Park Shin Hye Glows with Grown Up Summer Beauty for Singles Magazine


I have so many quibbles and qualms with currently airing SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors, so much so I prefer not to write about it because it’ll just make me angrier once I start analyzing it further, and probably annoy those who like it. I can’t stop watching it though, because I love Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won in it, they are trying so darn hard in a script that is crap with a character interaction constructs that is even crappier and not through any fault of them. So I spend my time staring at at beautifully mature Park Shin Hye looks in this role, thinner than in Pinocchio and with flawless hair and makeup. Last month Singles Magazine published a pictorial with Shin Hye shot in sunny Philippines, a jump start on the summer look with a softer clothing ensembles in the current season boho vibe. It showcases a redder tinted hair than her Doctors character sports but one that is giving me color envy because it complements the summer goddess look so perfectly. I’m glad Doctors is doing well for her sake but please next time pick a drama that is written less ham-fisted.


Park Shin Hye Glows with Grown Up Summer Beauty for Singles Magazine — 72 Comments

  1. I loved the photoshoot too but it was not shot in LA.It was in Philippines and I am loving doctors..I agree it has it’s flaws but everything in this drama is so entertaining and addicting to watch.

      • considering your bias’ drama can’t even reach 15 percent, forget 20, you are in no position to be talking about ratings, my dear.

      • Hitting 19.7% rating in 6th episode is almost as impressive as hotting 20% , especially in this time and age. I`m sure it will hit 20+ by the end of it’s run, it’s already at 21% in Seoul.

        Considering over hyped drama like UB is on downfall since episode one, i don`t know how anybody can criticize Doctors ratings.

  2. I enjoy Doctors but please screenwriter, tone down the cheesiness. I am staying tune because I still think there is a solid story to tell and I am rooting for Yoon Do as I can’t stand Hong Ji Hong over his excessive display of affection.

  3. I really don’t like the trend of a dress or a top over a another top (like in Lucky Romance or Beautifil Goong Shim). Sometimes, I really wonder what the stylistes are thinking…

  4. For me Doctors is entertaining when I’m watching it, if I step back to analyze why anything is happening, it will give me a headache. I like most of the characters and that’s why I keep watching.

  5. We were in beautiful sunny muggy Philippines last month for a quick getaway to look this perfect despite the climate my hats off to shin hye-ahh. This is the look I like of her so fresh.

  6. You guys stop analyzing and just enjoy the show. I love cheesy, when done right. I don’t care about hospital politics but I love everything else because it’s not too heavy.

  7. Lol her expressions are the same whether in a photoshoot or acting ..she is gorgeous and a good dancer but shouldn’t be an actress or model .
    She just can’t ever get it right !!!

      • Success doesn’t mean talent…A lot of actresses are more talented and doesn’t have his success… She possesses ” un je ne sais quoi” that public wants…

      • @cahill You dare to say she isn’t talented? This girl is pretty much can do everything -sing dance act play music instrument perform stunt in her own drama, cook and play sport.
        You might don’t like her but millions people love what she does whether it’s singing acting or modeling.
        She works hard to get where she is at even if you don’t think she is talented enough

    • Ikr. She’s always open her mouth like that trying to be sexy. Just learn to your bf (ljs) how to be good model.

    • She will act and do whatever she wants if you dislike her that much skip her works and anything related to her but trolling every article like some it shows only your hatred

  8. And is a shame beautiful mind is flopping it is so much better than doctors ….I guess the public is tired of that horrible acting little wonders it can’t hit 20 percent …no Lee min ho or jong suk to lean on

    • at least its on the verge of hitting 20% which im sure UF will never reach.Keep on being bitter lol.What would happen when W premiers???!!! better start praying now

      • Meh
        Why this ppl really care abt the ratings? You should care abt the plot.

      • @suzy pretty : rating brings money… / suzy ruin UF drama every body… sorry.. suzy please stop ‘uncontrollably’ acting.

