Second Teaser for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Hews to Expectations of Swoony OTP Attraction


I gotta give upcoming KBS Mon-Tues sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds credit for both knowing its audience pool and willing to toggle expectations. I was thinking this drama was super romantic in that chaste sageuk way, with lots of pining and unspoken emotions, but the first teaser was all period inappropriate with Park Bo Gum‘s crown prince boogeying down with his eunuchs in the palace yard.

That made me geared up for some slapstick and then the second teaser snapped me right back to my original expectations, showcasing budding romance between the leads and in the hazy visual of soft lighting and tension. Kim Yoo Jung really is too feminine to realistically pass for a boy but she wears her emotions in her eyes and sleeves in a way that can sell plausibly sell the role. Poor Jinyoung feels more like a fifth wheel than a third wheel as all the attention remains focused on the OTP.

Preview for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds:

KBS 월화드라마 구르미 그린 달빛 티저2(Teaser2)
KBS 월화드라마 구르미 그린 달빛 티저2(Teaser2) 2016년 8월 월/화 밤 22:00 KBS 2tv KBS 2tv 22:00 pm (KST) on August, 2016


Second Teaser for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Hews to Expectations of Swoony OTP Attraction — 4 Comments

  1. PBG exudes that sexy teasing i’m royalty aura…ok, I think I like…bring it on I think I’m ready for another cross dressing sageuk.

  2. For me it is better having Crown Prince be doubtful about her gender rather than his preference. It makes more sense to me and less awkward.

  3. I have a soft spot for gender benders so I’m looking forward to this! It looks like he’ll find out that she’s crossdressing in the first couple episodes, but pretends like he doesn’t know.

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