Jeon Ji Hyun Attends Brand Event in Beijing and Preps Being a Mermaid for Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho

It certainly feels thoughtfully planned to see Jeon Ji Hyun‘s post-delivery of baby return to her acting career. The length of maternity leave is so personal to every woman and family, sometimes shorter than desired due to financial constraints and other times as long as the new mother wants. Jeon Ji Hyun’s baby boy was born in mid-February so she’s taken what amounts to a nice four month maternity leave equal to what most white collar working moms take in the States, though her physique recovery is enviably at the top of the curve for how quickly she’s returned to pre-pregnancy form. She attended a brand event in China this week after her first Seoul appearance last week, all the while juggling pre-production tidbits for her upcoming K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho, a drama based on Korean unofficial folk tales from early recorded history dealing with mermaids. Jeon Ji Hyun as a mermaid is basically a casting made in cinematic heaven.


Jeon Ji Hyun Attends Brand Event in Beijing and Preps Being a Mermaid for Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho — 55 Comments

  1. Hmmmm…she never really appealed to me…even in my sassy girl she was to me a bit too sassy. Lol kidding aside i hope this works well for her especially with the new baby and all…mermaids hmmm….

  2. She is so overrated ….why doesn’t ha ji won who is the most hard working actress get this type of recognition ?
    Why doesn’t song hye kyo who speaks three languages and constantly work in China get this type of recognition?
    She is nothing but the Julia Roberts of k drama …iconic but with little to no depth !

    • Ha Ji Won is immensely talented but objectively speaking she is less good looking than JJH. I would argue SHK and JJH are pretty much on the same level. I like all three but JJH has this unique aura that makes people gravitate towards her.

      • What does beauty have to do with anything ?
        Besides beauty is highly subjective …I find ha ji won a lot prettier than jjh even though she is an unni she looks way younger too.

    • You have to watch JJH’s work in the early 2000s: My Sassy Girl, Il Mare, White Valentine, especially the parts where she plays a drunk girl in My Sassy Girl. She was a popular CF model who quickly solidified her film star credentials. The other actress who achieved that kind of A list film star fame so quickly was Son Ye Jin if you must compare.

      Watch those two actresses and their early films, then watch SHK’s earlier work in Autumn in my Heart or Full House, where SHK’s acting had a very one dimensional childishness(SHK relied on aegyo) and she criticised for being a vase. As for Ha Ji Won, in Sex is Zero(I liked this!), Bali or Daddy Long Legs she was good but not exceptional. SHK & HJW got better over the late 2000s and early 2010s and honed their skill in dramas with a serious professional work ethic. So it is not without reason that SHK & HJW got more recognition as good actresses later in their career.

      JJH is the rare package of fashion model proportions, screen charisma, comedic timing and acting talent. Most fashion models can’t act, fade into the background or are too stiff and pose-y to cut it on a TV drama, much less carry a film. Son Ye Jin has the screen charisma, comedic talent and acting chops but can’t match JJH’s statuesque star aura. Anyway acting in a lot of dramas does not mean you are a good actress, films and CFs are where the money’s at. Too many dramas can lead to overexposure, Won Bin’s life motto is something along this line of thought.

      • @Hye jin you’re asking why she is overrated and I’me giving the opinion that her looks have something to do with it in comparison to e.g. Ha Ji Won who may not be considered as good looking by some people hence they rate JJH higher than others in this respect.

      • I agree with your comment. JJH is a good actress. I’ve seen all her films and t.v. dramas.

    • Even though I do not find JJH to be an exceptional actress, they are all quite different and I don’t begrudge her her fame.

      JJH is like Julia Roberts yes, every country has the decent actress with immense star power who is in all the A-list movies with A-list actors. HJW – unfortunately my impressions are quite negative – but obviously a workhorse actress who can do a variety of roles. SHK fits that ideal womanhood kind of archetype that all countries have. Son Ye-jin has a pretty eclectic filmography from absolute art house to more routine stuff. Bae Doona is that very individualistic actor. JDY is the kind cited in the greatest actress lists. And so on, there are plenty I can add to the list.

