Kim Soo Hyun and Kim So Hyun Top the Moolmang K-star Internet Power Rankings for July 2016

Korean buzz site Moolmang has been doing entertainment internet power rankings for awhile and the latest July issue is interesting enough as a current pulse taking snapshot to merit a post. The site ranks popularity/buzz based on the number of searches, number of listed about, number of listed on, number of vote obtained, hits on profile page, and hits on photo gallery. I’m surprised that Hallyu superstar Kim Soo Hyun came in number 1 for the actors, not because he’s lost any popularity because he clearly hasn’t, but he doesn’t have any promotions right now for drama or movies so for him to lead the rank is indeed impressive. Coming in number 1 for the ladies is teen actress Kim So Hyun who is currently starring in hit tvN drama Let’s Fight Ghost, so her current moment buzz makes sense and confirms her appeal even for one so young.

The male actor rankings are: Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Jun Ki.

The ladies rankings are Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Song Hye Kyo, Park Shin Hye, Seo Hyun Jin.


Kim Soo Hyun and Kim So Hyun Top the Moolmang K-star Internet Power Rankings for July 2016 — 41 Comments

    • Yeah they are really not good indicator of anything, they change drastically every month and it really seems they just put random names in there to start a conversation and get views lol.

      • Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki has consistently ranked No. 1 and 2, respectively, the last four months so it’s not entirely random.

        Most of the users are Korean so who they favor may differ from international fans, but those two are popular with international fans as well.

      • Sk is notoriously known for mediaplay where there is no actual data for anything whatsoever. The mediaplay is also gon’ full inflation in the last few years. everything is counterfeit

    • @huyit,how are the names random? Lol apart from kim soo hyun every other names appeared because they have been in projects this year.

  1. lmao. beyond laughable what kind of mediaplay attempt is this. Mediaplay has gon’ full inflation in sk where is there no real opinion poll or anything because they are mostly artificial

  2. This is another random poll based on numbers lacking statistical credibility, just like many rankings from random Kpop voting sites. As someone commented above, I see these kinda polls and rankings of celebrities as gimmicks to attract more visitors/readers to the sites. Even most of my favorite actors are in the top list, I don’t take the shit seriously. Only surveys done using credible statistical analysis based on data collected by reputable research institute will convince me. Also there are so many power ranking polls in SK showbiz that show different rankings. Why only picked this one to post, Ms. Koala?

      • Nope! It’s you who sounds irritated..just by how you reacted to those who don’t think highly of this random poll. LOL…I’m a fan of KSH and he’s my first K drama crush. I like him to be always on top of the news and popular until he retires from showbiz. LOL…I simply tried to explain to fan not to take any polls seriously if the results are not in favor of their biases. I’m very confident of my claim since I’m a certified actuary who’s been playing with statistics all my career life. Chill! Just enjoy dramas of your faves.

      • For a person who’s constantly replying in paragraphs of explanation and desperation, you sure sound very chill yourself to be giving that advise lmfao. I’m out.

      • THANK MY LORD! Finally you realized you’d been messing around with a wrong person. This is the only smart decision you’ve made so far. That’s what I want you to do. At least long ass paragraphs work on you to exit, unlike some other obviously confused ppl. LOL. I’m here to exercise my right for free speech and exchange opinions with open-minded ppl. I’m always happy to see narrow minded ppl finally keep away from my posts, saving me precious time to read worthless comments. LOL

    • Drama2016

      Good lord you do sound extremely distressed and about to pop a vein LMAO. But not complaining because its hilariously entertaining picturing someone squirm behind the keyboard for the most stupidest reasons. Too bad meemee didn’t stick around. She’s prob realize – if she didn’t already – that she was arguing with a complete idiot and have a good laugh too.

      Oh, and I expect you to reply to me! I’ll wait for it, why waste a good laugh when its free? You’ll prob say you’re laughing too, expect your ears might already be setting out smoke. LOLz, can’t wait to hear from you.

