Production of W: Two Worlds Promises Episodes 7-8 Will be Packed with Excitement and Narrative Goodness

My fave currently airing K-drama is now W: Two Worlds after four exhilarating episodes, and it’s not because of all that kissing and skinship so far even if it’s much appreciated. The flirting is also fantastic, with the meta of real world Yeon Joo being a super fan of manhwa world male lead Kang Chul. The drama has come from behind and decisively taken the Wed-Thurs ratings lead over Uncontrollably Fond with a cushiony 3% point lead in the recent two episodes.

I love UF and happily soak up the melodramatic angst every week but W certainly delivers more thrills per minute with a snappy pace and a fantastic “what is going on?” mystery. The production has revealed this week that episodes 7 and 8 will be a big turning point and is truly where the drama hits its stride in story telling bravura and narrative engagement. I can’t wait, even if I’m wondering what’s going to happen in the next two episodes now that Kang Chul has crossed over to Yeon Joo’s real world. Or is her world really “real” and his just “fiction”?


Production of W: Two Worlds Promises Episodes 7-8 Will be Packed with Excitement and Narrative Goodness — 90 Comments

  1. I love LJS in a suit but that royal blue and black defies another level of hotness. And the two of them has this subtle fatal attraction which is just buried underneath all the sincerity.

  2. Great drama. Couldn’t wait for each new episode. I always knew Han Hyo Joo won’t dissapoint. She always has great eyes in picking quality projects.

  3. Koala, looks like your love for UF is still strong even though this one is definitely better,especially in acting. You are just still trying to stand UF out.

    • So wait, you’re saying that Koala isn’t allowed to love “W” (which she says is her favorite currently airing drama) as well as “Uncontrollably Fond” and promote either one or both dramas on her blog? Okaaay.
      Personally, I love W and don’t care about UF, but I’m not about to start telling people which drama they should enjoy more. Because you know, everyone is perfectly capable to make up their own minds about what they consider “better”.

  4. Yesterday I read an article with around 6000 upvotes for the top comment which indicates how much LJS fits the role & and it’s hard to imagine any other actor for this character, his acting, visual, voice all is matches him perfectly.

  5. this drama is one of the most memoriable dramas in K-dramaland for sure!! it makes me go through all kind of emotions in one hour and leave me thirsty for more and more!! everything in it is AWESOME!!! I hope it will remain as great as it is right now and I think I can trust that from the drama’s entire team!! 😀

  6. W: Two Worlds is a really refreshing drama and I like the plot so far, it keeps me waiting eagerly for new episodes every week. I’m not a fan of both leads, but I really like their characters in this drama.

    I have a thought, in the second episode Yeon Joo’s mom friend talk about how her mom should have let Yeon Joo learn art instead of becoming a doctor. Does that mean Yeon Joo has drawing talent? What if this whole story is actually part of her own webtoon? XD

  7. I absolutely love the first 4 episodes
    They have a solid start and I have faith in the script writer!
    It’s one of the more original drama in recent times!
    Had to exclaim “wow”‘ several times in 1 episode (love the matrix moment from Ep 4) at the same time Laughing out loud at the comedic moments
    HHJ is killing it – I like that she caught on fast and didn’t spend time moping around abt – and how can anyone hate a female lead who have no qualms kissing the male lead or showing her body just to get a response from him wahahahaha
    This is just gold
    We have a gem drama on our hands!

  8. Maybe they’ll show us who the hooded figure is: he could be someone from the real world who wanted Kang Chul to get out of his manhwa world for a reason…
    Whatever will happen, I’m really looking forward to those episodes.

    • Omg how about the hooded figure being OYJ’s dad? They did hint that he has been in the manhwa world and he has disappeared from the show for a considerable while. I don’t think he will just leave everything behind and simply go into hiding when he now knows that his daughter is involved in the ‘monstrosity’ he has created.

      • I don’t think it’s the father though… To me, he just seems confused and not sure of what is actually happening.

  9. W plot kills UF plot personally imo lol, not comparable at all, I’m glad writer song has finally being recognized, since I like nine and queen in hyun’s man a lot, if a cheesefest writer like kim eun sook can get higher rating I hope W can do the same too, stories like this are fresh and rare, I love it.

