Suzy Becomes First Korean Female Celebrity Immortalized in Wax at Madame Tussaud’s


This story might have hilarious unintentional implications, but first off let’s get to the accolade part. Korean actress-idol Suzy of girl group Miss A and currently starring in KBS melo romance Uncontrollably Fond, will become the first Korean female star to have her own Madame Tussaud‘s wax figure. Suzy’s waxy doppleganger will reside in Madame Tussaud’s Hong Kong in the area called the K-Wave Zone, joining latest addition Lee Jong Seok‘s wax figure.

Too bad Suzy’s boyfriend Hallyu star Lee Min Ho’s wax Madame Tussaud’s self can’t be placed next to her, his figure is in Madame Tussaud’s Shanghai. It’s quite an honor to be the first Korean female star to have her own Madame Tussaud’s figure, but it certainly lends itself to further jokes about Suzy’s stiff or limited acting criticism, lol. I think she’s serviceable so far in the first two episodes of UF.


Suzy Becomes First Korean Female Celebrity Immortalized in Wax at Madame Tussaud’s — 45 Comments

  1. Not bashing her or anything but wonder why her. By merits of singing or by acting or by popularity theres alot of options in Korea (singer or actress)

    • Because she is personable, and people just love her. She is scandal free, even survived a dating “scandal” that has taken other female idols down. Because she knows her limitations, and isn’t out there pretending to be the best of the best. Because she is lucky, because she is relatable, because she is pretty, because she is seen as nice, and not just a put on, like other stars. Just Because…

      • well i don’t love her. there’s so many talented and better actress than her.

      • I guess PSH would be dinged by you as long as both of you are still alive. LOL

  2. I seen her at almost every site everyday and I’m not even interested, but wherever I go a news about her always appeared, lol it feels like she’s forcing me to give her an interest and here I am… sigh

  3. k netz always praise for her beauty and she’s really popular in SK. Maybe that’s the reason, representing SK’s beauty. I wonder why Choi Ji woo, who introduces Hallyu wave doesn’t hev it while Bae Yong Joon already had his wax figure in MT Hongkong. Even Jun ji Hyun with the hits of YWCFTS, while KSH had it. Wonder why only the male actors after doing hallyu drama. Anyway, nice for Suzy then.

  4. lmaoo, salty anti fans comming!!

    You can deny her acting, you can deny her singing, but you can’t deny her beauty ^^

    • Lmh fans are so full of themselves. SUZY IS MORE POPULAR THAN LMH IN SK so its not a surprise she gets first. This is not the first time. Lmao

  5. I only check sites for JDY and GHJ and a few screenwriters but more often than not I find only the popular names. Prior to this searching I literally had no knowledge of Suzy or PSH (I did see the latter in The Royal Tailor, it was a small part she was fine enough) but I feel sorry for the poor girls when I see the comments!!! They are young and pretty and probably cast because they are popular, let them enjoy their time in the sun eh!

  6. Sarcasm everywhere in the comment section. LOL
    That’s why we usually do what we’re good at to sell our strength not weakness in our profession. I think the same rule applies to showbiz too.

  7. BTW Koala, I just saw you updated your currently watching dramas. You started watching Beautiful Mind. I don’t know which episode you’re currently following. I followed this drama the same time as Doctors started. Doctors started entertaining but now is getting boring without suspension, so predictable. I’ve already quit watching Doctors since episode 6 nor do I feel going back to check out again. To the opposite, Beautiful Mind started off as a mysterious thriller with a dumb dimwit heroine for the first 2 to 3 episodes. I guess that turned a lot of viewers away. But it’s getting better and better each episode. I love the cast a lot. They are great actors, including each one who cameos patients. Jang Hyuk slays and has the best sociopath acting among all the Asian actors I’ve watched. Now into episodes 7-8, Beautiful Mind actually gave a bit vibe similar to “Thank You” by LKH, either from perspective of humanity embedded in the plot or cinematography of beautiful shooting.

    I consider Beautiful Mind the best K drama since DotS. Neither thriller nor has personality disorder been my cup of tea for I was kinda fed up with these genres due to overexposure since young. Now I want to rave about BM so badly that I find no blog to give the drama due credits and compliment other than dropping random lines on this irrelevant thread. LOL.. I hope BM continues with winning streak in good quality.