    • So delusional. Doctors has better ratings than Pinocchio so far so what on earth are you on about because of flower boys???!

    • I wonder if you are even watching.
      The drama is about human and growth… this kind of drama is quite hard to get popular so I’m glad it’s doing well

  9. She looks absolutely stunning! I really like Park Shin Hye and I do like her character in “Doctors”, but I’ve actually stopped following the drama because the story is so shallow, contrived and downright boring. I’m not even trying to analyze the show, it just doesn’t hook me at all and after 8 episodes I’m totally ready to call it quits. Especially now that I’ve discovered the masterpiece “Beautiful Mind”, which pretty much hooked me from the first episode when I came around to actually check out the drama. Lord what a world of difference between these two medical shows! “Beautiful Mind” totally rocks (even in the face of the female lead being really annoying for way too many episodes), and I can’t recommend it enough. It actually really pains and saddens me to see the ratings being so extremely low, if there’s one show that doesn’t deserve it then it’s definitely “Beautiful Mind”. That’s my two cents!

    • BM is no where near master piece lol
      But what I found it’s funny is that BM fans are always trying to trash Doctors when Doctors fans don’t really care.
      Shallow, contrived and boring? But your masterpiece wish it could do as well as that drama is doing.
      A side note: It’s ok to enjoy your drama without trashing others

      • Beautiful mind is a more serious drama and Jang Hyuk ‘s performance is just fabulous…and i’m not his fan but i’m not blind when i see a talented actor. 38 unit task another good drama with great acting… I like to Watch “DOCTORS” because it’s relaxing for me and the actors. Acting wise is not very demanding…

      • Wow talking about getting defensive. Get yourself some chill pill. It’s just my opinion about Doctors and I have every right to state it. It’s a free country as the saying goes. Liking or not liking a drama is highly subjective, I am in no way trying to impose my opion on anyone so no need to get all snarky. Feel free to like it as much as you want while I enjoy Beautiful Mind to my hearts content 🙂

      • @cahill @Visesten Japan make these kind of drama much better. I’m sorry but people complain about the lead character but you called it masterpiece?
        Serious acting isn’t the only good acting.
        KRW and PSH nail their characters as well
        Both are doing a good job but BM fans keep trashing Doctors because Doctors is doing much better.
        I never said Doctors is a masterpiece. It has its flaws too but they drama no way a bad drama that you make it sounds like
        Personally I like how real and human it is.

      • Agree with you.
        When we love different KDrama, why need to trash the other one.
        Even when haters write so much hatred post, they not even help their fave drama ratings wise.

        Just leave these trolls, no need to wasting our times for them.

    • If you like beautiful Mind that much it is OK but also there are who like Doctors the difference isn’t problem but you don’t need to compare or put down the other drama to make your preference sweet especially here

  10. Sometimes I wonder if we are watching the same drama
    Because I enjoy Doctors so much and think it has very well written characters and give a very real and feel good vibes.
    At least Korea agree with me

  11. When I was watching YAB, I thought, she’s cute, the type not pretty but cute, now, hell, I have to swallow my words, because she is really beautiful, I never thought that PSH was beautiful, but doctors, liking or not the drama, I must admit that she is magnificent and increiblemnte beautiful and pretty lucky girl, an incredible woman

  12. Park shin Hye’s beauty for me is the type that it glows more the more you look at her. And many people share my sentiments as most of her fans had been there since she was a child actress and had seen her grow up before their very eyes and metamorphose into this beautiful being. I sometimes wish she will wear sexy dresses especially with her figure now but her personal fashion choice seems to be conservative. Yet it still looks elegant and great on her.
    Doctors is a human and medical story spiced with romance and I kinda like the mix of these plus all the casts are good actors and have great chemistry with each other that it is very enjoyable and fascinating to watch. I dont care that it hasn’t reach the 20’s rating, its still in the top and what matters most is that many people are enjoying it. And even if some critics may not like the story, most of them agree that KRW and PSH’s acting in this rocks.

