Kang Sora is Striking in Late Summer Fashion and Makeup for Sure Magazine

Much of the charm of Kang Sora lies in her relatability, she comes across as an every girl type who has made the most of her looks and acting ability in way that seems aspiring rather than annoying. Her movie and dramas roles have been a mixed bag in ratings and acclaim, pieced together as a learning and growing journey that feels worth it. Her last drama Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho wasn’t bad and went a long way to redeem the weak flop that was Warm and Cozy, but she still needs a defining drama role of her own beyond being a lead in Misaeng. My favorite Kang Sora drama performance and character remains the super underrated but addicting Ugly Alert, and if she can do another drama with Im Joo Hwan that’ll tickle my endless fancy. She’s also someone who needs to continue to play up her distinctive strong features, this latest pictorial in Sure Magazine in jewel toned makeup or outfits is so becoming on her.


Kang Sora is Striking in Late Summer Fashion and Makeup for Sure Magazine — 11 Comments


    She’s gorgeous and talented too. Hope she picks up another successful drama soon, she was good in Jo Deul-ho but it gave her very little to do.

  2. Also loving the matte red lips on her, she has a beautiful and very distinctive lip shape. But she looks equally gorgeous in soft/neutral makeup too.

    • Totally agree and she’s underated . She owns to shine like Park shin hye . Like her shes’ talented and has strong features.

  3. Wow who is this beauty?
    She looks so much like jeon ju hyun but way prettier and younger …definitely checking her DRama .

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