W: Two Worlds Leads the Currently Airing Drama CPI Rankings Over Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond

We’re headed into the dog days of summer and the rankings are out for the content power index in Korean entertainment. Leading the way in K-drama buzz is MBC Wed-Thurs drama W: Two Worlds, a solid number 1 position for it’s fresh story and exciting narrative and rising each week in ratings. Coming in second is SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors, now in the second half of it’s airing and holding steady with ratings close to 20% nationwide AGB but unable to break through that ceiling. Third place is KBS‘s big hope melodrama Uncontrollably Fond, neither as good as anticipated nor as bad as it could have been, but ratings fell below 10% last week and doesn’t appear to have the surging potential to climb back up.


W: Two Worlds Leads the Currently Airing Drama CPI Rankings Over Doctors and Uncontrollably Fond — 145 Comments

  1. I am not surprised. W is penned by an amazing scriptwriter, Song Jae-Jung, and she never disappoints. But Doctors is far superior in the acting and the chemistry of the OTP.

    • I’d say that Kim Rae Won is disappointing in Doctors. I have never watched him in anything besides Punch, I think it may be that he’s not suited for rom com or at least should not be paired with a much younger actress.

      Another actor might be able to make Ji Hong look less predatory, less smug(Sorry! I don’t know how else to describe his smiles) and less of that trying hard to be cool.

      I have no fond feelings towards Woo Bin but I’ll take T Rex anytime over this Ahjussi.

      The only PSH pairing I could watch was in Pinocchio. In no way, am I saying LJS is a better actor than KRW but in these current dramas, I will say he is. At least, W got the casting right.

      • If you’ve only seen him in one thing, then you can’t really determine if he is disappointing in something. Punch, in terms of genre, is far different than Doctors. And I honestly disagree with you about only W getting the casting right. I think Doctors got it right as well. Although there is an age difference, they play the characters that are written well. I can see why you think that his facial expressions are weird, but you’ve only seen him in Punch, nothing else. I just think that it’s his hair that makes him look different.

      • that’s strange bc a lot of his early dramas were romcoms, or at least romance dramas, that were pretty successful (attic cat, love story in harvard). the age difference has to be there since it’s part of the plot so i don’t think choosing him for the role was wrong. both actors have recently been doing roles with other colleagues very close to them in terms of age so maybe the gap is more obvious bc of that? that was why i found the pairing kind of jarring at first but i fell in love with it a few eps in.

        predatory? again i guess it’s just difference in opinion. i didn’t find him creepy at all. even though he’s straightforward with hye jung about his feelings he doesn’t come across as overbearing or forceful to me.

        i myself am really enjoying doctors but i can see why people are disappointed or have problems with the plot (i mean i don’t really have complaints but i can understand others who might). however what i don’t understand is the complaints behind the acting or the pairing. i think they did a good job choosing the cast for the drama. i feel like this is psh first true mature role (and i’m loving her in it!!) and it’s nice to see krw in lighter fare after his recent works.

      • I disagree, KRW has done many rom com pre-military and was very successful. He actually has the most diverse and superior acting.

      • I’ve seen old rom com with Kim Rae Won and he was good (My love Patzzi, Attic cat.) But i don’t think ” Doctors” is a rom com. I like both actors but don’t find them romantic rather master/student Relationship.

      • +1 to D. I am so tired after a long day. But your comment makes my day. I found Magic School Bus Tyrex was more watchable than KRW and agree with all your points. LOL.

      • Korea doesn’t agree with you as they are still holding the highest rating among the 3 dramas.
        Let’s not talk about their thirst for PSH-KRW…

      • +1 to D. I used to like KRW as an actor. But he made me cringe in Doctors. By far, W is a better drama in everything.

      • Thank you all for your civil replies. I half expected my head to be bitten off for raising an unpopular opinion. Staying clear of the girls seems to be the answer *winks*

        @Sierra, I don’t think I really need to watch another drama to determine if he is disappointing in Doctors. In fact, I could just depend on the general opinion that he did well in Punch and arrive at the same conclusion without watching him in anything other than Doctors. I will agree however that I would need to watch KRW in more than just Punch to decide for myself if he is a good actor or one with a range. Doctors just wasn’t that drama for me.

        @anon Age difference is not THE problem although I was surprised that KRW is only 35. That makes his age gap with PSH just 9 years? Compare it to Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam – 15 years, YSY and Kim Sae Ron – 14 years, Lee Seo Jin and Uee – 17 years! Yet, none of these 3 had that vibe of Ahjussi predatory vibe. At first, I thought it was because of their teacher-student relationship in the past but like many have pointed out, the romance bloomed only later when HJ became an adult. Is it the writing, his character or acting? When I look at Jang Hyuk and Yoon Shi Yoon with their respective co-stars, I leaned towards acting. Honestly, before any of these dramas started, I wouldn’t have bet on JH and YSY at all.

        As @Nav said, most people seem to be heads over heels in love with KRW-PSH but it’s just that not everyone is.

  2. How come? Doctors has this ridiculously cheesy Kim Rae Won and always trying to look so cool PSH AND you’re saying superior in acting?