  13. I’m enjoying Doctors! I think it’s better than UF and Let’s Fight Ghost. Have only one word for this shoot- WOW

  14. The trolls every where seriously if you hate her just keep skipping her related dramas or articles don’t jump in every article seeking attention or mentioning her name or refer to her in unrelated articles seriously this called patheticalness if you dislike her that much forget about her presence .

    • You are correct.. The haters keep searching articles regarding PSH. They are so jealous & envious with PSH popularity. PSH worked hard, Humble, loving & very caring why so many are chasing her with negative comments. Please enjoy her existence to love as much as she is sharing to unfortunate ones.

  15. I don’t understand some people’s mindset..if you like a drama so much brag about it as much as you want in it’s related articles where I am sure most if the fans who like doctors won’t even enter..why brag about it in an article about the female lead..does it make you feel that you are so intelligent..but guess what its not..I find it very cheap..anyways I love doctors so much. and I don’t find it cheesy at all esp the 7-9 episodes are so well done..and the backstory of jihong is so well shown in the latest episode..and for some of you who keep on talking abt shinhye leaning on other actors heirs didn’t get 20% ratings til its 16th episode for your stay pressed while shinhye gets even more popular…

  16. Fat or thin, haters are gonna hate. Thanks haters. Never really thought PSH draws out the ugliest in you but it’s fab that you spend 5 mins of your life writing about someone you hate so much. Maybe it’s because you love to hate her but she is undeniably the most challenging actress of her age. At least she had the guts to reduce weight for her role. Can’t say for some others who look the same all the time.

  17. Poor PSH really can’t please everyone from her weight gain to her weight loss to her poses and what else? I’m not an ardent fan of any K-actresses, but I do have a favourite actor. Whenever there’s a new drama airing, I’ll try to watch a few episodes (first 2 or 3 eps) just to check out the cast, their visuals, the plot… So far, I find PSH’s doing quite a promising job in “Doctors” despite certain cheesy scenes. Hye Jung’s charming and attractive, and I also like Yoon Do and his boyish visuals. I may continue watching the drama, and who knows, PSH may become my fav actress someday. Are there any blogs or fan pages to get the latest updates on her activities, her thoughts etc?

  18. @done, i’m just saying that a lot of actresses have talent as PSH and work hard too and doesn’t gain the same …My English is just average and i’can t speak my mind but anyone can say that jang hyuk role is more difficult acting speaking . And i said That i like watching DOCTORS . Sorry if you thought that i was comparing the 2 shows . I love both of them .

  19. Psh is not really beautiful like kim tae hee, but she has acting persona. She is good at acting. Dont compare terrible suzy acting with psh. Better to suzy just stick with pictorial or miss a album. I am suck with suzy acting.

  20. Park Shin Hye beautiful from inside and out and sooo sweet that attracts all type of bees, good and bad. But guess out? While she is keeping growing beautiful , talent, famous, popular and rich, and love by many, you the haters keep barking.
    To be able to understand and appreciate these awesome and so well written drama Doctors, and enjoy the terrific and talent performance of Park Shin Hye and others cast, one need to have certain high level of intelligence, and I can see many are not at that level, reason for the non sense criticism, because the messages are to complex for their little brain to get it. Covering your eyes with your hands and with your fingers apart, will not stop the sunlight from going true, so move to the side and down to the bottom, it is where you belong.
    Mrs. Koala, maybe the many social issues in this drama Doctors, makes you and many others to feel uncomfortable, to the point that made you decide not to recap. or write about this drama, even though, one of your favorite talent actress Park Shin Hye is playing on it. But, ignore or pretense, it is not a solution for these issues, that exist in real world. Bring struggles that citizens of the world go true in their everyday life, to the public eyes, even if it is true a drama, as longer it is effective in convey the message, it is a duty that one should be praised for. Through exposure and aknowledgement changes happen. That is what this drama, like no other , is doing, touching strings that can be very painful, to many to even watch it.
    This is you blog, so you the boss, can be yin or yan.
    Sorry for the long post and my poor English , but I believe I got my message across.