    • No comparison, stopped watching UF after too much screaming coming from Suzy, found us fast forward whenever she opens her mouth… Love Love Love W…

      • I stopped watching UF at ep. 2, at least I’m giving it a chance despite my bad track record with suzy dramas lol, it is too cliche for me ^V^;;

  10. Amazing drama!! Mystery done right… And the flirting and charming leads all add to make it a complete package. I’m also happy about the rating jump..

  11. Although everyone seems praising so much for LJS, I personally like HHJ’s acting more. She is so amazing ad always. I’m so glad that she can successfully back to dramaland.

    • Me too. Never seen her before but am impressed with her! Though i didn’t like LJS before but he is good in this.

      Going by QIM I think the writer is going to sustain the tempo throughout. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

  12. I am one who love W and still enjoy UF. Although i have to admit that W has solid acting, story and chemistry but i just cant ignore the power of woobin’s voice and glare. Haha pardon my fangirl heart.. It’s just too fragile ?

    I think, suzy is really really prettu but she just cant deliver the emotion while han hyo joo, she makes me feel like ‘her’, going into webtoon world and confused with all the things.

    Not a fan of ljs, havent finished anything with him but all his dramas did well. Hopefully i can finish this one cuz hhj is one of my fave actresses.

  13. The complete and utter flopage of UF is truly amazing. How the hell does a drama lose three percent of it’s viewership during its seventh episode…That’s a whole other level of tragic. Anyway, I hope Lee Jong Suk continues to snatch the last bit of hair of off Kim Woo Bin’s head….well, whatever is left of it at this point.

  14. W is excellent, the leads are really captivating in their actings & visuals. Every episode leaves me wanting for more!! I have stopped watching UF after ep 6, cannot stand the actress’ whiny voice, and strangely she no longer looks pretty to me ? I am also watching Let’s Fight Ghost, it is an easy watch & the leads are cute

  15. Once I saw that Lee Jong Suk was going to be in this I knew it was going to be one of those dramas I obsess over haha

    He’s not my favorite actor or anything but I find that all of his dramas are among my favorite K-dramas of all time. He really has a eye for choosing dramas, or at least choosing ones that I end up loving (School 2013, Pinocchio, I Can Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, and now W!!)

    • I think he has good eye for projects but more important is that he has always been offered good scripts too,I, ve heard he was offered “Signal”, “Misaeng”, “beautiful mind” & so on, it seems production teams feel he can portray the roles well.

  16. I have to admit, I always avoided LJS’s dramas. I know, I’m bad, and made some bad decisions -I’ll def track back his dramas-, I’ve been a fan of Han Hyo Joo since Brilliant Legacy, and followed her projects deligently, she rarely dissapoints, and both her acting and visuals are a wall. Anyone saying she’s awkward and unwatchable clearly knows nothing about acting.
    I’m glad this drama is earning the recognition it deserves, I want more of Hyo Joo in dramas from now on.

  17. Currently the most fun drama to watch. I love love everything from the plot to the acting to the directing to the editing. 20% in rating????

  18. To be honest I have avoided all of LJS’s works till now. I just didn’t like him. Same with HHJ (watched BL a long time ago though). But I had to give W a try. Because of the writer. Now after 4 eps, I love the story and the characters. After W, I think I might give IHYV a try.

  19. Aw that’s an interesting thought. Which world is real and which other is fiction? This drama is so intriguing. The ideas behind the cross dimensional settings and the hint of one world is perhaps just the designed drama for the creatures of the same image in another world to watch remind me of one saying from a classic book:

    “…has put us on display……We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as human beings.”

    Hmmm very novel. Perhaps there’s resemblance between the script writer of W and the author of the Lord of the Rings regarding how they both were inspired to come up with such fantastic stories of sci-fictions.

    • Maybe han hyo joo is the heroine of webtoon where a young doctress dreams of the world of his favorite webtoon and his hero… in this case neither of the 2 worlds are our reality…Don’t know if you’ll understand because my English is bad. And i guess i’ve watch too much “Doctor Who”… and the 2 worlds are part of another webtoon written by another writer….

      • Hahaha…I totally got what you meant. That could be. How interesting we different viewers could stretch our imagination to all possibilities. This is why the screenplay is so brilliantly written.