  3. W definitely deserves the ratings and hype. It has a fresh story and the plot is unpredictable. I just don’t know what to expect! It’s too bad UF is going against W because hoenestly, W is the better show in terms of everything.

    • I agree that W deserves the ratings and the hype thus far. Now if they can just carry that through the drama….please writer, do this for us fans.

      I am enjoying Doctors as well with it’s fun breezy vibe, but most k-drama watchers have seen many dramas like this over the years. Happy for its success but love the innovative feel of W. Not watching UF as the melo from this writer just isn’t my thing.

  4. thanks for the post Koala sis! just done watching W 🙂 another amazing episode. Acting wise, and lols everything wise W leads. Although Doctors have it’s share of good acting and even Woob is doing great in UF. Too bad it was on the same time slot as W. I am watching all three.

  5. I enjoy W’s acting & OTP chemistry far more than Doctors. I like PSH, but not a fan of KRW, he looks old & pretentious, not really matching with the younger actress although she tries to make herself appear older… just my opinion… I like W the best in this time slot ?

    • Old and pretentious to describe Kim Rae Won out of all the words that you could possibly use, hmmm…….I don’t know what to say, are you being serious??

    • to me, he is old, like my dad’s age… he tries to look/act cool but he is not… hmmm… please don’t get serious with me here… lol…

      • So your Dad is 35 okkkkk ifans get so butt hurt when their favs aren’t poplar in Korea. I always knew there was a lot of preteens that posted on this site.

      • my dad is in his 40’s…lol… I didn’t realize KRW’s real age is 35. he looks 45 to me… ooops… as I said I am not his fan, so I don’t pay too much attention to him really… sorry if I have offended his fans. I am only commenting on how he “looks” to me. my apologies if he is your fav

    • Kim Rae Won looks amazing for his age. He is 35 in real life and supposed to be in his 40’s in the drama. So if anything, I think he looks like one fine ahjussi!

      And older/younger relationships are more common than you think. So the age gap isn’t that creeptastic.

      • He looks older for his age for sure and when he is laughing… It’s worse so I can see the complaints look wise

    • I wouldn’t say KRW looks “amazing” if he is only 35 while looking like a 45 y.o. He totally fools me by looking 10 years older than real age. Let’s not get too hung up on the age issue now. I only simply commented that he looks old to me, and he still does… LOL… I do like older K-actors like So Ji Sub whom does not look like an ajusshi at all even though he is older than KRW. Again this is only my opinion. Please don’t get too serious now…

      • I know it’s your opinion, but there is no way he looks 45. Have you seen some 45 year olds?! Not many look that good. Lol. So Ji Sub definitely looks his age and so does KRW. They both look great for being in their mid 30s.

  6. W’s plot/directing is of another league. The actors’ good acting and visuals makes it all the more enjoyable. I hope today’s ep increases in ratings.

    • I agree! In a way this was an “underdog” type of drama, no one really expected it to do so well. Even Park Shin Hyes company thought it would be a flop. This drama did well despite no Hallyu male actors, not very well known scriptwriter, a seemingly “boring” premise, and without a lot of promotion or hype. Even I personally thought it would just sit around 8-12% range. And I’m a PSH fan.

    • Uh…no. UF acting is better than Doctors? Absolutely not! Only in delusional fans’ mind. Sorry, not hating. Just being honest.

    • Chill out. I just misread. You seem so angry for no reason. Lol. Statting on Doctors because you can’t stand it’s success. Keep it up.

    • For me, Beautiful Minds is the best drama I have watched in a long, long while ! I simply love the two leads, the gossipy ‘power rangers’ , Nurse Jang etc etc. Dont understand how such a wonderful drama can get overlooked? . Sigh….

  7. with all the media play UF is in last place. no surprise W in first place the story is fresh. KRW is too old to play PSH lover guy look like her dad they should have cast NGM as her partner the guy cameo alone out shine all the cast in doctor. must be embarrassed for KRW to see a comeo guy out shine him.

  8. Back to the age old discussion, HJH (KRW) character is 9 years older than Hye Jung (PSH) character so they fit the roles perfectly. Just because you can not accept it visually it doesn’t mean others can’t. Luckily, many people who are watching Doctors don’t have a problem with it and they can tell what is good acting.

    • Good acting? Just kim raewon and some cameos (rise Nam Gong Min). i hate psh’s nassal voice. So annoying.. even yoon kyunsang and lee sungkyung acting are not good.

      • Although the storyline isn’t the best, I think all the actors and actresses are doing a great job. They are what’s keeping me coming back for more. I really enjoy their interactions and they all fit their roles perfectly

      • Well, your namesake says it all. ? I sense you are a hater of PSH. Don’t tell me you are watching doctors if you can’t stand PSH nasal voice.

      • lol the acting especially from the leads is what save Doctors and make people coming back
        Please come back when your favorite get that knet approval.