    • DOTS is over-rated but beautifully executed. The lead actor’s acting was good but the lead actress, no. The storyline is ok but no special. The second couple had believable storyline and execution. And I will be called rabid by you because I contradicted your opinion. How is Urk, by the way, @Drama 2016? I see you are sill living on the make believe, at the expense of all the disagree with you when it comes to DOTS. But I can see what you are doingoing, attempting to discredit other popular dramas for fear people will forget about DOTS. Got yah. Happy Urk surfing

      • I always wonder how Kdrama fans are so adamant about their preference and never hesitate to generate hate against ppl who praise other dramas than the works of their faves. I guess you’re PSH’s rabid fan and I remember you are. If not, just deny it. If yes, then enough story is being told from your comment. You dropped a sour comment dissing me up just bcos I don’t praise Doctors.

        “…..I see you are sill living on the make believe, at the expense of all the disagree with you when it comes to DOTS. But I can see what you are doingoing, attempting to discredit other popular dramas for fear people will forget about DOTS.”

        LMAO. For fear people will forget about DotS? Let me tell you, rabid fan! I have no time to worry or concern about whether other dramas will be more popular than DotS for the following reasons.

        1. DotS is not even my favorite drama of SJK;
        2. Regardless of popularity, a drama including DotS will be eventually left behind by drama fans sooner or later.
        3. I’m an extremely busy professional, a licensed actuary working in the highly demanding financial sector and also serving as a consultant for regulators. I don’t have time to care about which drama is doing better in rating.
        3. I liked Doctors in the beginning but the plot went south after a few episodes and I flinched at each romantic scenes of the OTP.
        4. Beautiful Mind deserves my kudos since it IS a very good drama;
        5. Last but not the least point. Doctors’ rating fluctuates around 19% and pretty much will stay that way. It’s more likely Doctors will end up like Yong Pan in terms of rating, from from being comparable to DotS.

        Your response is full of bitterness and rude sarcasm. For a while I really didn’t bother to bring up PSH again bcos who cares. But once again her fans like you repeatedly showed narrow mind and constantly find chance to have fanwars with other ppl. Geeeezzzzzzzzzzz….

      • *Yong Pal…

        Also I served as a consultant for legislators, not regulators.

  8. koala, can you comment about UF dropped in rating. since you are doing extensive coverage on UF why not making comment about it.
    Its getting boring to death but I am still watching it for the sake of my bias WB.

  9. @diandara
    Park shin hye and choi ji woo already have wax figure in grevin museum and there is one that park shin hye and yoona won the poll,I tink that one will be in alive museum in Indonesia.
    But Suzy own is the first female made by madame thaussad not the first female celebrity to own wax figure

  10. Ok , but why not give it to female stars that are actual leaders of hallyu wave like JJH,SHK,Yoona and PSH? Choice of Suzy is so random cause even if we take out actresses out of equation , there are a lot of Korean female idols like Krystal,IU,Taeyeon,Jiyeon etc who are more popular than her in China.

  11. @drama 2016
    I get what you are trying to impl;in terms of good medical plot,beautiful mind is better than doctors but the news I saw before doctors start airing says that doctors is not all about medical,it is about human growth,politics and rivalry. And from my own point of view,they are still keeping on their tracks.
    Suzy is popular too,she can have her own and others can have her own later,also shinhye already have 2 so why being greedy when suzy just have 1 and yoona have 1 already!!!

    • When I said BM was very good, I didn’t look at it in the context of medical drama. BM is good to the extent the flow of the plot at some points reminds me of the acclaimed classic “Thank You.” The script writer of BM must have deeper understanding about personality disorder than other writers who ever penned other dramas in the same genre. He/She seems to be able to analyze a pd patient’s behavior and wrote very intriguing lines for Jang Hyuk. Also a “normal” world all appears ironically dysfunctional from Jang Hyuk’s idiosyncratic perspectives. Nevertheless, his plain honesty thanks to personality disorder exposes the true selves of “normal” ppl around him without any reservation. That’s how good the write is and how fascinating the hero as well. Of course, only a great actor like Jang Hyuk is able to nail it. I so much hope my fave Song Joong Ki continues to excel in acting like Jang Hyuk.

