Classic Romance and Taiwan Stars Glitter at the Taipei Wedding Reception for Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao

Just when I thought Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao‘s wedding week was going to rival Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivin’s, the couple capped it off perfectly with a romantic fairy tale style wedding reception in Taipei. Jay and Hannah’s wedding spanned three continents, with English castle vows to a Taipei circus reception finished off with an Australia beach party. Michelle and Chen Xiao merely went from an extravagant Beijing lake side ceremony to a family and friends softly lit reception at the Taipei Mandarin Oriental Hotel that reflected Michelle’s aesthetics from top to bottom.

I loved Michelle’s wedding dress and hair piece for her Taiwan reception, it’s not my personal style but reflects her taste and looks glorious on her. Attending were good friends Rainie Yang, Ady An, Tiffany Hsu, Kirsten Jen, and many other Taiwan stars, and the goodie bag is a jawdropping box filled with Jo Malone scents, Kiehl’s products, Godiva chocolates, and a couple’s designed tea set. On an even happier note, the couple revealed that they know the gender of their baby now and can’t wait to expand their family.


Michelle’s bestie Rainie didn’t attend as a wedding guest but was instead the headlining performer at the Taipei reception, singing songs for the newlyweds. Also, there was some seriously swoony kissing going on at the wedding, woo hoo!



Classic Romance and Taiwan Stars Glitter at the Taipei Wedding Reception for Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao — 18 Comments

  1. Wow, how can they know the gender of the baby already if she still looks so skinny and isn’t showing the slightest bump in the first corset dress? :O
    Love Rainie’s dress/jumpsuit, she looks fantastic as always

  2. Woow michelle is so pretty!!
    I’m not fans of michelle first gown (all i can think is braaabraaabraaa ^^;;;, ) but the orange one is so prettyy

  3. The reception is beautiful. I love her gown and hairpiece. He is very handsome. They look amazing together. Love the decor, very soft colors.
    I wish them every happiness.

  4. Hi ~ sorry this might be a bit off topic but i was hoping Koala or anyone can help me with this question. Is there a no-white etiquette for ladies guest at wedding reception in Taiwan, China or generally in Asia?
    Thank you

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