      • You woke me up with all your comical, wild, and pathetic imagination about me at this wee hour. LOL…Yup! I’m laughing and I do have plenty of time goofing around with goofballs like you guys here. Don’t get butt hurt bcos I laugh at these incredibly idiotic polls even three of my faves are in the top 5. LOL…Just because other ppl and I don’t buy any random crappy polls ranking your bias up on high, so you care to give up your mighty life to respond to me. LMAO. So now you got you what you want. Imbecile!

      • Oh I just noticed your fishy profile name. You do sound like a doppleganger or twin of meemee. LOL…You did turn on my fighting mode. As long as I spotted name calling that you as a moronic imbecile started first, I wouldn’t hesitate to fulfill your stupid wish. Yes, here I am to give you another ass paragraph of nonsense, as you wish! Simpleton!

      • LMAO, glad I’m not a SJK brainless fangirl like you or damn, I’d be embarrassed of being a part of such fandom. *cringe*

        But loool, you are definitely continuing to amuse me. What a cartoon character! And you think everyone who opposes equates to one person?………… Heard of IP Adresses? But wait, don’t stress your pea sized brain with such complicated thoughts, it might explode (!!!!)

      • Yup! We both are currently in a comic state and you are as animated and antagonized as I am. I’m sure. LOL. Mad??? Finally, imbecile! Just look at your aggravating wording. Yeah, let’s both rile up and be engaged in the chain of childish word exchange. Idiot! It doesn’t take me few seconds to play trash word games with you. LOL…I don’t mind how wording is getting more aggressive and embarrassing for both of us. I’ll be more than happy for Koala to moderate this thread and take all the trash out. LOL. Games on! Moron!

  3. keyeast media play lmao! I can tolerate if song joong ki is first on the list as he is everywhere nowadays but kim soo hyun??… c’mon!

  4. Having pictures everywhere does not mean that you are popular with the citizens. it just show that the Agency/big power managed to get a lot of organisations to invest in the person. In business, it is a gamble. In Song Joong Ki’s case, they spend billions of wons trying to promote him so that he can bring in business for the organisations later. whether they succeed or not is still a ? He is not that popular in China as claimed. All the figures in the reports were faked. There was a fan meeting where attendance was only 2,500. In the report in SK, 6000 attended. Kim Rae Won, Lee Jong Seok, Lee Joong Ki, Seo In Guk and many others are attracting a lot of attentions recently. Within the next few months, SJK will be off the radar very soon especially when those organisations realised that they bet on the wrong horse. Surprising that KSH is still number 1 as he was in hiatus for nearly a year.

    • As you said it’s surprising that KSH is still number 1 despite invisible for 1 year that’s why this polls is questionable.

      • The site ranks popularity/buzz based on the number of searches, number of listed about, number of listed on, number of vote obtained, hits on profile page, and hits on photo gallery.

        I didn’t see exposure being a factor in how the ranking is derived.

      • the question is how he managed to rank 1 in all those numbers you mentioned when he did not have any project last and this year other than his upcoming movie. you get my point?? where all these buzz coming from??

      • Thing is, KSH doesn’t need “buzz” in order to have people searching for him. There’s nothing surprising in this list because he simply is that popular that despite not having any projects this year, he’s still gathering buzz and attention. People want to know whats up with him or simply search for updates. I don’t “get your point” because buzz doesn’t need to come from somewhere. He is KSH, so his name itself is that buzz.

        (And I think he’s overrated personally, but purely from a rational POV, your arguments are more fan-mindset than objective)

      • I’m no fan of any of these actors even song joo ki, I even think he is overrated.

    • According to Angel’s theory, I have just realised that Song Joong Ki doesn’t actually exist. He was fabricated. LOL

      Sorry, Angel, but I just think that you are exaggerating a bit. Not everything is fake.