    • Some of these people who bring up the age thing must be under 18 because once you’re in your 20s it’s perfectly normal to date and marry someone KRW age. The man is not that old since when was being in your 30s considered ancient lol while Doctors is not the best show ever PSH and KRW have great chemistry. I really love W because of the fresh plot and uncontrollably fondly brings me back to the days when melodramas rule.

      • Some very young people lurking. The definition of attractive to them is young and fresh looking boyish actors so they overlook the fact that men who are older and talented can appeal to women in their late 20s. I mean I loved Prime Minister and I as a drama and they had a 20 year age gap in it and same with Marriage Contract. Big difference but it makes sense to me. Also, I don’t know about Korea but your hair starts to turn a little white about the time a guy is very successful doctor in the US, its a long, tiring journey for doctors. Also, I am in my late 20s and I love Kim Rae Won and perfectly get the age gap. To be honest, I won’t talk about W as I have yet to watch it. But these old, looks like 45 comments has me laughing. Maybe I would act like that if I was that young too, who knows.

  9. Honestly not a fan of either. W would be a lot more appealing if it didn’t fall back on typical trendy relationship fodder to keep things light and accessible, all the more because applying life-or-death stakes to something so hollow and insincere just feels ridiculous. Between Lee Jong-seok’s posing and Han Hyo-joo’s manic attempts at humor, the acting is not helping, nor are the production’s overbearing tonal shifts between rom com and thriller mode. Doctors meanwhile is just sad proof that Ha Myung-hee either has nothing left to say or simply does not care enough to try anymore. Well, that and a complete waste of Kim Rae-won’s time.

  10. I honestly think Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye are a perfect match! They look compatible on screen and BTS. I am absolutely convinced at their cheesy loveline and think they have one of the best on-screen chemistry I’ve seen in a while. Cheers to Doctors for doing so well! 🙂

  11. I don’t think Kim Rae Won looks too old or even predatory as some people have stated. That’s a bit overboard, in my opinion. I actually think Kim Rae Won is a really good actor. It’s just that his character in Doctors is just blunt and overly cheesy. However, in the latest episodes, it’s been toned down a bit. So I appreciate that. He and PSH match quite well.

    • I’m glad someone stating the fact. That’s too overboard to say that he looks too old and predatory. I agree with you, I’m glad his overly cheesy character has been toned down in the latest episodes.

  12. I think KRW and PSH are both good actors, however, I think one of them is miscast. PSH looks to young and KRW looks too old when they are together. And unfortunately KRW has a more manly, mature look than a flower boy like Yoon Shi Yoon that look younger than what they really are. It is such a shame because I appreciated the fact that this drama casted real experienced main leads instead of idols.

    • In my opinion, I don’t think none of they two is miscast. KRW suits the character of Hong Ji Hong as a teacher as well as an experienced neurosurgeon. I would rather a manly actor play that role rather than a young flower boy actor. It is more believable. Same goes to PSH, I’m glad she manages to play a doctor role well despite her young age. It’s just that KRW looks manly than other casts such as Yoon Kyung Sang that makes some viewers don’t like him. Should other casts are also younger but manly, I don’t think he would get much hate. However, this is merely my opinion. I’m not a fan of KRW but I’ve been watching some of his pre-military dramas. He’s been constantly plays dark roles in his dramas and movies including his two upcoming movies, so I’m glad he’s taking a break and decided to choose a bright roles for this time. Judging from all the hates, I wish he would choose a dark or serious roles next time.

    • Funny because I don’t think the drama would have done this well if there are others played the main leads. Korea love them and they are the main reason why Doctors is doing well

  13. Doctors definitely have the broader age range appeal. This is because the of the OTP. I’ve read enough negative comments about it but it hasn’t stopped me from loving the drama.

  14. The lead actors in W are unbearable; They are both below mediocre. The strength of the drama is in the story and in the production value. Doctors have far better cast and certainly leads, when it comes to acting. The script is excellent in highlighting relationship issues. But the overall story is not as captivating as W.

  15. I’m not a fan of KRW but now I’m totally is. Just enjoy the chemistry of RW and PSH. They are compatible and perfectly match in and out of the drama. I always hope PSH can act with someone more mature, not flower Boys, otherwise acting skill cannot be improved. My wish come true and KRW, I just see how gentle, manly and mature he is …
    Story of Doctors may not be perfect but I enjoy it becoz of the casts and they do a great job. About cameo, I think it’s the highlight of the drama coz through diff patients bring out humanity weakness and we can see them grow and get out of their painful past.

      • @Miku Monster lead first with over 10% and 12 episode.
        We wouldn’t know who will win between Doctors and BM at first.
        What make you are so sure W will win when Doctors is appeared for all age with their realistic story line?
        Look at the ratings on M-T and W-TH, W can go up a lot more since it has no competitor either
        Even Monster is higher than W. And Doctors has climbed up step by step to almost 20 now.
        The audience is out there but W and UF didn’t manage to get ( they are 13 and 8= 21 this week while Doctors and Monster are 19 and 11= 30)
        You never know for sure especially when UF and W haven’t proved they could get the rating Doctors has yet.

      • @ Miku W and UF have barely reached 13 max in the last 3 weeks- which is just above Monster. Total rating on Mon-Tues is much higher. Your argument is invalid.

