Kim Yoo Jung Slays the Cute Meter Cuddling Puppy in New Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Stills

Someone stop the presses – we have the official candidate and front runner for cutest thing in K-drama land this year. Kim Yoo Jung in a pale pink sageuk, flower crown in her softly mussed hair, and cuddling a little puppy, is about the most wholesome visual nourishment to be gifted with. Not sure if her character in upcoming KBS sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds has a puppy in the drama but maybe it’s not too late to throw this one in now and write a reason around it, because real puppy meets young man puppy Park Bo Gum would be hilarious, especially as both compete for attention from Kim Yoo Jung. Filming continues along for Moonlight as it gears for its Monday August 22nd premiere. With Beautiful Mind cut short last week, KBS will air Olympics coverage for the next two weeks until Moonlight arrives.


Kim Yoo Jung Slays the Cute Meter Cuddling Puppy in New Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Stills — 13 Comments

  1. She’s growing up beautifully for sure. This may sound weird, but I’ve always like the shape of her head, it’s what makes her look good in saguek hairstyles. Looking forward to the drama 🙂

  2. An authentic classical beauty. I was most impressed by her role in The Moon Embracing the Sun. I can’t think of any other child actress who could slay the role as she did. Even the screenplay of this drama may seem childish and too much slapstick, I’ll check it out for her sake.

  3. Personally, I can’t believe how beautiful she is! And she is a very good actress too. Looking forward to her future performances once she reaches her adulthood.

  4. Awww! My favorite Korean child actress has turned into a lovely lady. I’m dying of anticipation for this drama. Hope it will get a decent rating if not the highest one considering it will competing with Moon Lovers.

    • Her face is gorgeous. It’s not as if she gets criticised for her looks. Duh. And if you examine her individual features she has what people do PS for. Doesn’t even need to shave her jawline.

  5. She looks beautiful, natural and wholesome; and a very good actress too. Can’t wait to see her in this new drama.

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