Lee Jun Ki, IU, and Kang Ha Neul Form the Love Triangle in New Stills from K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

Keep the goodies coming, K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin, it’s a thirst quencher for a parched summertime Koala. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) unveiled three new lead stills this week – Lee Jun Ki taking off his half mask as the intense 4th Prince, Kang Ha Neul writing as the refined 8th Prince, and ingenue IU in a boat from the fabled lily boat ride on the lake scene. In the original novel, I loved the leading lady’s romance with 8th Prince as it developed but once she ended it decisively and then fell for 4th Prince I was all in with the destined OTP. In this case it’ll be hard for me to enjoy the first romance because Lee Jun Ki is so much more mesmerizing as a bloodier and bruised 4th Prince, emo dudes are my thing and he’s bottling over so much of it it sizzles.


Lee Jun Ki, IU, and Kang Ha Neul Form the Love Triangle in New Stills from K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 26 Comments

  1. I hope they actually develop the romance between the heroine and 8th Prince here instead of giving him the usual second lead treatment of a non-starter romance. Though I wonder if they can do that since this has less than half the episode count of BBJX.

    • More than half in terms of running time, ‘cos BBJX had 35 episodes of 45 mins each vs MLSH’s 20 episodes of 1 hour each.

      • So it follows,
        Korean BBJX runtime (20h) = ~76% of Chinese BBJX runtime (26h)
        Should be enough to properly develop the essential story, right? Though I’m actually rooting for less faithfulness to the book in the K-version, i.e. I wouldn’t mind if the romance with 8th prince is given short shrift in favor of jumping straight to the good stuff: the romance with 4th prince. Also, would it be too much to ask for a happy ending in the Goryeo timeline? Sigh. I suppose so.

  2. They’re kinda overdoing it with the 4th prince styling. I mean, he SCREAMS “romantic hero”. In the chinese version the princes looked pretty much the same and that made it more interesting.

    Just another case where I wish Korean dramas were more discreet!

    Anyways, I’m curious to see the end result.

    • 4th prince as the “romantic hero”? Lol. To me, his styling screams (excuse the language, just trying to bring the point across): “I’m a scary, badas* motherf* and NOT to be messed with. Cross me only if you want to die–very painfully.” Hot as hell, of course, but not remotely close to the classic romantic hero.

    • I have bad feeling for this drama,i hope i am wrong,it little bit too much. I know it will become a dark romance drama,but yeah let we see can iu be starling in her character. i don’t want to compare but liu shi shi nailed it, remember nicky wu can in love with her after that.

  3. I totally agree with you, Koala.

    Lee Jun Ki’s 4th Prince badass goth aura is so irresistible that I wouldn’t even throw a second glance at 8th Prince. You know he is dangerous but oh, still feel so good.

    I watched the C-version of BBJX and read the first half of the novel (English version) and I found that the leading lady’s romance with 8th Prince is boring. Maybe it’s the most practical relationship in real-life situation but romance with 4th Prince is giving all the adventure that she needs and with LJK in 4th Prince’s role, how could a woman ever possibly turn away from his charm.

    Bring it on, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.

    • you have not watched K-Bu Bu Jing Xin how did you come to that conclusion.I’m not a fan of IU but she is better than most idols combined.

      • What?? How dare you compare cecilia liu with idol IU, uehhkk.., and you say that IU is better at acting? I just trust eun ji as an idol actress.

      • @ Susankelly : read mimi’s response carefully before crying , Mimi clearly said IU is better than Most IDOLs combined . She didn’t say compare IU to your Cecilia Liu .
        BBJX original version is very good but just hold your tongue and watch the new version 1st to give the cast a chance (and plus the korean version may deviate from the origional version ) before giving out your judgement

      • +1 to Ta. For other girl idols, I may question their casting as the female lead. (A currently airing drama is a very good example.) But IU has proven her potential to be a full-fledged actress if she wants to focus on acting. IU isn’t considered to be an idol in S. Korea, strictly speaking. She is a well respected singer/songwriter. I’m not a fan of either IU or Eun Ji. But I’m an avid Kpopper and music fan in general. Both girls are good singers and also actresses. But somehow Eun Ji didn’t choose good projects all the time. Therefore most of her dramas are boring.

