Han Hyo Joo Notches a Win with W: Two Worlds and Goes for Simplistic Casual in InStyle Korea Spread

The casting of Han Hyo Joo in currently airing MBC drama W: Two Worlds┬áhas ended rather anticlimatically considering the initial feedback. It was either a major win for MBC considering her last drama was four years ago with the highly rated sageuk Dong Yi, or a major fail with her detractors smarting over her lack of acting improvement or the scandal with her family members. I think it’s ended up much ado about nothing, mostly due to her character being the straight man in the fantastical plot and most of the time she’s the audience proxy and quite reactive. I love Yeon Joo but she doesn’t require a thespian to pull off, and what she needs Han Hyo Joo delivers ably – wide-eyed innocence and playful joy. It’s a chance of styles for Han Hyo Joo in August edition of InStyle Korea, soft cotton hippie feels in a classic styling, so beautiful and relaxing on the eyes.


Han Hyo Joo Notches a Win with W: Two Worlds and Goes for Simplistic Casual in InStyle Korea Spread — 47 Comments

  1. Yeonjoo is quite easily the most relatable and realistic character in W. And I think HHJ does her fantastically. She grounds the character and makes her so real with all her reactions that hits so close to home for many. While Kang Chul is very likeable and interesting, Yeonjoo really makes me care so imo, she’s the real star of W.

  2. i honestly thought i will fall head over heels for lee jong suk in this one which i did only at the later episodes whereas suprisingly han hyo joo’s character is the one that actually make me stay and actually care for some reason.

    at the moment, i find it hard to see anyone else is playing oh yeon joo. im not saying she is perfect but she is lovable in it and a bit inconsistent at time and honestly i find ljs to be inconsistent too at first. it is probably due to the steadfast pacing of the drama.

    Anyhow, i truly enjoy W from all aspects that i can barely ask for more. I need more OTP moments though. LOL. i need to get treated by the constant unpredictable plot thrown in. i love her so much in W i actually watched beauty inside (ive been meaning too for quite a while actually) and surprisingly found her to be the constant drive of the movie.

  3. I like her in dramatic roles but I find her comedic acting awkward and forced. Still, it’s nice that she got this kind of role in W, hopefully she learns a lot from this drama and improves her comical expressions/timing.

    • I’m on the other side of the fence regarding HHJ’s performance in W: I find her a delight in her comedic delivery, but slightly weak during crying scenes, and during a few rare times when she needed to project a greater depth of emotion and I just wasn’t feeling it.

      • The scene where Kang Chul was about to shoot her. She really didn’t deliver. The lady who acted as the nurse who was about to inject potassium to Kang Chul did a better job in acting nervous and scared during the interrogation scene. She’s just not cutting it for me on dramatic scenes.

  4. IMO HHJ’s character isn’t something which needs a lot of skills to portray, it’s a lovable, cheerful & consistent character, to be fair she is doing it well, I don’t get some heavy criticize, on the other hand LJS’s character is so complicated with different sides, challenges & more layers which needs a spectrum of emotions & actions, it’s really hard to portray it but LJS did it with great acting skills so I think this was the reason more comments that I’ve read believes his acting shined out till now, but we should see what will happen for OYJ to see if HHJ will give the chance to challenge herself in this drama or not.

    • Agree , i don’t understand criticize , his character doesn’t need alot of skills. But the same goes for the major woman characters in actual dramas. UF, Doctors,…Anothers actresses could have done the same job. The actors are more Lucky with their roles with more challenges… Jang Hyuk in BM, Lee Jong Suk , Seo in Guk in 38 task force . JUST SAYING.

      • I’d say her performance is quite 1-D, even she is charming and likable
        PSH did well on her emotional, comedy even action scenes. I don’t see many complaints on her besides the usual haters. Most was quite impressed with her performance. With all the roles your mentioned she is the most realistic and relate-able one.
        Please do not drag others to defend your favorite.
        We all know we don’t have many great roles for actresses but I’d not put Hyejung at the same level with the other 2.

  5. First time I have seen HHJ in anything and I am impressed. If she wasn’t delivering the show wouldn’t work. Re LJS his acting was a bit weak in prior work I have seen him. . But I think despite a few missteps this part is made for him and he is owning it. Eventually it has to be in tandem its not HHJ vs LJS. And while it is easy to say other actors could have done the roles, the synergy between the actors makes a difference and gives the show its heft.

    • Yes, synergy is important. But they have synergy with others actors in the past ( i’ve seen all dramas of HHJ and LJS) For me it’s easy to say that another similar actress could have done the job. Just look at the casting of dramas : An actress is off “no problemo” another is on . But i never say that she wasn’t good and that she didn’t have chemistry with LJS but IMO it’s not an explosive one rather a cute one.

      • They might have synergy in the past with others. I am talking about the specific synergy in these roles. Plus I dont think I have to see all of HHJ’s work, I am talking about her role in W.

        Actors are as replacable in dramas..good as LJS is here he is also replaceable and you could as well say another actor would have nailed it better.

      • Yes @ Karuna the same goes for actors. I can think of a lot of actresses and ACTORS who would have done the same job with good synergy too. For me , In W what impresses me is THE SCRIPT.

  6. I actually really like the way she’s portraying the character. I think to myself, “how would I act if I suddenly got pulled into this world created by my dad?” And it would be like her! On the contrary, I’m finding LJS’s acting to be pretty hit or miss (though in the last two episodes he’s been much, much better), like you could almost see his thought process going on “ok, in this scene I’m cocky, so I’ll smirk here, tilt my head, then deliver the line.” I don’t know, either way the story is amazing and such a nice breath of fresh air!

