Lee Min Ho Attends KCON LA 2016 as Special Guest

It’s a big get for the organizers of KCON Los Angeles, now in it’s fifth year and still rocking and rolling out the Hallyu. This year’s special guest is none other than Lee Min Ho, in a role occupied by Kim Soo Hyun last year and Lee Seung Gi the year before. By this trajectory I’m expecting to see Song Joong Ki up on that stage next year, lol. It’s a perfect time for Lee Min Ho to greet his stateside fans – he’s got a hit Chinese-Korean movie in Bounty Hunters, an upcoming K-drama Legend of the Blue Sea, and then he’s likely heading off to military service next year. I can’t say his acting career since his breakout role in Boys Before Flowers seven years ago is what I envisioned for him, but he’s truly earned his popularity through hard work and cultivating the right avenues to build his fan base. Hopefully his fans in the US get a chance to glimpse him in person at KCON LA next weekend.



Lee Min Ho Attends KCON LA 2016 as Special Guest — 40 Comments

  1. I thought the Korean males have to enlist before reaching 29. He is 29 now, how is that he has yet to enlist? Agree that he is extremely hard working and the sustainability of his popularity is really impressive. Honestly, I have nothing against him but I have yet to see his growth much as an actor. I would like to see him in more challenging roles in the future. Still, he did well.

    • He dosen’t seek any attention else where except his acting. Thats all there is to about lmh and his popularity everything. He gets people to love him thru his work. His that good to leave a major nostalgia

      • Not questioning his popularity. What i meant that his ability to still maintain his popularity since his breakthru in 2009 is really amazing and shows that his hard work really paid off n additionally, he is rather charming.

      • Oh! Congratulations Lee Minho, but too bad if you don’t come down to Mexico. We (minoz) would be so mucho delighted to meet you‼??

    • I agree with you suk bin I think the guy always pick the same role, the beta male role type who’s rich and handsome, he’s a meh actor, of course it will be nice to see him prove me wrong someday, but right now it seems he still play the same role, I thought he will be the mermaid in legend of the blue sea but JJH will be playing that role, so he’s a beta male once again…

      • Beta or Alpha? if anything he’s always acted as the rich chaebol type.. person with money and power and skills (rolls eyes).. I think mackerel run and i am sam were the only two ones (besides public enemy) where he wasn’t the alpha.

  2. I agree with your comment on his acting career, Ms. Koala. I enjoyed watching this guy on screen. He’s charismatic in his own way in all his dramas including crappy Heirs. But way to see him engaged in broader genres other than action and chaebol romance.

  3. Lee Min Ho is the definition of a great actor when you enters in the screen to achieve the impossible he has done that time and time again. He is also extremely professional and also the evidence that when you put your heart thru you work and work hard everything will turn into gold. His a legend

  4. To describe his acting i would say his a thunderbolt coming out of the screen acting and is that explosive of an actor. He definitely knows how to hit home run on someone emotions

  5. LMH is honestly one of the greatest actors in the world in this last decade if you consider the magnititude he spread out and craze while adding that he achieved all that feet with a non-english speaking projects from an unknown area in that time. In every decade a phenomenal actor rises amongst people who take interest in them this last decade was LMH and there was nobody else except on worldwide if you think about and the decade before was shahrukh

    • He’s in no way even slightly close to SRK skills wise or popularity wise. I understand u might be a lmh fan but you’re stretching it too far comparing him to SRK.

  6. It was a pleasure growing up and watching Lee Min Ho. I agree with some of the census here. His craze is everywhere and no lmh is not an asian phenomonen but worldly. His just one of these actors who came from nowhere and rose on the back of his acting and the hardwork they put in truly deserved title. ”LMH is indeed the greatest actor in the world in the last decade” truth be told

  7. Really like this guy, he epitomizes hard work , dedication . Doesn’t mind to change his flower boy image to act in Gang nam Blues
    I am ready to see his movie and his upcoming drama

    • He is actually going to be a con man in this drama although i don’t want his character to be similar like in city hunter,i want something different and better than CH.

    • hahaha…I don’t mind him reprising City Hunter again…It’s pretty entertaining to watch his action scenes without using doubles. But to be considered a really great actor, he needs to explore broader genres to demonstrate his acting range. Perhaps he just doesn’t care and his fans don’t either. To be honest, who cares!? LOL…But to this point, he won’t be in my list of top actors even I said I did enjoy his dramas.

      • I want him to do action scenes ,he looked fine as hell in city hunter when fighting

  8. I’ve been VIP at all the KCONs…been in the VIP rooms….I hope LMH does more than KSH…that was super disappointing that all he did was show up on stage for 5 minutes yet they made it sound like he would be at KCON. Even LSG was ‘around’…I actually saw him in the VIP room…he’s much more slight than he looks on screen. I also saw Kim Ji Suk hanging out in the VIP room…was sitting next to him. 🙂
    Anyway…I hope LMH does more than show up on the stage to introduce an act. To me, that doesn’t really count.

    • You didn’t pick up the joke? the pics are badly selected for image mutilation attempt by the writer. the same done to JJH 24hrs before this. low human value on display. but you should check recent pics of the said inviduals rather checking here. I’m actually cool her not writing about inviduals she dosen’t care for to avoid mutilation on ppl you don’t really know and start to be opinonated in their lives

      • ???. most of his pics are photoshopped to make his face slimmer… e.g. movie poster. what do you mean by “badly selected”? if that’s how he looks, accept the pics. he still looks fine, just not youthful… why bash a commenter who is speaking the truth? u cannot control what a blogger writes, u have the freedom not to read.

  9. I can’t undo the image of Kris Jenner when I see him now.. Oh the horror the netizenbuzz folks installed in my brain..

  10. Do you see, Kris Jenner become very manly since her ex-husband started change into a woman , and she choose to look like Lee Min Ho, reason why people say that they look alike, a manly look, like Lee Min Ho. Lol?

  11. Why always male? Can’t they get a female?

    Park Shin Hye is very popular there so hopefully they get hernout next year. I would like to see the female actress gets some representation too.

    I’m not a fan of PSH but she’s popular and has been active since a child, I’m sure she’ll have a lot of knowledge to impart about the industry.

    On side note…Suzy is in Sydney and I didn’t get a chance to see her. Will have to camp out at airport and stalk her when she leaves.

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