the Chinese market. His K drama is gonna a hit outside S. Korea anyway.

    • Eek hope he doesnt take up this. China projects would pay well but issue of quality and compatibility with costars. Zheng shuang most of the time makes me cringe. Rather he stick to korean films and dramas

  11. @Drama2016 – it is bizarre, yes, about the payment bit. Chi Yeul has often expressed his deep gratitude to Hunan TV and to Producer Hong Tao for inviting him to “I Am A Singer”. As for me, Mr Hong is on top of my Christmas card list πŸ™‚ I do think Chi Yeul is gradually gaining more recognition in his own country. For instance, he was invited to sing the National Anthem at a baseball game in Seoul (scheduled to take place on 5 July) but the game was cancelled due to rain πŸ™ Chi Yeul went to the stadium anyway just in case and sang and danced in the rain. What did he sing? SK’s national anthem πŸ™‚

    • I’m surprised to come across his fans on this blog site. LOL…Most of us here are avid drama fans not kpop fans. I watched his life performance, a rendition of the Big Bang hit song. His version was better than the original, in my opinion.

      • Hey, don’t let the Big Bang fans read your comment πŸ™‚ Seriously, I am not a Kpop follower at all – just got won over by Hwang Chi Yeul, that’s all. I comment here very rarely on the only Kdrama actor that I follow – he’s extremely low-profile.

  12. As stranger with a low budget and signal internet,i confused with the all this review,not only about an artist personality and they movie, why so much hatred and unrespect what people like, Honestly there so much good drama from korea, but it sink just because a rating. Maybe they choice because a lot people said it good, and they like it.

  13. SJK is hot commodity right now while DOTS still High and SongSong fandom is still supporting them. I will just wait when he will caught dating another woman if his fans will still be loyal to him.

      • Yah right, let’s see if he is caught dating. Good luck to that. Even If that happens and it’s not SHK, he can easily just say that he and SHK are friends all along and he can still have half of the fans of SS couple.

  14. Lol just because SJK tops the lists, you ppl claim that it’s invalid or a mediaplay from his agency. It doesn’t matter whether 1000 or 1 mil took part in this survey..we all know how popular he is right now. I’m not a fan…but I don’t even feel surprised to see his name everywhere.

  15. Sour grapes all over place!!!!! LOL

    1000 a joke???? yeah Good. Here you go, based on 23 million data collected by reputable survey organization, the Korean Business Research Institute, Song Joong Ki topped the celebrity power both in Korea and China for at least 3 months straight:


    Read the news carefully before you drop bitter comments. LOL…Better shut up to avoid embarrassment.

    • It’s fake article tho it directs to the front page… come with something good instead of data collections come with suffienct evidence such as Votes in large numbers over 50mio or SNS followers, Hashtags etc etc..

      • The news has been reported by different media channels. I just randomly picked one. Besides, it is not a joke to quote survey results from a reputable research istitute. Reporters will get sued or bashed if it is not true. Who cares about SNS? SJK never has any social media accounts. I do not follow any celebrities on social media either. Those are mostly teen things. And like notorious Kpopper Fandoms, lunatic fans can always create multiple accounts to vote. Unless polls are coming from credible survey data summarized by pro statisticians, I will not take a shit. How ignorant and childish you are. Your reluctance to accept his current top popularity and star pover plainly shows how jealous you are and your bitterness is beyond comprehension. Tell me whose fan you are. KSH? LMH? LJS? LJK? Or any other oppas? LOL

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