    • I think Koala picked this particular poll among many just like she used to only post those polls with KSH ranking #1 either in SK or outside SK. I can’t help thinking KSH is her bias. LOL…

      There are random polls everywhere. Not long ago, I read a poll in China with SJK on top 1 followed by LMH and then KSH. Similarly, a poll in Taiwan just came out recently showing K actors’ popularity ranking index from Jan. 2016 up to now. SJK again tops #1 with points way higher than LMH and KSH following 2nd and 3rd respectively. And then Soompi reported SJK ranked #1 of brand power ranking. SJK as someone commented above IS literally everywhere now either in SK or outside SK. I personally think this kinda ranking news is pointless. All these Hallyu stars are popular and they have their own time to shine. It happened 2016 is the year for SJK. One random poll doesn’t have much bearing about his popularity and CF brand power.

      • What’s clear is that SJK is your number 1 bias. You’re constantly trying to tell us how popular he is. Get a life.

      • When did I ever deny he wasn’t my #1? I said this out loud on several threads. LOL..SO what’s your point? You got all worked up bcos it’s a fact he IS IT guy now in K showbiz. And your conclusion is dang rude. How the heck did you end up telling me to get a life? SMH….And I remember you, a very ignorant netizen making annoying comments all the time. SMH again…

  5. Mimi, you didn’t even need to announce that u were not fan of KSH and SJK, I could have bet my ass off you were nothing else but one of those bitter minoz out there. Keyeast media play, haha, this term has been made popular thanks to minoz’s smelly mouths for months. You could go to korea, sneaking into their houses, hiding yourself under their beds, or in the toilet, to find out what they did with their internet lives. Or just simply manage to point a gun at moolmang admin’s head to find the truth. While you are so bitter about how ksh could be top of this poll or other, I also wonder why your hen rarely made his face to any domestic polls.

  6. Why are you guys making a fuss about something not relevant!this moolmang power ranking is usually by poll,if you have time for teen poll you vote for your bias there and song joong ki and Kim soohyun have been leading the poll and song hye kyo for female.
    Why is koala posting article on teen poll anyway.
    I read somewhere that park shin hye is no.1 on cf brand power for last month putting joong ki in no.2 and Kim soo hyun have always been on that cf power even tough he is not active for a year too

  7. Let’s Fight Ghost isn’t a hit though.

    I wonder how accurate this since Gong Yoo with his hit movie train to Busan or Yoo Ah In not even there XD

  8. Koala, may I sincerely give you a suggestion? Please stop posting pointless ranking polls on your blog site. All I see is just time bombs to tick off fan wars for nonsense and frivolous comparison. And you can see ridiculous and lunatic fans begin to lash out name calling such as “stupid” to attack ppl who do not agree with them. I admit I’m all evil for evil and therefore I also called them out “imbecile.” Honestly, I didn’t expect to be a frequent visitor of your blog site just to get insult from other ignorant individuals or to bash another individual as if I had no life of my own. I’m an extremely busy professional and like your entertainment posts that give me a lot of laughs. I also enjoy sharing and reading a variety of opinions. That’s why I visit your site regularly. But as long as ranking polls of celebrities were posted, there were always irrational ppl who would vent their bitterness and resentment through very provocative wording if there were ppl who disagree with their preference. Ranking polls are really meaningless unless, as I said, the surveys are coming from some kinda credible survey authority using credible statistic analysis. I’ve said plenty of times that anyone taking any random polls seriously are unbelievably gullible and foolish. Even I, as a fan of SJK and am happy how popular he is getting after DotS, would not say he ranks #1 in absolute popularity and power index just based on news and polls.

    It’s really pointless to rank celebrities. All the actors, specifically those who are considered hallyu stars, have their own solid fan bases and are popular in their own ways for reasons. No fans would like to read any posts that their faves look inferior in accomplishment or in popularity. I really don’t think it’s a constructive idea to post these ranking polls since they are very controversial.

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  10. Parkshinhye always best anything n everything…why Kim so hyun n song kyo? I Dnt believe dis.? At ever shin doctor crush drama really super natural we love u always doctor crush fighting ????

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