Liu Shi Shi Rocks the Black and White for L’Officiel Hommes Early Fall Edition

The lasting popularity of one hit role and drama cannot be discounted, and it’s pretty incredible that it happened to the same pair of drama costars who then ended up married in real life as husband and wife. I’m talking about Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu courtesy of Bu Bu Jing Xin, and their performances along with the popularity of that drama remains the bedrock of their surging acting careers for the past five years. One wonders if the same luck of the draw will befall the K-version leads IU and Lee Jun Ki, boost their careers to yet another leveling up. In the case of Shi Shi, I love her to pieces but haven’t liked a single drama she’s done since BBJX, and the less is said about the BBJX so-called sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing the better. It’s a relief that I find Shi Shi unbelievably beautiful whether in modern or period dress so there’s always plenty of pictorials for me to enjoy, case in point this L’Officiel Hommes sleek and glamorous pre-fall spread.


Liu Shi Shi Rocks the Black and White for L’Officiel Hommes Early Fall Edition — 9 Comments

  1. Hoping ML-SH:Ryeo will be a great success donestically and on international level. I want that so badly for Lee Jun Ki, he is too good an actor to not be recognized beyond what he is today. Idk why but I have a strong feeling that this will be his year. But I dont want him n IU to end up like LSS and Nicky Wu on personal level.

    • there’s very little eye makeup, so her eyes aren’t lifted up like they usually are by eyeliner/mascara. that’s just her natural eye shape.

  2. These pictures look like that because they did different make up style on her this time – less or almost no eyeliners.

  3. Agree that she has not done memorable drama after BBJX. Personally, I think the actress who played her sister in BBJX is prettier than LSS. But she sure does have that marital bliss glow in her.

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