      • @Drama2016 “Eun Ji didn’t choose good projects all the time.”
        I don’t think she’s had any successful drama at all since “Reply 1997”. And by successful, I mean rating-wise, of course–’cause that’s the currency that networks deal in.
        I did love her in “Sassy Go Go”, though. 🙂

  4. I’m with you Koala!! his intese look a voice is enough to make you fall hard not caring about his dangerous aura… though that too is alluring when it’s Lee Jung Ki!! 😀

  5. Agree with you all the way, Koala.

    The K-version of 4th Prince is so swoon-worthy and one of the biggest reason of him being that mesmerizing is because of Lee Jun Ki. His elfin beautiful visage and the voice…he can even melt the iceberg and save Titanic from sinking.

  6. Dear Koala, I must agree with you that Lee Jun Ki is mesmerizing. I check out your blog frequently. Other than the dating “scandals” or alleged criminal act stories which can destroy an individual’s career, your playground is a fun read and a must book mark for any fan of Asian drama. You own your biases and make no excuses. You go. Well done.

    • Aye, finally someone says it! I like it here and love reading Koala’s take on issues, even if they differ from mine. I honestly don’t understand why some expect Koala to like what they like and dislike what they dislike.

  7. I hope that they won’t turn this into an action-pack drama between the princes in order to get the throne. I would prefer them to play mind games with each other, like how the Chinese version did theirs. Because based off the trailer, it seems like 4th prince is not as scheming, but more like an outgoing person who displays his anger and frustration easily. Anyways, I hope that this drama will be a failure since I am anticipating for this drama.

    • @Narrot I think you intended to write that you hope this drama WON’T be a failure since you are anticipating it.

      I get your opinion but I just want to reiterate that the C-version of BBJX is staying true to the novel and based on China’s history during the Qing Dysnasty. On the contrary, the K-version is based on Korean history and being brought to Goryeo setting and if you noticed, most dramas set in Goryeo period implicate massive power struggle that involve loads of slaying, war and blood whereas Joseon is more of a constricted setting (closer timeline to Qing dynasty) which logically because people has gotten more civilized, so power struggles involve more political scheming that actually gotten their hands doing the dirty works of sand, blood and gore.

      I am saying it again that I like the idea that the K-version differs a lot from the C-version. I am anticipating the drama because from the trailers and teasers, I found something fresh and new and so long as the drama staying true to the core elements of the novel, I am going to love a totally different interpretation. I see that it would be pointless if everything similar to the C-version as it would feel as if I am re-watching the whole drama with a totally different set of actors.

      • @OMG Yeah, that’s what I meant. I didn’t even realized I wrote “I hope this drama will be a failure”…. Hahahaha

        Your opinion is rational; I understand it. I assume that I must have a preference towards political scheming more than physically battling out each other with swordplays. Therefore, I thank you for contributing your opinion to me (and maybe to other people), allowing me to have a different perspective of the drama.

      • Yeah you right is not fair if we compare the history background,the main character image of this version with the original one,but for the story which based on history, i feel they abuse they own history for background than adapted that, because what i like from bu bu xin ji story is they like give the other understanding reason, why that history is so chaos. Like when you see prince sado,but sadly it seem more like faith mix with empress ki and splash splash love

  8. Oh ya, I forgot to mention this. Koala, we are on the same boat. Lee Jun Ki is smashing my sanity with his emo gothic holy hotness. How can a prince looking so bloody yet so smoking hot? Only Lee Jun Ki could do that.

  9. I like the idea that the 4th prince in K version will deviate as much as possible from the C version. Nicky Wu just isn’t up my alley regardless of his acting. But I hope LJK’s badass style isn’t overkill. He does look like an anime character in the still. LOL

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