    • Haha I want to laugh seriously how many excuses do you want to bring on to not to admit Docs success
      1st park shin hye won’t succeed without popular flower boys

      2nd the age gap
      3rd : the plot
      And now not in the same days as UF
      or W seriously luck I think your excuses are stupid

  16. Imo, all lack something.

    Doctors, they have chemistry but somehow the drama lost ‘its’ light IDK, starting to drag.

    KRW character I don’t like, not because of his acting, which is fine, just dislike his character.

    In UF suzy and Won bin are doing fine, sure have some scenes their acting is lacking (like drunk scenes and when they shout)

    And we have, W. I like the leads chemistry but somehow it isn’t living up. HHJ character is annoying and she overacts, I dislike when actors overacts, I prefer when they underact hahaha better than doing O_O face. HHJ ruined the kiss scenes because she is always doing that face and stiff.

    I don’t understand when people want to say UF acting is that bad. It is not. I think people just want to hate on Won bin and suzy tbh.

  17. I love W and Doctors. W is whacky and unique and everything about it is awesome. Doctors is cheesy and just a feel good drama overall. I really enjoy it as well! I tuned in for UF for the first few episodes, but it was a bit underwhelming. I’m really glad for the ratings of W and Doctors. They both deserve it!

  18. I don’t think HHJ overacts in W. this drama is based on a manghwa/webtoon, her acting is quite entertaining imho, and I like her comedic timing. The kiss scenes were done with a purpose to get out of the manghwa, it is supposed to be exaggerated if you follow the storyline… I think both leads’ actings are perfect.

    • +1. I super love HHJ in W. She is the comedic remedy that makes my day and makes me laugh so much after long hours of work. I should say, I super love her character in W, so comic a. LOL @ all her spontaneous gimmicks to troll the hero (played by LJS) in order to see “To be continue

    • At first, I thought HHJ’s acting was so over the top, but the exaggerated acting works here. Although it is a bit too animated for my tastes though. Lol

    • trust me, I watched Dong Yi, and it really showed how she still has a long way to go and work on her acting. After some time you get tired of her O_O Expression; she had crazy chemistry with lead guy tho, so I watched it all.

      • Omg. Yes! I gave up Shining Inheritance because of her wide-eyed expressions. I also gave Dong Yi a chance because I love Ji Jin Hee and there she was again with the wide eyes! And now with W, I thought I’d give it a shot with the fresh premise, but there it is, the wide eyed expression appears once again. I guess she can’t escape the wide eyes. LOL

      • @Mina, why am I labeled defensive based on my opinions but you’re the one looking almighty savvy with your personal opinions? LOL. I said that I’d never been a fan of HHJ but I found her acting enjoyable. So why can’t I say I like her acting while you guys kept trashing her acting? LOL again what reasoning you have! I said you guys had to chill bcos I don’t appreciate the tone you said your opinions and how you described HHJ, such as “trust me.” LMAO. For what reason do I have to trust another drama fan on her personal preference. Again, I was just expressing my own opinions as you and others did and had no intention to fight for frivolous entertainment. But your overreaction turned on my argumentative mode. LOL

    • @liz and Mina. There are many wide eyed actresses with wide eyed looks all the time in the drama. Seriously, Doctors’ leading lady for example, in all her dramas. LOL.

      So we must be watching different actresses. Never been a fan of HHJ but she’s the only reason I was able to finish Shining Inheritance given that the leading man was so boring and the typically long ass sageuk Dong Yi too. LOL..We just have to admit it’s all our personal preference. While you think she’s got a long way to go, many viewers including me like her acting. So chill and don’t need to shout out “trust me” bcos it sounds a bit overbearing and I don’t buy your taste at all. LMAO.

      • Uh…it’s called an opinion. Did I say my opinion was the majority and that everybody should feel the same way? No. You guys are free to feel however you guys do about certain actresses and actors as do I. Other actresses do the wide eyed look too, but I personally think HHJ overdoes it. It’s exactly what you say, “personal preference”. So I don’t know why I need to “chill” when it’s clearly my opinion and preference. If anything, you’re the one that needs to chill since you sound very defensive. Lol

    • @liz & Mina… since you reply to my thread… I have not watched Dong Yi, but my mom has and she loves it. I think I trust her more than you. Why do you want to convince me while I enjoy HHJ in W? I don’t understand your logic.

      • she even won daesang award that year because of Dong Yi – which was a charming and cute drama, I liked the drama! – but every critic said she didn’t deserve the daesang for that role. JJH deserved more as the king.

        The truth is, HHJ has a good company and her family has power, so she lands good dramas and movies all the time with good and recognized actors.

      • I trust everybody I know in real life more than I trust anybody on the internet. Lmao. Nobody’s trying to convince you to change your mind. I never said she was a terrible actress or trashed her acting. I was simply stating my opinion and pointing out one small detail about her that I’ve noticed. If you enjoy the drama, go ahead and enjoy it. There’s nobody stopping you. I’m also watching the drama (esp for the unique plot) although I do get distracted by HHJ’s O_O expressions at some parts. But at least she’s not horrible.

