Official Poster and Action-packed Teaser for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Harkens Back to Traditional Serious Sageuks


Countdown is less than a month from the premiere of the K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin, with SBS airing Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) on Monday August 29, 2016. To start off the drama week SBS has released the full cast official drama poster that is reminiscent of every single sageuk drama poster from here on back through drama production history, only different being the sheer number of gorgeous leading men smushed into one single picture.

Older more serious sageuks aged up the male leads, most everyone rocked mustaches either from the get go of a series or from midway onward, whereas K-BBJX is going for pretty over realistic even when you take into account the eye patch male lead Lee Jun Ki sports as 4th Prince in some scenes. It’s also funny that my eyes are drawn too all the dark robed male leads even when IU is supposed to stand out in white. The first Korean teaser takes all the action scenes from the press long preview last month but spliced together in a super exciting way. Love it!

Teaser for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo:


Official Poster and Action-packed Teaser for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Harkens Back to Traditional Serious Sageuks — 48 Comments

  1. Date marked, looking forward to the drama! The second picture with the eclipse and orangey tones look kind of romantic.

  2. It’s funny how Nam Joo Hyuk looks one of the shortest. I thought he was pretty tall. Looking forward to this one even tho I’m not a fan of IU. LJK is gonna slay!!!

  3. WUT! This drama has gone from Goryeo Power Rangers to Goryeo Action Heroes. Not complaining though. The visuals are beautiful, the earlier photos were so misleading. I even like LJK in this one. Gonna check this out for sure and I don’t really care whether it’s a fitting remake or not. Just give us good writing and directing and the cast will deliver the rest.

    • I never watched the writer’s past works. But given some comments that are critical of her writing, she’s a risk factor to ruin this pre produced drama. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

      • Lets hope shes better off writing adapted screenplay than coming up with original screenplay.

      • Dramas are seldom ruined by acting. They are almost always ruined foremost by writing and then PD.

        Is the writer bad? I have never watched any of her works.

      • Hi D, a currently running pre-produced drama is ruined by acting (by one idol actress)… which is too bad as the writer is acclaimed for melodrama.

      • Hi candycane, I am not watching UF and it would be unfair for me to comment. I can only guess as much from the teasers. Assuming Suzy single-handedly ruins UF, she is still the rare actress who’s capable of doing so. I’d put the blame on the people who made the decision to cast her or perhaps they are very aware of her limitations but chose her for her popularity over acting.

      • @candycane, it’s so obvious which idol you’re referring to. LOL…Agree with you.

      • Suzy is not the greatest actress but this single handedly ruining UF is way over the top. That drama has enough problems (and a few positives), there is simply no way she is solely responsible for it not working.

        Even if she is an ordinary actress, UF is first and foremost a vehicle for the male lead. Had he elevated the drama with his acting chops it would have worked. That has not happened.

      • @Karuna, KWB is doing fine. He emoted well at sad scenes imho. I’m not his fan and I even disliked his looks before. But to be fair, he’s still an actor who can act. Suzy’s acting is uncontrollably bad beyond remedy that nothing or nobody can help save the drama even with a star writer like LKH. Suzy may as well stay as a CF model and let JYP just milk her CF commission cows.

    • Yes, Yes, Yes It almost always is the writing. I have never stopped watching a well written drama for so so acting or directing.

    • @Drama2016 I checked out this drama for the writer. I know next to nothing about both actors or their backgrounds. Purely going on this drama I have to disagree. Don’t want to run down actors but boy has a long way to go and seems to be getting a bit of an easy pass for UF. Personally as I wrote on DB I think of it as a drama that should have had Splash Splash couple. Anyway I am no longer watching it after Ep 7 perhaps it will improve later.

  4. Wow the teaser looks great! Exceeded my expectations. The princes are gorgeous and IU is beautiful. <3 Cinematography is A+++. As expected of the director.

  5. What does heck is the color theme in the last pic? Just like a ghost drama the >.<. I put my trust in Kang haneul. I personally don't believe Lee junki can release the same manly aura that Nicky Wu ever did in the chinese version.

    • Personally I dislike Nicky Wu’s 4th prince A LOT. Therefore, anyone staying away from Nicky Wu’s aura may be a better selling point to me.

      • +1
        Its good that LJK’s intepretation of 4th Prince in no where similar to Nicky Wu. Plus C-version 4th Prince is a scholar whereas K-version is a warrior. I have all faith that LJK will slay in this role.

    • I personally like the tone of the last pic lol. It has a historical feel about it. I don’t think much of costume dramas using neon/ too bright colours which make the whole thing look like a technicolour play.

    • I’ve never been smitten by Lee Jun Ki but Nicky Wu? I got to admit to being shallow, I just can’t stand his looks. He’s the reason why I was never on board Ruoxi and 4th Prince’s ship in BBJX. But he did play the part well, better than I expected and he did exude the aura of a prince who was to take over the throne. I never thought that LJK looked like king material but he does look manly enough in the teasers so far. Just don’t wear too much eyeliner, fancy fringes and earrings. Also, go easy on the angsty and brooding stares, I’ve always felt LJK overdid those things.

    • I don’t expect him to exude the same aura as Nicky Wu. In fact, I like that he interprets the 4th Prince in a way very far different from NW. Plus, the 4th Prince in the C-version of BBJX is a steely scholar whereas the K-version is featuring a warrior instead. And trust me, Lee Jun Ki will slay this role. I have no doubt and full faith that he will own this role. This is his year, I can feel it.

