Lee Min Ho Makes Fans Swoon as the Special Guest at KCON LA 2016

Saturday night was Lee Min Ho‘s grand entrance as the special guest for KCON LA 2016, a moment that was well worth the price for attendance if you are a fan of Min Ho-ssshi. I still remember when he was in Los Angeles for a month back in 2013 to film Heirs around Malibu and Huntington Beach, a prime star spotting trek for Angeleno drama fans. Lee Min Ho went for a traditional tuxedo for the red carpet with fans, but then switched to an all black more casual but still perfectly tailored suit for his stage appearance. Lee Min Ho introduced the lineup for the night including I.O.I., GFriend, Dean, Block B, Amber, Turbo, and SHINee. It was a fun night and hopefully some readers also got to scream at Min Ho’s appearance as well as listen to a fantastic night of musical performances.


Lee Min Ho Makes Fans Swoon as the Special Guest at KCON LA 2016 — 17 Comments

  1. So, how does he look in real life? Is he that tall? That white? Is his skin that clear? Does he have grey hairs? I mean in drama’s they always look so young and perfect. Oh, and how does he smell? Thanks for the update 😛

  2. I really need to hie myself to one of these some time soon. Everyone seems to be having so much fun! Alas that I don’t live on either of this country’s coasts…let’s have a little love for the interior, people!

  3. OMG the old LMH is back *___* He sure knows how to clean up well before a drama….I’m praying for a more mature City Hunter look for him in his new drama. No Kim Tan and his sweaters or Joon Pyo and his ramen hair please.

      • everything about kim tan’s fashion was horrid – the hair, the lipstick, the curtain suits, fuzzy sweaters, ugh.

  4. I’m not his fan and hates all the roles he played but I wish him luck, I hope he can prove he’s a good actor in his next drama, I really want to like the guy

  5. He looks suave but what’s with the trousers always hanging right above the ankle. Can’t he at least get a better tailored suit? Other than that I have no other comment, he looks dashing.

    • I hate it, but it is definitely the fashion in Korea now. I can always tell based on the dramas and how they are dressing people. Look in on Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye in Doctors Crush. Short pants. On men especially it looks ugh and this even with KRW and LMH being over 6 ft.

      PS Happily though LMH does look great. Looking forward to his next drama.

  6. I envy him! He showed up, spent 5 minutes on a “red carpet”, talked on stage for how long and collected what was most likely a hefty check (in dollars too!)

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