      Drama fans have different opinions based on personal preference. A rational discussion like this is greatly appreciated. What I can’t put up with is very narrow-minded fans of a particular actor/actress who always lashed out mockery or dissing language when they read criticism about the works of their bias. Ppl like Mindy is not welcome to communicate with me AT ALL. I don’t have high regards for irrational fans like those. Ppl don’t have to like what I like and it’s ok to even say that’s overrated. But it’s just very low to respond with mockery. Peace! Just enjoy Doctors. For me, I already have enough on my plate to watch.

  12. @liki – I m not sure who is more popular in China, but Suzy is definitely more beautiful than all the other K female idols (not stars, just idols) you have mentioned imho… Suzy is best suited to be a wax figure bcoz of her beauty. I would prefer SHK (as a star), but I am not the decision maker… lol…

  13. @Drama2016

    I did not read all your response. They are boring and absolutely pretentious at best. As soon as I read hate, rabid, preference, it was clear your element remains where it was always. Preach what you teach and learn to respect other people’s opinions, likes, dislikes, preferences. You have them too, except you think yours are better than others, which is so elementary. Whether I like PSH or others is besides the point. The point is need to learn to respect other people’s opinion and stop calling people names. You obviously know how to express yourself so I assumed you went to school and learned some manners. If you don’t get that I am specifically pointing out those, then the pretense continue. You can LOLs your way out of convincing me that your all for fairness and all but, no. Eventually you will get tired of pretending.

  14. @Drama2016
    I happened to glance at the last portion of your comment to me, and you said I am not allowed to communicate with you? Democracy, you heard of that? Where I came from, nobody dictates what others do or say as long as they are within the realms of humanity – like respect and not calling people names. Now I am irrational? You want to look at yourself in the mirror maybe?

    Debate with me like a grown up and don’t run away like that. Very coward thing to do, and absolutely disappointing for someone so adamant to call everyone who oppose her opinion lunatic and rabid. You’re no fun.

  15. Here comes again! I bet PSH has larger cohort of fans who are overboard and twist the words of others all the time. When did I say nobody was ever “allowed” to communicate with me. You have your dang freedom to do whatever you have fetish for, it’s just not welcome to me. Go look up a dictionary again about the differentiation between different words. LOL You don’t have basic etiquette to not launch personal attack. I once said this and it won’t change. I don’t return kind words for aggression.

    • Aw and btw, my comments are always meant to just share my own opinions. I don’t care a bit who would or would never read them. You get smart? Huhhhh…You should have realized this before you unwisely dropped a couple of stupid lines following my post. Yes LOL since you’re laughable. Who started senseless fanwars by targeting at the commenters personally? As I observed, it’s most of the time a few PSH’s dimwitted fans. And now the last time I’ll call out Mindy since the name has been related to that particular cohort of PSH’s rabid fans and in my blacklist. Yes, you were rude and sarcastic first in your comment even I did not have intention to let down your bias in my post. It was just about my personal preference and assessment of dramas I’ve been watching so far. Please respect. Otherwise continue your bitching about me and I won’t give a dang crap to replay anymore! As I said, I’m extremely busy.

  16. @Drama2016
    Words,play with them and be happy. Deny if you must, play victim or play proper,that is your thing. But your previous posts say otherwise.

    Preach what you teach. Playing the victim of aggression (rolls eyes) is just so boring.

    There is no argument here. You’re wearing your Urk shield of make- believe. Communicate with yourself because you do like to play two different hats.

  17. @Drama2016

    And,please don’t use respect in your posts, you are disrespecting that word “violently”. Gee.

    And everyone, Drama2016 loves to call people names despite being called for it many times. Supposedly, all PSH fans are dimwits.

    What do we call you then? Princess of the Urk country? Hahaha!

  18. It’s okay. But I wanted my idol Jun Ji Hyun to be place in MT. Jun Ji Hyun is famous she’s been in popular movies like The Thieves, The Berlin File and Assassination she’s even popular as Cheon Song Yi in My Love From Another Star and the mermaid Shim Cheong/Se Hwa. She deserves to be in MT I’ve been waiting for it for too long. By the way a late congratulations again Suzy!

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