      • The C-Drama is very much focused on the female character who really carries it. For all the talk of the guys (I mean I do get it) and all the shipping wars that will be forthcoming, it is about this woman’s relationship with the princes (not all romantic). I would say it is a romance set in very interesting times. The C-Drama was romantic but it was also brutal and quite dark.

        I thought Nicky Wu did a fine job and, hey, the two leads are married now.

      • I have noticed this with C and J dramas, often they are focussed on the female lead even if the guy supplies the requisite hotness for shipping. Somehow by the time a K version comes about it becomes all about the men (with exceptions of course).

  6. Despite the pretty, the male leads seem to blur into one, especially when you don’t know most of them. IU looks lovely and stands out. This is probably not my cup of tea though despite the visuals.

  7. not feeling this drama honestly despite crazily good looking actors.
    I dunno I probably will just read recaps and wait for people feedback.

    • Same. Maybe because, for me, I never liked lead girl’s acting in her previous dramas. It was subpar. Will be watching out for feedback though once the show starts. Who knows. I even loved Reply88 despite being so opposed to Hyeri’s casting.

  8. I can’t wait. Definitely my most anticipated drama of this year. The teaser looks far more intense, dark and mysterious. And Lee Jun Ki is stunningly elfin but totally slaying. I love the poster too and from the goodies that had been released so far….this drama seems promising.

  9. never watched the C version, guess this will give me a fresh look at this drama in the K format. LJK is great! I like IU also. I will definitely watch.

  10. You can trust Lee Jun Ki to shine in a sageuk no matter how it turns out to be. Looks super good so far (getting some SFD vibes).

    After two medical dramas on Mon-Tue its time for two historical dramas. Which shall do better I wonder….

  11. I didn’t watch the Chinese version so I’m not sure how the female character should have been like, but I think that IU is a miscast: she looks much too young (as if she’s 10) and even her voice is much too childish.
    I hope it turns out I was wrong when the drama starts airing, because I will certainly try it out thanks to Lee Jun Ki.

    • the heroine of the original BBJX was supposed to be 14 when she time-travelled so casting IU was appropriate, for her looks.

  12. I’m all in!! Lee Jun Ki looks bloody glorious!! his intense look…and his voice!! I’m melting!! I’m can’t wait to see him/the drama on my screen!! 😀
    (it just reminds me that W will end and that makes me sad!!)

  13. @Drama2016: those who dislike Nicky Wu’s the 4th prince just belong to a minority, therefore, I didn’t tend to sell my point to them at all, respecting their different taste anyway. Many fans of the book cried over Nicky wu’s casting even before its filming, saying he was too old, ugly, blahblahblah. How did it turn out to be? I don’t think I need to answer.

    Good that LJK’s character is completely different from the 4th prince of BBJX. Otherwise, a hilarious comparison could be foreseen. It was simlar, LJK could never been cast.

  14. @Drama2016: anyone who dislike NW’s the 4th prince can’t buy me either because they just belong to a minority. NW got a lot of objections for this role casting for …his look, and how it turned out? I don’t think I need to answer.

    Good that LJK’s role is different from the C-version. Otherwise, some hilarious comparison could be foreseen, or he could never be cast for this role.

    • Lol. Everyone has their preference. You prefer NW’s 4th Prince, a strategist and a scholar and hiding his steely cruelness underneath whereas some of us here including myself, prefers the cold, mysterious yet alluring bad boy aura and badass warrior exudes by LJK.
      I hope not you meant the hilarious comparison in a way that is undermining LJK and I disagree that he would not be casted should the K-version decided to replicate the same version of 4th Prince. LJK is a versatile actor and he has really wide acting range and obviously, he can portray both a scholar (SWWTN evidently, the drama sucks but he was applauded for being the one paddling the sinking boat) and of course, a warrior.
      There would be no point arguing who would play 4th Prince better since the C-version and K-version are totally different except in term of look, no one can deny that LJK will win in this department and both LJK and NW are good actors in their own rights.
      I am so pleased that they decided not to go the exact same route as the C-version as there would be no fresh element to be presented to the audience other than just doing some endless comparison exercise.
      LJK totally rawks in this. Visually good and hope the drama will exceed all expectation.

  15. @hye mi: Who ever said about neon colors ? lol. Costumes are very important when it comes to historical dramas/ movies. In some cases, they even designed a specific color/ outfit that matches the character’s image/ personality. This poster gives me no idea of who is who, though given the fact that it is an adaption/ remake of C-BBJX. Perhaps, they first wanna focus on the purity of IU’s character as a naïve pigeon among those wolves?

    • I didn’t point fingers at anyone specifically saying anything about neon colours, so chill. I’m just saying my own opinion regarding several historical dramas (both K- and C- dramas) picking neon, bright colours in an attempt to make the dramas look more visually interesting, but to me they just look as if they were trying too hard and lost some of the authenticity of historical dramas. I didn’t deny the importance of costumes either. It’s just that between the power ranger costumes they still keep in some of the scenes in the preview and this particular poster where all princes wear darker outfits, I personally would pick the latter any day.
      plus it’s not always about the colour/ tone of the picture. The arrangement of characters in the last photo may bear more responsibility to the problem you noticed (lack of clarification as to who is who) than the tone/ colour itself.

      • Also not a fan of super bright color costumes in historical dramas, especially the pink hanboks worn by the male leads in kdramas.

        Noticed that the characters in the last photo are arranged in 2 camps, on IU’s right are 8th prince and his gang, and on her left are the 4th prince and his gang. I think the 4th & 13th princes supported the 3rd originally.

  16. looks a bit better than the original one, more authentic, plus lee jun ki always does a great job. looks alot darker than the original also, so looking forward to this drama when it comes out

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