Kim Soo Hyun All Smiles at Train to Busan VIP Premiere After Being Low Key all Year

It’s a welcomed long time no see to spot Hallyu superstar Kim Soo Hyun out and about last week at the VIP premiere for blockbuster K-movie Train to Busan. He was soooooo over exposed in 2014 with You From Another Star, still too much everywhere in 2015 thanks to Producer, and now finally in a nice spot in 2016 with the It Actor spotlight passed on to Song Joong Ki and giving him time to focus on pure acting output. Kim Soo Hyun wrapped the gritty upcoming movie Real recently and his agency has revealed that he’s looking for his next project which could be a drama. I’ve loved Kim Soo Hyun since he was the younger Go Soo in Will It Snow for Christmas so his career success has been exciting for me albeit too much in recent years and I’d rather he settle back into less buzz and more substantive works. He’s looking fantastic at the Train to Busan premiere even rocking the dorky Producer hair still.


Kim Soo Hyun All Smiles at Train to Busan VIP Premiere After Being Low Key all Year — 27 Comments

  1. So happy to see his pictures. Lost of words to express my liking for Kim Soo Hyun. Grateful also that this comment will not be blocked by that VeraYoo from Soompi. I do miss Kim Soo Hyun. Waiting for his movie REAL.

      • Stated her name wrongly. Not Vera. Did not amend because I don’t want to talk about the past. As Long as there is somewhere I can express my love for KSH in future, I am satisfied.

  2. I don’t know how that one can consider him as over-exposed. He never pulled that Jennifer Lawrence’s move to warrant him to be categorized as over-exposed. The media did coverage on him but unlike J-Law, he didn’t blurt out or pull off any antics unnecessarily. I initially felt indifferent towards KSH but somehow I grow to like him for his personality. He is talented and seems like a genuine nice guy. He picked good projects and seems serious to expand his craft as an actor. I like him and I am wishing him all the very best. This year baby, it is supposed to be LJK’s year.

    • *This year baby, it is supposed to be LJK’s year.

      I have this really strong feeling that he will rise to the top once again. I just feel like something REAL good is coming his way idk but i cant wait for it πŸ˜€

  3. I love him on Will it snow, dream high and Producer. I think every ‘It’ actors always gets overexposed at some point, just like SJK right now. He is decent actor and I like his movies, cant wait to see his movie

  4. He’s looking fabulous! I love how he looks now more than My Love from Another Star era. Finger crossed to wait for his small screen comeback. I don’t really like him in MLfAS in which his leading lady stole the show. Now I hope for a more male-centric project for him like The Moon Embracing the Sun. Please stay away from nerdy or dorky character like in Producer. LOL

    • Lol, okay. No matter how time flies, SHK still remains one of my fav korean actresses to pair with my boy. She just needs to be more daring in choosing projects. However, the thought of him cooperating with another noona after YWCFTS is a bit reluctant for me to cheer on, though he is said to have chemistry with any co-stars, male or female, young or old.

  5. Soooo looking forward to his new movie, Real. I have a feeling Real will be a big hit and will bring his film career to another level.

  6. He’s out of spot light because he hasn’t had any exposure whatsoever after Producers. But once Real starts its promotions and he picks his next projects, it’ll be right back to being “overexposed” with the extensive media coverage. Mega Hallyu stars will always be that way, so the whole thought of “less buzzy, more substantive” is plain impossible and outright wishful thinking.

    Also, both Producer and YFAS were substantive work IMO, so was Theives and Secretly Greatly. Buzzy doesn’t mean the project isn’t good. It just means its popular, which is something KSH can’t get rid of, just like LMH.

    • I don’t agree that he was overexposed. He is massively popular but definitely not overexposed. I consider someone like Taylor Swift and yes, J.Law as overexposed. KSH does not command for unnecessary attention. I like that he is selective of his works and that is a fine quality in any actor, to be versatile and will go to great length to challenge himself.

      • Overexposed in a sense that we see him everywhere and anywhere. No matter where you go both in Korea and in China, he’s there. Even if you hate him, you can’t avoid hearing about him constantly. Did he demand for this attention? Of course not. It was the media and it’ll always be the case because KSH doesn’t seem the type to be the least bit insecure about his very massive fanbase. You’re very right that he’s never chosen a bad project ever – it obviously shows in the fact that he’s literally never even had just a ‘decent’ outing. Every single thing he’s done is an outright smash hit. But I’d never argue that he wasn’t ‘overexposed’. Maybe I see the word differently or maybe it doesn’t bother me at all. Whatever anyone thinks of his fame, he’s KSH and nothing can really change that.

  7. good to see him again after 6 months of hiatus. although i get to know him through MLfTS, it was his performance in Moon Embrace Sun that makes me a fan of his works. overexposed perhaps he was the ‘IT’ actor after MLfTS and everyone wants a piece of him. agree with some of the comments above that he didnt demand any attention to himself but perhaps the press miss him too as much as we fans did and made him temporarily topped the search in Naver after he surprisingly appeared at the screening of this movie. can’t wait to see him in his new movie REAL and wishing him success in his other future upcoming projects.

  8. Kim Soo Hyun always picks good projects and challenges himself. He has amazing abilities to act with his eyes, I’m sure he’ll excel as the cold, ruthless trouble shooter. Six months of intensive filming for a 2 hour movie, hope this pays off for all the actors and film crew involved.

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