      To some extent looks and acting skills are subjective. But there are a number of different projects around. Some need a JJH, some a JDY, some a Suzy and I can think they can all co-exist. Which is why I don’t get the bias wars:)

  3. I don’t agree. To me, JJH’s earlier works, her acting was just average as well. She have improves since but still quite over rated. Out of the her, SHK and HJW. I think in terms of acting, HJW gets my vote. To each their own. As for looks, SHK is the more classical beauty but I don’t think she is beautiful compares to her earlier days. HJW, depending on her roles, if she dolls up, she is very alluring and full of charms. I don’t find JJH good looking but she’s attractive enough and I love her height.

    • Better be careful of your comment when you dont have any proofs that she did of what you’re accusing.
      It’s not right for you to said that just to justify that your faves are more beautiful…
      Such a downgrade comment.

    • Its better you watch my sassy girl, she look young and beautiful (and compare with hjw past movie, if you want to talk about beauty, i watch hjw past drama, but sorry she cant be compare with jjh at that time, she looks more beautiful just in present time) jjh was popular with all her movie project, most of them was on box office list and some were box office all time in korea. Dont compare because she doesnt have alot drama project :p like HJW. But JUN JI HYUN ONLY HAD 2 DRAMA BUT POPULAR and GOT HIGH RATING, especially her MOVIE PROJECT 😀 If talk about hard work, JJH ALSO HARD WORK ACTRESS THAT THE MAIN REASON MOST OF HER MOVIE POPULAR AND STAND ON BOX OFFICE KOREA ALL THE TIME. Just search on wikipedia about jjh 🙂

      I do love hjw, but i think she cant stand with jjh. Sorry.

  4. Personally, I don’t necessarily find Jeon Ji Hyun pretty but she does have this aura that gives her that star quality. And she has great comedic timing in romcoms. She’s entertaining to watch. If we talk about the face alone, Song Hye Kyo takes the cake for me. I find her the prettiest out of the three, except I do agree that she’s aged and is not quite as beautiful as she was at her peak. She has the type of beauty that I love — classy, elegant, timeless. Ha Ji Won also isn’t classically beautiful but she’s cool, laid back, and seems like someone fun to be around. At times she doesn’t look as pretty but there are times when she’s all dolled up and looks kickass and fine as hell! I like all three of them just fine although I tend to have a softer spot for SHK and HJW.

    • Okay, rather than calling HJW not “classically beautiful”, I think it would be better to say her look does not fit into Korea’s typical standard of beauty. Because IMO she can be considered a classic beauty especially when she’s rocking a hanbok like in Hwang Jin Yi.

      • big nooo, HJW is pretty, she just happens to be short, HJW actually looks like Seolhyun of AOA, and the younger girl is sexy and taller too, they could work as sisters I wish they could. That Seolhyun is promising actress by the way, saw her in Gangnam Blues with LMH, I hope she can work with beauty HJW in future.

    • Shk Same with JJH in the past 🙂 all because their became old now. Did you watch my sassy girl? She look young beautiful and stylish there.most of female in korean vote for kim tae hee and Jjh as beautiful woman 🙂 in 2016.

  5. I am worry she will look like a mom in the drama coz she does look quite old but beautiful old of course..I just don’t get it why can’t they cast someone younger.

    • Well, the drama is being produced by her agency and is being written by Grace Park who is also under her agency. Basically, it’s her show. Your question should be more like “why didn’t they cast a hot ahjussi as the main lead?”

      • Sorry, kim soo hyun did another project after my love from the star with the same writer. I think this is the same reason why jjh accept the writer offer

  6. The problem with Jun Ji Hyun is that she seems to be too conscious of her age lately and, as a result, she is always having a forced smile on her face in order not to show any wrinkles. She shouldn’t care so much about her age, nobody stays young forever. That said, she looks gorgeous and I’m looking forward to her new drama.

    • Nawh, the problem is not that. She looks really tired which I expect from a 1st time mom. Newborns will not have an established sleep cycle initially so they wake up at odd hours. Sometimes you get the baby who can’t sleep and nonstop crying because of colic or teething. Then there are moments of your body experiencing fluctuating edema or breast pain because your breastfeeding. I love my kid, but I sure don’t want to relive what Jun Ji-hyun is experiencing at the moment. The first year was really rough even with the help of a nanny. Of course, you have the terrible two’s next.