      • Now think about it. You may be right. It makes sense based on the mystery that none of them had any control of what’s going to happen in LJS’ dimensions. Now I guess the two worlds are actually an anime or a drama produced by the real world that hasn’t appeared yet. Some artists in the real world just created drama within drama, anime within anime. Everything we’ve watched so far is actually the caricature or the cast of a manghwa or a drama. Perhaps ep 7 -8 will unveil what we’re all curious about. keep my fingers crossed.

      • Are you reading my mind? Haha! We have the same thought about the twist of the story…. That WHAT-IF ending. Waaaah!

    • Very happy to see that someone undertsood my meaning even if my English is bad.if i could write in french i could share another thoughts with you @Drama2016.Thanks

      • Now you pique my curiosity though. LOL…your English is totally fine. Can you share other thoughts? This drama is so interesting in addition to hilarious comic moves.

  20. I want to rave about the leading lady HHJ. She always gave me either elegant or very gentle girl next door feels in her past dramas and movies. To my surprise, she exudes such amazing comic aura fitting the manghwa setting just right. Some ppl may whine about her overacting. But that’s what I consider so hilarious about W. I laughed hard whenever she had that silly facial exaggeration to display her disbelief in all the absurdity. I LOL each time she blurted out from nowhere “I love you” to her anime hero or tried something peculiar to expect “to be continued.”

    Her epic expressions are very animated, just like how are those anime characters appear to be. She appears to me nothing different from her manhwa hero, namely they are in spirit both from the same emotionally dramatic universe. My close teen relative is an aspiring animator and I had chances to read his storyboard and drawings as well. HHJ gave me exactly the same vibe as those hilarious characters he drew on tablet. Good job!

  21. I’ve been a fan of LJS since IHYV. So no need to say anything more about him. He’s a great actor. Simple! That’s is.

  22. HHJ’s comedic timing is perfect. She has now moved up my list of favorite K-actresses (she is always on my list, but now is at a higher spot). I am so happy and enjoying three of Ms. Koala’s current watches (W, Let’s Fight Ghost, Doctors). W has taken me to a new dimension and imagination, much credits to the writer! I have not started with BM yet, should I?

  23. For UF, I actually like KWB’s acting for the last 2 episodes. I think he emoted well at the sad scenes. I still consider the script of UF well written and the editing is fine. Suzy wasn’t as annoying as the first few episodes. But still it seems a bit beyond redemption for her to do anything at this point. It’s a bit late given the first few episodes were jinxed.

  24. World is a beautiful drama ljs always have good eyes in picking his work who can forget school 13 my favorite I hear your voice or Pinocchio and now W .
    Even though hhj acting is cringy …dong yi and brilliant legacy were beautiful too…I wish both of them luck and hope they reach 20 percent or more .

  25. Uf is a beautiful drama that has the misfortune of coming at the wrong time after the blockbuster that was dots peoples expectations piqued and the hype that started the drama didn’t help matters either ….why not fans of hhj enjoy her work and stop making comparisons of a nearly 30 year old woman to a little girl who is just 20 and has had far more success than hhj .

    • HHJ is a well-recognized actress than suzy so she has had far more success than Suzy. Yes Suzy is popular among the teens but you cannot deny that when it comes to acting and beauty, most ppl will choose HHJ. Suzy is only known for her looks. She only relies on her looks for roles.

      • hmmm… as a teen, I now enjoy watching Kim So Hyun way more than someone who cannot act. Teens are not stupid u know… only trolls are… LOL…

      • yep. definitely agree with you. she doesnt even good in singing too, so looks is all she got. i just dont get it why producer keep hire her to be female lead when she clearly doesnt have that talent, skill (whatever you call it) yet..oowh i forgot she got the look. heh. better go for minor role first girl, improve your skill.

  26. Hhj had just two hit dramas and since then a string of flop movies …why can’t her fans rejoice finally that she is getting relevant again thanks to ljs instead of comparing her to Suzy …a girl she is almost 10 years older than .smh!!!