        I just find it so funny that people are so defensive when it comes to actors/actresses they like. It’s like nobody can criticize them at all and they’re faultless. Good gracious.

      • @Mina, good gracious. Then tone down your comment if you have no intention to trash her. By painting her O_O you’ve already shown a sign of mockery. Well, it’s fine we criticize actors we don’t like and equally it’s ok for fans to defend whom they like. I like HHJ’s acting in all her dramas I’ve watched so far and I admit I’m defending her. So you guys have to confess you’re trashing her too. LOL.

  19. Doctors is the underdog runaway hit of the summer, started in double digit rating from the start consistent and steadily rising . It won over a show that was already ongoing and beat out the show that had same start. The reason it started with that kind of rating was because of the kind of role PSH has, a gangster girl who can kick people’s butt! Something totally different from all her previous roles. I think the K-audience were excited about that, UF would still be lagging behind in ratings and actual favorable review because the audience find Doctor actors with better acting performance per media review. I believe PSH really has that magic touch in her dramas….she is the reason why all those flower boys became more popular and newer flower boys gets noticed, KWB as an example. So, no I don’t think UF can beat Doctors and PSH. It would have been interesting if W was in the mix too! But I don’t think “very good friends” LJS and PSH would accept to have a show On the same time slot. It is really a sweet sound of success for a show that was not expected to have this kind of rating….didn’t get hyped and media played to the heavens…..haha , only Park Shin Hye did the promoting thru her social media.It says something about her caliber when veteran actor Choi Min Sik and various movie directors are interested in casting her in their movies…..another admirable trait about her is how she ends up being loved and totally cherished by actors she had worked with, just read the comments and impressions of her senior colleagues! It was heartwarming to read what the actress who played her grandma and from the actor who is playing the bad doctor on her show, what they think on acting meeting her. She probably has the most food truck support send by NOT just fans but by her friends from the industry…. from people who have acted with her. I’m a fan because I find her lovable BTS, that she seems quite cool in her real life. ?

    • You are obviously a true fan of her. The fans always see their bias magic and special. You don’t need to say blah blah about how psh is good and everyone adore her here. Cause every actor and actress here has this side too. I don’t think suzy do less than her.

      • I am pointing my opinion on why I like her…. You can state yours about your fav, Suzy, is it??! What I don’t get are commenters who bash others for no reason just so they can make another look better in their opinion! Isn’t it nicer to just state facts? If you have nice things to say about your favorite….then do so! You’re totally free, that way, we can also appreciate what you like about that person, bashing is just wrong! Well, maybe because of jealousy?? Envy??! That’s the only reason I can think for bashing.

      • That’s your opinion. But most people especially in their own country would disagree with you.

      • I won’t. It’s not about the topic to discuss here.
        And everyone knows well how suzy is and why she is the most loved.

      • Why are you so angry that she stated her OPINION? It’s called an opinion for a reason. She didn’t state that she was speaking for everyone. She was clearly stating how she felt about PSH. That’s not a problem. Why did it offend you so much? You are free to make your own opinions about your biases.

      • Blah blah I think you are annoyed of park shin hye and you don’t like her so why are replying a fan of her seriously when the jealousy become pathetic

    • Very well said!
      Doctors wouldn’t have started with that kind of rating if someone else was playing the role instead of PSH

  20. Another comment….PSH co workers, esp. KRW probably does not think “he wasted his time” ….the opposite is true, he gained MORE accepting this role than what he had in the movie with LMH. The audience remembered his more light hearted characters in the past , seemed like he is having his second wave in popularity! From BTS, it looks as if the actors are really enjoying themselves as well, besides being noticed in their roles on the show!! Everyone gained acting in Doctors….not just the dog ?

  21. I watched both of dramas, doctors and W. For me, i can understand opinion of several people that KRW looked too old for PSH. But after watched the dramas, they have enough chemistry for me. Although now the storyline is a little bit lacking and dragging. As for W, it has strong storyline although i’m still didin’t understand the concept itself and i’m still confused about many things.. lol

  22. Kim Rae Won Old??? wow we must have some youngsters/little girls here, I guess they can’t see the good looks of older guys even though KRW is only 35 but he so mature and manly… he is sexy to me… love KRW
    KRW and PSH chemistry is off the chart for only 9 nine years apart, their age gap is not even that bad. People see PSH as the high school little girl too much to see the mature side of her and judge KRW too old for her….

    • KRW does look more mature for his age and PSH looks her age so I get the complaints
      But they have good chemistry and great acting so it’s all good.

  23. So far, I’ve enjoyed everything about UF except for Suzy’s high pitched yelling. But she’s toned down a lot in last two episodes and I’m not annoyed by her acting as much as I was at the first few episodes. Script writing wise, both W and UF outperformed Doctors for the first few episodes. Since I only watched the first 5 or 6 episodes of Doctors and then quit, that’s all I can say. Suzy/WB pair are getting better chemistry. LJS/HHJ OTP got me excited and laugh a lot. I used to like KRW as an actor. But it’s a shame his character in Doctors and high school teacher/student romance made me cringe.

