A Warm and Glamorous Wedding Caps Off Festivities for Newlyweds Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao

A stunning traditional Chinese wedding followed by a picturesque outdoor Western ceremony caps off the marital processions for Chinese star newlyweds Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao. And she doesn’t even have to change her last name, lol! Congrats to the beautiful and now happily married couple, who is slated to welcome their first child at the beginning of next year. The couple got married on July 19th in Beijing, at a lakeside resort hotel in the outskirts of the city, flanked by over three hundred family and friends.

Famous bridal party members included Chen Xiao En, Gillian Chung, Hu Bing Qing, Chen Xiang, and Zheng Guo Ling, among others, with the bridal party donning two outfits like the bride and groom. For the traditional Chinese ceremony, Chen Xiao and Michelle went with gold and blue Chinese dress, with the groomsmen donning black Chinese attire and the bridesmaid in a pink satin off the shoulder short dress. In the Western ceremony, Michelle wore a Vera Wang designed dress while the groom’s black tie suit had a custom gold sunburst embroidered on his left side, and bridal party all changed into tux for the men and lace pink dresses for the ladies.


A Warm and Glamorous Wedding Caps Off Festivities for Newlyweds Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao — 11 Comments

  1. Such a gorgeous dream wedding! They all look so pretty and happy and blissful. So sweet. I love the pink, it goes so well with everything else and that pic with the balloon is simply gorgeous. Congrats!!

  2. Gorgeous wedding and pics. They look so happy!!! I wish them all the best. Michelle looks stunning in the pics especially the wedding dress

  3. Stunning! One picture reminded me of her in You are the Apple of My Eye…except this is real life! I’m so happy for them! Congratulations on their marriage and baby to come!

  4. They should have invited Kai Ko and reenacted their scene from “You are the apple of my eye”. That would have been AMAZING.

  5. I find that in celebrity weddings the bridesmaid dresses always look bad LOL.

    Congrats to them though! They look so happy 🙂

  6. Chinese female celebs know how to choose prettier looking American wedding dresses for their wedding day than compare to korean female celebs….Korean female celebs usually wears very nice ones for the magazine shoots but on their wedding day, idk y they end up with some plain ugly looking ones that has an old woman feeling to it, lol….

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