Police Clear Lee Jin Wook of Sexual Assault and Accuser Recants and May Face Charges

The cycle of accusation to conclusion was shockingly fast for the latest K-star accused of sexual misbehavior, and in this case it was the outcome his fans was hoping for. Actor Lee Jin Wook has been officially cleared by the investigating Gangnam police department of rape accusations stemming from a sexual encounter with complaining victim A. Both sides admitted to sexual intercourse and it was a matter of whether the liaison was consensual or forced, with Lee Jin Wook claiming it was consensual and A saying she was forced. In the end, police cleared Lee Jin Wook after A admitted that she lobbed a false accusation of sexual assault against Lee Jin Wook, and now the police are likely going to charge her for filing a false claim.

In sexual assault cases there is always the possibility of false accusations, but the typical reaction has been to question the accuser when the case involves a famous or powerful person. In this case the accuser A has herself recanted and admitted she filed a false claim so there is at least certainty, and good news to Lee Jin Wook despite the fact that his reputation has clearly taken a hit for revealing that he slept with some random girl which K-netizens never want to think about their stars having casual adult interactions. I’m glad this case is over and good luck to Lee Jin Wook in getting his career back on track.


Police Clear Lee Jin Wook of Sexual Assault and Accuser Recants and May Face Charges — 25 Comments

  1. This just proves that not all accusations by a so called victim is always the truth. Justice is absolute. Let it be served.

  2. People basically go and start a witch hunt every time a celebrity is accused of anything. I am a woman myself but not all woman are honest, once in a while you do encounter stupid and pathetic women who think that its okay to toy with sexual abuse accusations. They don’t realize that they hurt those who are victims in the process by painting woman in bad light. Sad, I hope they file charges against her and he sues her.

    • That’s why such reports should be barred until the prosecution is ready to press charges. Otherwise the baying mob may attack the wrong person. Celebrities need not be held to a higher standard of guilty till proven innocent.

    • Well, no…
      I certainly agree that cases like this aren’t helping at all but those are still incredibly rare!
      Whereas there are literally millions of rapists out there who I would declare our “worst enemies”!

      • I see where you are getting at. Maybe I didn’t word it correctly. I see those rapists as external enemies for the lack of a better word and women like this as betrayers.

  3. The moment i saw the video he show up for the first time in police station i already have a feeling that he is innocent n i’m glad now it’s official, i think this case conclude faster because of his honesty, hope to see you in another drama soon

  4. cry wolf. this will make it worse for true victims as D says… hope this is just happening in SK & no where else ?

  5. But he reputation is damage,i know,free sex and one stand night in entertainment world is not secret anymore, but this scandal will be hard to erase.

  6. I know he will be cleared of the charges when I read about her lawyer backing out of her case due to different in opinion and misinformation or something that I read in soompi. Glad that justice is served though LJW may need to work hard to regain public’s favour.

  7. Like I said before, not all women are innocent but a lot of people like to play judge and condemned a person particularly a star. It’s always a case of he said/she said but until investigations are done we can’t really accused anyone.

  8. Someone lambasted me on an earlier thread for wanting to wait and see how this he said/she said thing turned out. I thought it was better to wait until the police investigation ended and ended up getting lectured on the whole sexual assault can happen in a dating relationship …yes, I knew that. Sexual assault/rape can happen in a marriage. All I thought was that in these situations, it’s best to just wait for the investigation. Also to realize this guy at the time was thought to be dating her (we found out it was one date later on) while the other recent incidences have been a bar hook up and prostitution. While horrible things can and do happen in dating relationships, I didn’t think it was right to throw LJW in with a bar hook up and prostitution….of course, we all now know it was one date and this appears to have been a booty call. I mean measuring blinds in the middle of the night. That’s when the story fell apart because I’m a woman who lived alone for years and you NEVER do something like that with someone you just met.

    Sorry for the rant but I’ve been around the block. I’ve known women who have been assaulted and had tough times, but I’ve also seen men be wrongfully accused of abuse and both are devastating and life changing.

    More of these things are going to happen and I hope if it again is in the he said/she said category, people can hold their fire and let the investigators do their job with the understanding that sometimes you don’t get such a quick resolution.

    • most of the time there’s sexual assault case happen many reader quickly attack the male celebrity, they talk bad directly without even reading the other side story, but after he is proven they are dissappear, they should judge after hear from both side

      • Most of the lynch mob are too embarrassed to stay put. That’s why such threads don’t get as many comments.
        Wear your feminist badge by all means but can’t people just hold their fire till the truth is out.

  9. I think it’s safer to date a fellow co star then a random girl, at least another actress would know to hide the relationship or not accuse you because they have a reputation to protect too.

  10. Such a serious issue. Individuals making false claims make it that much harder for those who are really victims of sexual assault. I really wish they’d stop and think before sleeping with these guys and expecting more or sleeping with them just to exploit the situation.

  11. Don’t understand why celebs are interested to date or just say one night stand with random girls while they easy to date any girl they like. I guess most of those celebs hate commitment. I’m happy he’s innocent but still disturbing by his ‘one night stand’image. I can’t see him with the same image again. Not only one night stand, but he said before he even can’t drink, but he lied. Anyway, good luck to him.

    • I read it’s not drink but dinner n in other article the said after drink together so basicly you can’t trust pers that much n in other article seem different in translate from korean language even, it’s from the same source

  12. instead of sleeping with a random girl,why not just do it with your girlfriend? that would be so much better and less image tarnishing.

  13. Many random guys having one night stand in this world, just bcoz he is a celebrity he cannot have it?Celebrity is human being too!
    LJW is not an alcoholic drinker, that night he had dinner not drinking with her.
    The initial news which stated LJW and the woman drinking at his apartment was wrong!
    The actual is they had dinner outside and LJW came to her house after she texted her address and pass code to him.

  14. agree with@helena, as long as the sexual intercourse is done consensual, there is nothing against law, and they both are adults and not others’ wife/husband.

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