    • how is it a high school teacher/student romance when the actual romance didn’t start until they met when hye jung and ji hong were 31 and 40 respectively?

      • He already developed romantic feelings about her when she’s still his student in high school. That’s unethical in the States.

      • Hmm………did Hong Ji Hong act on it?? He didn’t, in fact he took responsibility for the scandal and stepped away so that Hye Jung will be spared the social scorn but at the end it was her own friend that dragged Hye Jung through the mud. He didn’t act on it until he came back to Korea years later thus your point is null and void. Also does nobody watch Pretty Little Liars here, Ezra Aria started their relation and kept it hidden while they were still in the student and teacher dynamic. The moral policing was strangely absent there for US audience. If we have to talk about questionable romance, I could name tons that has aired on US tv as well. Flowers in the Attic anybody or the House episode that had a teenage girl who was a model admit that she seduced her father.

      • Who cares about what shallow Hollywood or whatever crappy filming industry has filmed to pollute the pop culture? Sorry I don’t watch American shows; I don’t care a bit nor do I know anything of those shows you mentioned. What are those? LOL.

        I was mainly talking about the context of the romance in Doctors was against the ethics of the teaching profession in the US and that’s also what I disapprove of. I could never enjoy watching warped relationship such as extramarital affairs and take it for a romantic story. You go ahead enjoy your drama but I’m entitled to express my opinions based on my values. I won’t be swayed by your points though. Doctors is not up my alley at all.

      • @drama2016
        Excuse me, just because drama or film or a novel deals with social taboo does not automatically reduce its value….House Md. was a wonderful show based on an interesting character…..Also Vladimir Nobokov wrote Lolita that shocked and awed the world simultaneously…I am in no way comparing Doctors to a classic. You stated an opinion and I wrote a response….at least make an informed reply to it instead of writing one that ends with lol in return to it.

      • @Gem, seriously, you have no idea of what’s trendy in the internet linguistic department. LOL is an acronym for “being amused.” I got LOL all the time by netizens and rarely felt offended. Why do you take it as an offensive language? Chill chill chill! LOL again (bcos it’s amusing.) Why should everybody appreciate what you like? As I said, I don’t watch American shows coming out of Hollywood except for very few selective and critically acclaimed films. Wait! Did I ever demand anyone else to watch and discuss British, French, or Italian films on a forum? Chill again!

    • He didn’t act on those romantic feelings though…so I can forgive him for that. And I’m probably one of the very few people who will forgive him for that. You can’t help who you fall for. I know he was in a position of authority and he should have restrained himself from falling for his student, but feelings are feelings. I’m just glad he didn’t try to enforce those feelings onto her while they were still teacher/student.

    • No one can control their feeling.
      And he didn’t act on it.
      It’s not even uncommon that teacher and student get married in real life either.
      But you need an reason- It’s ok

  24. W is the drama that is making me a LJS fan. I have watched every drama he has headlined, but never understood his popularity. for some reason W is doing it for me. His acting, the story is pulling me in.

    Everybody has a drama that made them a fan of an actor and W is making me a fan of Lee Jong-Suk

  25. if the role were switch for PSH&SUZY doctor would flop. SUZY acting will bring the rating down. as for UF it would been a hit. even with sux ass storyline. can see it right now KWB wishing PSH were the lead in UF so his frame in china will grow bigger shoot would not surprise if KRW get more fame in china after the drama end.

    • As a Shinhye’s fan I disagree on UF would be a hit if PSH took the lead role. No one can save that mess. Don’t just blame in on Suzy
      But I agree Doctors wouldn’t be the same or do this well if another actress took PSH’s role.

  26. Just finished watching ep 5 of W. So intriguing! There could be so many concepts and ideas embedded in one episode alone. The dialogue between the manghwa hero and his creator is among the most fascinating dialogues I’ve ever watched in dramas. The question about the meaning of existence, free will, fate (set-up), “rebellion” of the created against the creator, etc….Wow! The writer is so sophisticated yet able to make the narratives exciting to watch. There wasn’t a moment I got bored while watching W. So far in 2016, this is one drama doing the best job at balancing substance and entertainment elements.

  27. Many people just love to argue. There’s no way you can stop them. They really need to point that something/someone they love/like is better and the other should suck.

    I’m just glad that Kdramas are giving me great dramas to help me escape realities, ahhh such a wonderful life!!!

    Upcoming dramas seemed exciting too, yeay!

  28. I dislike all 3 couples but i watched UF to see if KWB cld deliver. He was quite alright cept that he needs to stop yelling. Suzy was horrible so i kinda lost interest in the drama. Might watch W to see what the hype is all abt even tho i really am nt into both leads. The only drama that interests me now is the KBS daily drama Women’s Secrets.
    Having watched k dramas for 16 yrs, im kinda sick of the same old storyline.

  29. Darling couple will forever be held dear in my heart but I am happy for both LJS and PSH’s respective successful projects.