    • Flop movies? Look, I’m a fan of both, your attempt of making a fanwar is the real flop. Let me correct your infos troll:
      Masquerade 2012: 12M movie goers.
      Cold Eyes: 5M movie goers.
      Beauty Inside: 2M movie goers (after her “scandal” that she shouldn’t even be blamed for) the most watched romantic movie of 2015.

      Now stop trying to make people hate on HHJ, she’s a good actress, with great visuals and is such a fool, down to earth on varieties. Her fans aren’t hating on Suzy, we don’t care about other artists, so take the hint and avoid her articles.

      • Lol beauty inside had half of the actors in Korea plus park shin hye but still flopped …hhj has not been relevant since 2010 pls stop !!!
        I can’t believe u are passing these abysmal figures as hits ..funny you mention the gross but fail to mention the budget …anyway am done with u .

      • @Hope Airen – pay no attention to hye jin, just assume she’s commenting drunk or something.

        Han Hyo Joo’s not my favourite actress but the success of her filmography can’t be denied, she’s not in a league to be compared to idol actresses even after her scandal. The Korean Film Council itself had a report stating that Beauty Inside had done well for such a high-concept film, and they would not be putting that out if it was actually a flop.

    • Ditto.. Although LJS is not my fav actors, i think he is very decent actor and can deliver his role perfectly. That’s why i watched all HIS dramas except Dr stranger of course..

      • You should only watch for LJS like I did lmao. Skip the politics and the girl who can’t act.

    • I like his personality too much more than his visual or acting, not that his acting isn’t good but his honesty, shyness & his down to earth personality is more attractive to me than his other factors,

      • Me too, for 1st appearance he is not my type but when i watch his acting i like him and know he is really down to earth i love him even more.
        Maybe we should add kangchul’line “Everyone looks at the appearance instead of looking at the context”

      • Ohmygod, I feel exactly the same. Like Park Soo Ha and KC are both something to behold but they can not hold a candle to LJS himself. LJS is just such an interesting humanbeing.

  27. W is wonderful, my addiction this summer. ?
    Bith actors are fantastic, but i have to admit that Hhj is killing it.
    I’ts been a long time since I liked and enjoyed a femeal character so much. Can’t wait till Wednesday…

    • I am sure the rating of W will keep increasing. All comments are praises for the amazing script and superb leads. I am just curious on how the rating will fall for UF…

  28. Is this drama even better than signal (aka the first kdrama I could finish after 2007’s “Capital scandal”) ?

    • W has the right balance of thrill, romance, comedy, and sexiness. So far, I’m enjoying W and it’s fast-pace story-telling. There are a lot of details thought out in the first four episodes. You can’t tell what’s going to happen next and I love it. As for Signal, I never finished episode 2 but I do agree that the writing is brilliant and so is the acting just based on episode 1 that I watched (i stopped because I hate time traveling story). I know, W is a time-traveling drama and I’m contradicting myself, but for some reason, I just can’t stop watching W. It’s refreshing and fun. It’s a perfect way to end the Summer. And because of W, I’m thinking of finishing Signal. I do recommend watching W. Just don’t have a high expectations. W is in a different direction than Signal. Signal is way darker and W is sort of the lighter version.

      • Thank you 🙂 . I will check it then. Signal was the first kdrama which gave me sleepless nights after so many years that is why I asked 🙂 . Thanks for your recommendation

      • Same here. I couldn’t even got past the first 20 minutes of Signal. While many viewers are thrilled about Signal, I’m not the one for sci-fictitious thriller in general. Have had too much experience watching thrillers in the childhood and am very tired of that genre unless lines are intriguing and acting is super spectacular.

        Rigorously speaking, W isn’t a time travel drama but cross dimensional fantasy. In reality (proved by Relativity Theory in Physics), time travel is out of the question but cross dimensional has all kinds of possibilities if you believe in some kinda faith. For me, cross dimensional sci-fiction has very strong religious concepts in there.

  29. downfall for UF is suzy. her acting trun people off. drama could be so much better without her.she only good for one thing looking pretty.

    • And the stats are stating just that folks in korea are switching over to W and i dont really blame them. W just has that thrill that most kdramaz lack off.

  30. After DOTS, I am literally waiting for W to air and hoping it will be on hit list of kdrama. As much as I enjoyed Nine drama before, this will be an exciting to watch this year!

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