    • I agree on LJS a bit here. It’s a complicated character to play undoubtedly, but he’s also underperforming. There are moments when he’s not Kang Chul but rather Lee Jongsuk. I feel both actors have their pros and cons but more than Yeonjoo, I feel Kang Chul could’ve used a more versatile actor. Someone who can really embody the absurdity of the plot without having moments of fish-out-of-water.

      But honestly, despite all the complaints I may have regarding casting, the two definitely have great chemistry and really makes me root for them and their story.

  7. I think HHJ is doing an effective job in her role. Although there are some stronger actresses in the industry, I’ll take her over idol actresses that give lukewarm or lifeless performances. At least HHJ has good chemistry with LJS too. That really helps make the story believable.

    • @ stardust, anneakemi
      Yes HHJ convinced me in the last two episodes. She delivered well in scenes filled with tension and anticipation at the hospital and I felt her quiet pain, grieving alone for LJS in the kitchen.

      So I think there’s too much unrealistic expectation for HHJ’s performance and even LJS. This is supposed to be an action packed romantic manhwa, not a melodrama…

  8. HHJ’s acting is just right for me. She is the major reason why I super love this anime related drama. Since I’m very close to a junior of mine who’s an aspired animator and I saw his drawings + storyboards, I really think HHJ nails an anime-related character. I can’t think of any other actress of simialr age who may have done a better job than HHJ. Well, let me challenge Koala, who do you think fits the role better? Don’t tell me Oh Yeon Seo or Park Shin Hye. LOL…That would totally turn me off.

    • You should relax, you are too defensive when it comes to your favs and too rude when it’s not. It’s ok you dislike these people as it’s ok koala dislike who you like.

      • Hey! Don’t bother reply to me. LOL..What logic!!????

        Everyone including you and Koala is defensive when it comes to faves and sometimes overboard when it’s not. So why are you irked by my comment? Because Oh Yeon Seo or Park Shin Hey is your bias? LOL…You should chill yourself and could just have bypassed my comment. I don’t demand Koala to like what I like or dislike what I dislike. Otherwise I wouldn’t visit her blogs so often since her opinions differ from mine most of the time. You’re overreacting to my opinions that obviously you don’t like. LOL

        Ok, another long ass paragraph to needless response. LOL

      • @hahahaha…I really you the one who should relax. When did I say Koala didn’t like HHJ? Don’t put your word in my mouth. I was only talking about HHJ’s acting in W. Get it straight!

  9. I love her acting in W. Period! No need to analyze. It’s all personal preference. But I would challenge Koala a questions. Who do you think may have been a better fit to the role, Koala? Don’t tell me your beloved Oh Yeon Seo or Park Shin Hye. They both have wide eyes too. LOL…That would totally turn me off.

    • I like hhj honestly but her fans rude asf.
      Like u example
      Bringing others actress name here n there.
      Cant u juz comment without dragging others name???
      If u dont have somethings nice to write better dont write at all.

      • Not a fan of HHJ, I’m only talking about her acting here, compared to the other two actresses bcos a lot of rude replies to my comment coming from one of the two actresses I mentioned. I guess you’re a fan of one of the two. Otherwise why bother to respond? LOL….My opinion is based on my personal preference that I’m entitled to express on a public forum. Did I kill anyone? Geeeeezzzzzz

    • I like her in W but some actresses could have done the same. Han Groo suddenly came into my mind or Yoon Eun Hye if she was younger. But who cares!!! I’m impressed by the script. There are so many levels .For me, the cast is not the most important thing here… And everyone can voice out who they want for the roles the choice is not in ours hands!

  10. Her character in the drama may not be that challenging but she is decent enough to serve as a proxy and make the drama watching so enjoyable. I love HHJ since Dong Yi and I always knew that this girl is good at picking up quality projects and to think that quality projects come from quality teams and they all looking for her as the leading lady speak volume of a class act she is.

  11. HHJ all the way. She is the only person i can see in this role. Her acting is quite good and i am sure that W would have a different flavor without her as the main actress. HHJ and LJS has wonderful chemistry and their on screen romance is an oasis for KC in the midst of all the pain- filled/adrenaline-charged moments.

  12. Love HHJ. She’s nailing her character here. Her best outfit is the surgical suit in deep maroon … So lovely on her.

  13. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I love HHJ in W. I wasn’t thinking whether she’s a great actress or not, I just enjoy watching her. I find most popular actresses overrated(as do actors so maybe it’s just the popularity thing) and some just annoy me more than others.

    One important thing is she makes me laugh. Obviously, I don’t have the same issues with those who complained about her lack of comedic talent.

    I can see though why some criticize her for being weak in crying or emotional scenes. I haven’t made up my mind about those. It could be that her style is more subtle or she doesn’t go deep enough. They didn’t bother me much as long as I can tell she’s crying and not laughing, a problem I recently had with another actress. Neither did I feel any danger in drowning in saucer like eyes overflowing with tears.

    Maybe the reason why I like HHJ’s Yeon Joo is that I can identify myself with some of her reactions. I’d probably look even crazier than her if I was in her position. And that kiss in ep 5, I could relate to it. At first, she had her eyes wide open but I love how she later closed her eyes and stood there, not wanting to open them, like she was savoring the kiss. I’m not sure if it’s great acting or direction but the look on HHJ’s face was a Yeon Joo who’s clearly moved by Kang Chul’s kiss. Sweeeeeeet.

  14. I think Han Hyo Joo is acting quite well in her drama W (her character is actually not very well developed but it doesn’t really bother me since the plot is entertaining).
    By the way, she looks so beautiful and expressive in those pictures (she certainly knows how to pose).

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