    Story wise W is much more fresh and interesting but
    If you’re into more chill type of watching like me, doctors is enjoyable too especially the side characters

  30. 17th august incarnation of jealousy will air replace wanted for sbs wed-thursday.. it will be hard for Uf and W to have more high ratings even reach 15

  31. What is cpi rating? Is it different from the agb nielsen rating or the viewership rating? Doctors’ rating is higher per agb nielsen. W’s highest nationwide rating is 13.5%

    • Co-developed by CJ E&M and ratings research firm Nielsen Korea since 2012 and announced weekly, the Contents Power Index(CPI) is an integrated index calculated to reflect Internet news subscription rankings, direct search rankings i.e. interests & engagements, and social media buzz rankings i.e. SNS. It is an index that was newly developed to evaluate the influences of contents in situations nothing like the old days of the influence of ratings.

      Doctors was first the week before and the UF was first 2 weeks ago

  32. Some people you would think they invested money on these dramas.
    I’m watching all the three of them, objectively speaking (really)

    W has its original story. LJS is a charismatic actor, I noticed that he is an actor who shines the most when the scenes get difficult, he build his acting throughout the scene. I liked his acting in episode 5 the most. He started good and by the end of the episode it was fantastically amazing!
    And I would say that the last scene of ep5 was the best acted scene I’ve watched from the above dramas. The only disappointing thing is HJ acting in that same episode.

    Doctors has this element that makes everyone keep watching! It’s like they promised something and you keep watching to get what they promised you, YET you get disappointed after every episode!
    but you still want to check the next episode. The writing is passable at best and sometimes confused! the acting is like watching a painting with different colors you know they can be good together but the result is not good to look at. Also the OTP scenes are hard to watch sometimes. NGM cameo was the most interesting thing happen to this drama!

    The good surprise in UF is KWB acting! I didn’t expect much from him but now I’m watching to see what he has to deliver. I think suzy needs to work on her acting or stick to simpler roles.
    but really I think the real problem of this drama is the repetitive elements that doesn’t have anything new to them, people who like them will continue watching and those who are not interested will not bother to check.

    all in all the acting in all these drama is medicore! minus some good moment here and there.

  33. I started off loving Doctors but am now finding it super draggy. I’d rather watch W over Doctors any day. Suzy is the weak link in UF. I don’t really cares what happens to her – she is just sooooo boring. Poor KWB – he’s acting well but this is going to taint him.

  34. @Drama2016

    I never told you to “trust me” or my opinion for that matter. You got defensive on your own accord. You told me to “chill” for clearly expressing my opinion. So that’s why I responded the way I did. I never trashed HHJ. All I said was her wide eyed expressions was overused. That’s trashing? I never once said she sucked as an actress or that she was horrible. If pointing out a minor detail is “trashing” an actress, then by all means how dare I trash your beloved HHJ. LOL. Although you claim to not like her as an actress, it’s very clear that you do like her since you’re so defensive about someone simply making a statement that differs from your own.

    • And the O_O comment was poor judgment on my part, so I admit to that. But, I will not say I’m “trashing” an actress when I clearly did not.

    • Oh mine! It seems I’m getting into another frivolous debate again. LOL…

      You’re entitled to say that someone sucks in acting bcos that’s an opinion. But that’s nothing different from trashing. No doubt about it. I also trashed some actors from time to time for their crappy acting. Nonetheless, while you mocked HHJ, I’m also entitled to defend her since I have different opinions than yours about her acting that should include her facial expression. I’m defending her. I admit it. So what’s so unbearable for you to admit that you trashed her? Let’s just be honest.

      BTW, when did I claim I did not like HHJ as an actress? I clearly said that I wasn’t her fan bcos I did not follow every single piece of news about her; I don’t google her; this playground is the only information source for me to learn about her update; I like her acting so far in the three dramas I have watched but I may end up not liking her new drama someday. That’s it.

      I’m always amazed at how netizens could go all the way to twist the wording and comments of other ppl just trying to win over debates. But this is a good exercise for me to hone my logical reasoning. LOL.

      Chill and cheer again!

      • There are actors and actresses that I like where I nitpick little things too. Does that mean I’m “trashing” them? There’s a difference between trashing someone and criticizing them. I was merely making an observation about her. I do like her as an actress because she can deliver, but her wide eyed expression can be distracting. That’s it. I’m glad you are able to defend your opinion. That’s fine. I’m not discrediting your opinion and saying mine is right or better than yours.

        Also, I’m not trying to win a debate. I just understand we both both have a difference in opinions.

  35. I think that these 3 dramas are différents genres . So we can’t compare them. I don’t understand why people are overacting. That”s just fiction . Everyone can choose his genre . What’s the point of comparing actors. Everyone has his bias. Like Blaise Pascal said “Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ignore…”

  36. Currently both or all Wed Thurs drama ratings went down…why? They’re still below what Doctors had for ratings on the same weeks.
    Just finished W episode 5, remained intriguing and exciting….LJS acting is awesome, he really looked like he came out of a comic book. I’ve noticed him first in Secret Garden, he is a memorable actor…then saw him in AsOne…..marathoned all his shows and movie while waiting for Pinicchio episodes! ?? I find that he really is a good actor, he has the ability to engage me to watch him. I find it interesting that he wanted PSH to act with him in Dr.Stranger, except she already committed to her movie! Then Pinocchio happened! ?
    As for Suzy, I find her cute and bubbly in her characters in Big and Dream High ,one of my faves , where I discovered KSH…..and started to watch his dramas and movies.