  7. Blech. And that’s about most of the comments. Looks DO have something to do with the appeal of an actress. But come on people, the picking apart of every little aspect of a women’s appearance makes me sad.(and playing the “who’s better” game)

    • I’m a silent lurker, but those comments….seriously. It makes me sad reading comments like these in a blog that I enjoy so much.

      I mean, what’s with all the sentiments? Jeon Ji-hyun have been doing great job as an actress. She may not be the best actress Korea has, but she’s certainly an icon, a star who deserves the recognition for her hardwork. And yes, she’s beautiful. Why is that so hard to accept?

      What I’m trying to say is that we don’t have to be someone’s fan to appreciate his/her works/achievements.

      • Agree with you both. Do we really gain something by minutely picking apart the faces of beautiful actresses? Does anyone feel smarter or nicer or “better” after doing that? I feel sadder after reading it, too.

  8. Hmm.. Odd pairing between Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho. What the bleh Jun Ji Hyun. As a mermaid??? She is too old, LoL???

    • Lee min ho looks older too. I’m not too excited by the pairing but what can we do ? We have just wait and see . The chemistry may work..But these days couples of same age doesn’t seem to be the hype.

  9. Wow all these comments bashing on her looks and age are ridiculous. You guys are really something. She looks great for her age. And guys…she just had a child 5 months ago. She’s definitely gonna look exhausted and worn out. And comments about her looking older…duh! Of course she’s getting older. She’s human! But, she is still a gorgeous woman. I wish to look that good when I’m her age.

  10. she looks fine and is a great actress with good comedic talents. I wonder how those who are bashing her age will look when they are 34 and with a 5 month old baby. Time will tell… For those calling her a grandma, u r so wrong! being bitter won’t get u anywhere, troll!!

  11. HJW is not comparable to JJH. Yes she can definitely act but she is not beautiful just above average. If you compare her high school pic to her now pic you can simply put 1 n 2 together. Where else should she get her eyes, nose, jaw like that from miracle . JJH she is just pretty but she has this face will be very beautiful with the the use of proper make-up .SYJ is naturally beautiful and sexy but she is not a make up friendly . SHK is beautiful and for me she is more beautiful today and with or without make up she can pull it off. She is trending the no make-up look and casual wear like white long sleeves and short shorts or tattered pants.

    • Shaking my head…everytime I read some comments judging HJW’s look just because they see a 1 HS pic and indirectly accusing her right away.. people are so judgmental and feeling superior.
      Better back up what you see and say before spreading lies.

    • There you go again ahhahaha… Omo!!! what’s with you shk fans … At least she had a baby… she have it all… she loves acting and refused to be just a housewife.. she’s not getting any younger and she’s at her prime now…

  12. Oh, please, guys, you shouldn’t do this! It’s immature (much like most of the comments against Song Hye Kyo – I mean if you call Jun Ji Hyun an ahjumma, then what is Song Hye Kyo?).
    I believe, Jun Ji Hyun is a great actress (she was very good in My Love from the Star – she actually won Daesang for her performance).

    • Maybe its just 1 person who’s trolling hahaha.. same accounts/username… yeah they’re both ajummahs right.. so dont know what this antifan is talking about… if jjh is an ajumma then shk also is one ahahahah…maybe they’re bitter that their bias only won popularity award on her DOTS, calling jjh untalented and overrated yet she won 2 daesangs and other best actress award for mlfts

      • I actually consider none of them “ahjummas”.
        I don’t speak much Korean but, as far as I know, this word has become a derogatory word these days and is mostly used when a woman has a certain countrified behaviour (and not necessarily when the woman reaches a certain age or when she is married).

    • Basing on their age they’re technically ajummas more so on jjh bec shes already married… but as you said.. many antifan only used that word to insult and degrade someone…so its basically how you take it and depends on a situation…

    • At least JJH great as actress and having nice life as ahjuma, she is better than old actress that hasnt marry yet because they love their career. jjh success as ahjuma and actress where all her movie stand on box office, win daesang as ahjuma, she is beautiful from time to time and popular. She became more popular after marriage !!! Its not all married actress can be success like her !!! Haterss please go !!! Just because your bias cant reach Jjh place doesnt means you can bash other goddess !!!!!!!!!

  13. Can’t wait for her drama :),.JJH I think has this aura that cAn steal screen time for her co star,like make her stand out or something..while other actress tend to be swallowed up by its costar even if they act great..

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