Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok are Gamely Confused in New Stills and Preview for W: Two Worlds

Crossed paths or fated destiny is the name of the romantic entanglement in W: Two Worlds. But I have a feeling there is a whole lot more at stake in this drama than whether the OTP will end up together, and that’s always the recipe for a great romance grounded story because it’s the other pressing stuff that give the love gravitas. It’s not just falling in love, it’s doing so with much more at stake.

In this case, Han Hyo Joo‘s doctor from the real world falls for Lee Jong Seok‘s specimen of perfection manhwa drawn male lead from the fictional world, but in cases like this reel and real are mixing and one wonders who is the fictional and who the three-dimensional character. Tons of new stills have hit the media this week along with a third drama trailer that places the two leads in situations beyond their comprehension, but one thing is certain, both are so very very pretty in their confusion.

Third preview for W: Two Worlds:


Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Seok are Gamely Confused in New Stills and Preview for W: Two Worlds — 30 Comments

  1. those comic books *drolls*
    I cant wait to this drama. love LSJ and HYJ. the premise looks awesome. just be good please..

  2. I can’t stand with han hyo jo face. ?Please replace her with yoo eun hye. BTW, The poster looks out of date. #mypersonalopinion

    • photoshop YEH in the poster & enjoy yourself. I doubt if YEH will come back on a K drama anytime soon. She is a good actress, but not on this drama please. I am so looking forward to watch HHJ and this will not change even if you beg… LOL… The coloring of “W” is weird, don’t like the colors…

      • I love Yoon Eun Hye and it’s a good thing if she stay away … These days korean actors only have sex scandals I don’t her to be hurt again by a scandal. And i agree Han Hyo Joo suits better for this drama .

  3. While MBC have relied on the leads’star power rather than media coverage, I want to wish the best for this drama & other ones as well. “W” fighting!

    • BTW thank you Koala for the post.

      I love that bed with those manhwa on it. That evil person with hoodie is scary too, waiting to see what it’s going on in the story.

  4. Uncontrollably Fond ratings have fallen to 11% so now W has better chance for good ratings.

    But yeah, that’s a lackluster poster. I liked other promo art better. MBC is being too laid back.

  5. If the writing and the directing do not go awry, UF seriously has fierce competition. I personally think international fans may prefer W to UF but domestically it’s hard to say.

    I so agree with Koala’s perspectives about how a dramatized love story captures viewers’ hearts. Nothing at stake nor much suspension about a relationship would typically get extremely boring. Without knowing the plot, I would guess LJS’s character is real on reel; but in HHJ’s fantasy, LJS perfectly matches up her imagination of the manhwa hero. The idea is novel to me.

  6. Han Hyo Joo is effortlessly beautiful, I love how her face doesn’t fall under “Korean taste”, she has an elagant face and classy aura. Being natural is a plus too.

    Now that I’m done praising HHJ’s prettiness, this drama is getting more and more exciting. Not only there’s a lot of pretty and eye candy (HHJ being first on the list), the story seems exciting, and not the boring “we love each other but can’t be together because of my evil chaebol parents or other clichΓ©s”, I like it when a drama makes their relationship more at stake.

    • Han Hyo Joo is effortlessly beautiful. But i don’t know why she reminds me of Suzy in this trailer. His face not his acting !!!

  7. This new drama definitely has my interest. From the poster,stills,the teaser …everything…I want to watch it right now. And going by to the leads rite now, I can say that this will be a good one…HHJ its been a long while since her last drama so I think she’ll be “upping” (is that a word) her level a notch. And as for LJS its always satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to his acting skills…Thanks for the post.

  8. cant wait!! leejongsuk is looking mighty fine. I’m confident W will beat UF, acting and storyline is at another level. no competition imo.

    • I think the premier episode’s rating will be around 7% or 8% then it will gradually rise to double digits.

      • I hope for double digits since the start. They ‘re good actors. But this drama is less classic …

  9. LOVED THE POSTERS!!! it showcases the concept of the drama perfectly!! πŸ˜€ less than 5 days for the drama to start!! so excited!! πŸ˜€

  10. Really wish the best for this drama, interesting plot, good actors and the photos looks absolutely stunning. Please do not disappoint. Do not disappoint!!! and lee jong suk looks pretty

  11. Hi everybody! Do you know any website that I can find those book covers? I am so in love with them and I am searching those covers all the time.

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