    • @Scar99 – very well stated. Just because people refuse to acknowledge everyday issues doesn’t mean they stop existing. Perhaps some people are like the parents of a student that use to attend my school. She was being sexually abused by a family friend and because the “grown-ups” trusted him they kept telling her she was just imagining it. She was told she should stop acting like she was in a soap opera and imaging ‘stuff’. It seems the only people who believed her were her fellow students. The trusted family friend is now in prison after raping her. I suppose people just like to hide their heads in the sand and pretend their personal worlds are perfect and evil or bad people only exist for others or in foreign countries far away from them.
      I really like your statement “through exposure and acknowledgement changes happen”. So true. I think it odd that some people nit-pick one small detail for many dramas and declare they won’t watch because it violates their moral compass. How do we know the outcome of a story if we refuse to watch because we have labeled the drama before watching?
      I am enjoying Doctors even if I disagree with many blog followers of some blog sites. I too cringe at some of the cheesiness at times but can see that issues facing the characters of the drama are issues that exist in the real world. Political intrigue, jealousy, greed, self-worth – all those exist in the real world as does charity, goodness and evil. Lots of bloggers confuse the actor or actress with the character on screen – so doesn’t that mean the actor or actress is spot on in their interpretation of the character?
      Anyway sorry for the long post – I just wanted to say I agree with your comment.

      • @ Class2018 . Thumbs up. You know you are my hero. You always make sense.
        Lets keep supporting this drama Doctors and the beautiful cast and the Queen Park Shin Hye. To understand why Park Shin Hye is loved and admired by many just read the August edition of Singles Magazine. What to hate what to criticize about her? Only evil people do that. I am proud of her, I am proud of her work, and I will always support her. She is unique, no comparison.

    • Hahaha beautifully & well said Scar99!!! You are very right when u said that only intellegent people can understand the complex of the story! I love it!????

  21. No one was forced to watch park shin hye’s drama.point is if u don’t like her dramas or photoshoots steer clear from them,instead of sayin hateful words about them.
    Everyone has the right to critic a work but the world already has too many critics,why not try to become an encourager instead of becoming another critic???

  22. why so many hate n trolling on psh article, they always find a way to hate her( one comment in another thread complain about y she have high heels) smh, they can’t complain about her acting, no flower boy in her drama n still complain about doctor can pass 20% rating, FYI, in reality doctor drama have good review n rating. And she gains new fans n such as psh fans, I’m so proud for her n she come more mature ladies (look her agatha cf picture) you can see yourself how simple n elegant her pic.

    • Never mind the haters…we just pray hard that PSH drama will be a success until all the episodes are done & win an award wuth KRW. Best couple of the year!

  23. Hi guys I am from India I m big fan of my angle PSH I m almost watching every dram, movies awards, her fashion style, every thing I must watch it. Now airing doctor crush drama I really enjoying every moment becoz of is realistic n so natural storyline really good km rae won and shin really exlent chemistry they are.???? I am always thought one thing why is so talented, beautiful, elgent, cute, humble, kind and warm person dats y she is won every one heart.?? plz haters Dnt comper to others. Shin rely different. All actress working hard I really know well why are you haters guys struggle like DAT. Shin haveing popularity that is reason ??? Don’t think nagitve guys just watch it cool mind doctors drama u can understand y we are like her DAT much. Great actor and actresses in workings drama.Kim rae won oppa and shin hye great leading snow I love u guys.I m mesmerized ur chemistry every bit ur so simple couple but really something ….I love ur drama and especially drama ost real good all songs. Its love, your somuch petty, Noway I m enjoying.???? it’s not only rating matter good subject n good chemistry , more then acting so naturally….. Keep rocking guys???????? Fightings PSH and KRW oppa????????

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