    It is nice to enjoy all of these actors in their projects. What I don’t get is reading a bashing comment on one actor to make another one “appear” better……wished someone can explain that!

  37. I just finished watching EP 10 of UF. It’s confirmed I really hate Suzy- she is a very sweet looking girl and looks great as a model but can she pleasssssse stop trying to act?! I felt no sense of pity for her when she was thrown into jail – I couldn’t stand her crying – it was downright irritating. Poor KWB for having to act with her. The rest of the cast is great – but they really should just stop casting her – period!

    • Now she’s not as bad as in the first few episodes. But I agree with you. They should stop casting her…as a leading lady…She’s miles away from being a main lead. Perhaps taking up some minor roles would help her improve gradually. She’s still young. Her agency should not have got her such high-profiled projects in acting. Now, netizens are either hating on her or looking at her as a laughingstock thanks to her below-par performance in UF.

  38. u all should know by now SUZY cant act she only there to look pretty

    KWB acting still bad just not as bad as suzy.

    UF will never hit 10% again drama is a flop for all the media the drama get.

    doctor will flop if not for PSH
    W will flop if not for LJS

  39. After all, what is stunning about W? To my knowledge, other dramas of LJS after IHYV just got fake hypes from the beginning. They all ended up in laughable disappointment. After 6 eps, and W”s rating is at 12.2% (Pretty similar to rating of Doctor Stranger) while it has a quite weaker competitor UF. The so-called “fresh factor” may have helped W win over UF, and nothing else.
    HHJ, compared to Suzy and even PSH, could have been considered as “better actress”” with some successful dramas and movies to back up. However, hard to believe that she keeps showing just a O_O look (someone said above) by trying hard to act funny.
    LJS: this girly guy didn’t even look manly with the gun in his hand. Trying hard to act a cool Kim Tan covered fro top to toe with high end outfit and car, equiped with Do Min Joon power of next generation. His fans just need to lay back, learning from the past failures and keep praying for the success to come in coming eps, rather than producing more fake hypes at this early stage.

    • Well, apparently your ideal of a lead actor or ideal type is very masculine, muscular or mature – go ahead; no one is forcing you to watch “girly” guys.

      If nothing else, from all these constant bashing of various actors and actresses, I’ve learnt that everyone has their preference and their opinion. Many fans drool over many K celebs when I cringe at their definition of ‘handsome’, and vice versa.

      W director or producers probably chose LJS because of his pretty manwha guy image, on top of his acting skill. And let’s not go into evaluations of acting skill, heck even for super popular actors, there are always criticisms. The same actor/actress can get varying judgements of their acting from good to bad.

      And I’ve never wanted LJS to be more masculine. He is who he is; his looks are what he’s born with; he’s very much boyish in his real personality, and it comes across in his on-screen image, acting and roles, though he can act mature as well. He’s very fair, tall and lanky, and he’s never going to beef up muscles if he doesn’t train much. I like his looks, I like him, I like his acting. If he’s not the type you like and if you dislike him so much, no one is forcing you to watch him.

      No one (but you apparently) blames his past poor-ratings dramas on the actor himself – most sensible viewers know that lackluster ratings are always related to poor scripts. And LJS is not the only actor with past dramas with low ratings records – I think you have quite a lot of other actor / actress targets to laugh at.

      And a win is a win, for W over UF – even a “so-called” fresh factor is something UF doesn’t have, antis can sour-grapes all they like.

      And yup, if nothing is stunning about W, don’t watch.

    • oh ya, UF has a masculine male lead but below 10% ratings from Ep 7 to 10 – are you going to blame it on the male lead too? Is the below 10% ratings a “laughable disappointment” too, in your own words?

      I think according to your logic, UF and UF’s leads’ fans also need to lay back, learn from current failures and keep praying for success to come rather than continue to generate hype.

  40. W is one of the best drama I have ever watched and I am in love with Lee Jong Suk as Kang Chul and whether people agree or disagree, the fact is W trends in social media sites, people wait for it and they watch it. Moreover, it is ruling it’s Wed-Thursday slot even though MBC

  41. I like lee jong suk..so I did watch W at first…then stopped after ep 5 …because it became more ridiculous by episodes..it is just for me…sorry for the fans.
    same goes to doctors…it’s getting boring and predictable as the episodes goes. Quite frustrating cause i like the cast. as for UF, i stopped watching at ep.3, just not my preference.

  42. W is better. LJS and HHJ have great chemistry as a couple. They look so sweet and match well in terms of look, physical and chemistry. I love the story too.

  43. i definitely vote for W Two Worlds. I love the story and I love the chemistry bWetween LJS & HHJ, so much more better than LJS & PSH.

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