Kim So Hyun is Coolly Pretty as a Chic Teen for InStyle Korea

In a much appreciated visual reversal spread from the recent mangling of Kim So Hyun‘s entire aura, InStyle Korea has the rising teen actress in its pages modeling interesting and chic frocks suitable for her 16 year old age. Unlike the 1st Look pictorial and shellacked on the heavy sultry makeup and come hither poses, none of which is wrong but simply unsuitable when combined with Kim So Hyun, InStyle gives Kim So Hyun a mildly mod look in shades of olive and dusty pink. Her hair is funky mussed and I can see the cool girl attitude radiating from her poses and expressions that pair perfectly with the tableau. Right now Kim So Hyun is playing a teenage girl specter in Let’s Fight Ghost opposite much older Taecyeon and Kwon Yul and I’m finding it spookily entertaining despite the big age gap of the leads.


Kim So Hyun is Coolly Pretty as a Chic Teen for InStyle Korea — 10 Comments

  1. She’s grown up so much! And has blossomed into a beautiful woman! The hair in the pictures are not doing it for me though. D:

    Other than that, I really love her in Bring It On, Ghost! So entertaining!

  2. …..what is that hairstyle, she’s a pretty kid, why are they trying to make her look ugly? Her expressions and poses save it though.

  3. She’s so pretty and her acting wise reminds me of Kim Eun Hye at times…idk….she is a pretty actress with the talent to boot and has a long way to go.

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