Crown Prince Park Bo Gum Makes Kim Yoo Jung Smile and Swoon in New Stills for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Things are atwitter at KBS studios this week thanks to the murmurs concerning the Mon-Tues prime time drama time slot. Currently the network is airing Beautiful Mind with seemingly cult appeal but generally low low ratings, and now word is that KBS is considering ending BM early ostensibly for the upcoming Rio Olympics coverage. Whether BM ends early or not won’t affect the August 15th premiere date for youth romance sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, which continues to peddle the sweetest smiles and heart tingling interaction stills between leads Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung. I guess falling into a giant sinkhole is romance when there is handsome Crown Prince to stare deeply into your eyes and also carry you heh.


Crown Prince Park Bo Gum Makes Kim Yoo Jung Smile and Swoon in New Stills for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds — 25 Comments

  1. What the heck! What a despicable shame to cut a well scripted drama with excellent cast. Do KBS higher ups start setting high bar on ratings after DotS? BM is doing even better than childplay High School Love On. And I’m speaking aginst my idols’ drama as a lunatic Inspirit. LOL

    KBS management better pray UF would not go underwater bcos of W given huge investment in pre production.

    • W is good so far ,really interesting story and different, I still don’t like LJS and Han acting is worse then it was in Dong yi here …what happened? ??

      • hahaha…Where did you get ticked off by LJS? He’s charming in every role thrown on him. And HHJ? You don’t want her to exude the same aura in Dong Yi right? I love her comic mannerism that suits well for the manhwa setting. She made me laugh most of the time while watching W. Since BM will be gone soon, W should be my next fave in line.

    • When he did an interview in 2014 ,and I saw his true colors, it has nothing to do with his acting /looks just his character, and han. ..I find her facial expressions way too forced

      • Well, what exactly crazy think he said in the interview to piss you off? hahahaha

        All the manga or animation characters have to be all over the top. That’s what it is. LOL bocs I have a teen relative going to be an animator. I saw his drawings and storyboards. Those are just hilarious. LOL

    • I’m curious, if their faces annoy you so much, why do you bother to click into their articles which will make you see more photos of them and annoy you further? You can simply ignore and scroll down to the next article or close the page instead?

      • What does that have to do with free speech? I just don’t get why people would torture themselves to see people they don’t like, I wouldn’t.

    • Someone has too much time & nothing to do?…. or someone likes to be tortured by looking at annoying pictures?…LOL… I like their cute looks, very adorable. But… can PBG please wear a darker tone foundation? Fire his makeup artist ?

    • I do think ppl are overreacting to Skin’s comment. Skin’s comment is not bashing actress/actor’s personality. I absolutely think it’s her right for free speech to question or be critical of acting, looks, styles, or anything a celebrity exudes in public. In this case, you don’t want the cast of a TV drama look like singers of opera house, right? LOL

      • That’s kind of contradictory though,”anything a celebrity exudes in public” includes personality and demeanor. So in a sense, there’s a very fine line between being critical of the personality which a celebrity exudes in public and bashing the celebrity’s personality, but let’s not go on that topic as that’s not my main point.

        If Skin indeed did not harbor any negative intentions behind those words as you have said, then I think she should work on improving her choice of words. Instead of saying someone’s face annoys her so much (which comes off as very rude), she could have been more explicit and elaborate further saying that the bb cream on their faces is annoying or something.

      • LOL, I read between your line. If I ever made any comment on a celebrity’s personality, it should be a C actress whose name I can’t even correctly spell out now. Like I don’t really care LOL….since basically I made comment about her attitude based on her interviews. While I obviously smell your sarcasm in your tone, I’m not shy of saying she’s what she appeared to be in those interviews. So I don’t think I was bashing her. It’s just a fact. But unbelievably you reside on your grudge against my dislike of her personality that’s rare for me as a drama viewer since I don’t really care a bit about a celebrity’s personal life at all. But to be blunt, that C actress is perhaps the only actress I found very aloof off screen. LOL

      • Lol what…? It seems like you are one heck of a oversensitive and dramatic person, I guess somewhere deep inside your heart you felt what you did is indeed bashing, that’s why your thoughts went there immediately. FYI I don’t drag conversations from other posts nor hold grudges against people who I don’t even know irl, and I didn’t even feel you were bashing her, coz what I like is just the drama characters she had portrayed, and she does appear aloof on the variety shows I’ve seen her in. So kindly stop overreacting, or is Skin your bff or something?

      • Who’s oversensitive? You’re embarrassed bcos I’m being blunt pointing out what occupied your mind? LOL again. I have a good memory for names and whatever they have commented before. Girl! Don’t deny it. You’re definitely a fan of that C actress and you’re bearing grudge against me right? If not, that would prove your first paragraph of the comment was totally illogical. Which you prefer to be? A bitter fan of a C actress or an illogical person with overreaction to a harmless comment?

        I do like a lot of Skin’s comments that are simple and to the point. But you don’t have to sound so much resentment in your last line. LOL Geeezzzzz.

      • Smh, sorry to disappoint you but I have nothing to be embarrassed of. Believe it or not, my previous comments on any other articles weren’t directed at you at all.

        If thinking positively of ZLY counts as being her fan, then yes I’m a fan, although I don’t follow or watch every single of her news or drama. I reiterate, I don’t have a grudge against you, although you do leave a negative impression on me now with your childish behavior in this article. However should we meet on another article next time and we happen to share the same opinion, I’ll happily discuss with you.

        And please explain which first paragraph of which comment was illogical? I assume it was this which made you think I’m jumping on you, it’ll be good to talk things out. I do think that you are oversensitive, you need to realise not everyone thinks in such a negative way. As for the last sentence on Skin, it’s because you shielded her previously and then lashed out on me right after I replied to you, so there was a possibility you did it to defend her.

      • @Lilith, if you insist your comment about personality did not refer to my unfavorable comment about ZLY (the C actress?), ok then I accept and my apologies for wronging you. But when you argued about fine line between bashing and being critical, it was indeed misleading for me to relate your remark to my comment about ZLY’s aloof attitude. Here I wasn’t talking about personality at all. I meant to say it’s ok for Skin to be critical of these two actors’ makeup or whatever. So how was my comment to do with bashing celebrities’ personality?

      • Thank you, I accept your apology and I offer mine as well for not being clear enough in my initial reply to you. The reason I talked about personality is because you initially mentioned about Skin’s comment is not bashing personality (which implies that bashing personalities is wrong), but then in the next sentence you added that it’s considered free speech to be critical of acting etc plus anything the celebrity exudes in public.

        I was just pointing out that those two sentences kind of contradict each other since the “anything” also includes the personality of the celebrity. And because of that, it is hard to differentiate bashing and being critical (hence the fine line thing). However, that part of my comment refers directly to Skin, as I find her choice of words to be stepping out of the “being critical” side. As for your comment on ZLY’s aloof attitude, I don’t consider it as bashing because as you have previously said, it is a fact and besides, the meaning of aloof isn’t really that negative at all.

  2. I love this pair on screen. There are not many dramas I am enjoying now. Mirror of the Witch is a huge disappointment at the screenplay and the directing. I hope this one doesn’t have the same fate. But don’t go Go Princess Go please. LOL

  3. 2016 is the reign of the ajusshis.. I hope this one pulls through .. All the teen actresses are working hard but still a bit green on chemistry when it comes to romancing ajusshis .. in this case.. oppa??

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