Third Preview for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Brings the Traditional Sageuk Narrative and Visuals

Now this is more like it, or at least more like what I was expecting from upcoming KBS Mon-Tues youth romance sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The third teaser is out and expands on the traditional stylings of the second teaser rather than the oddball dance crew modern weirdness of the first preview. Park Bo Gum is suitably princely – refined with quiet nobility and commanding aura – channeling his own take on the Joseon crown prince role that so many other young actors have tackled successfully.

Kim Yoo Jung shines even more in her first adult sageuk role, her eyes speak volumes and it’s beyond believable that Park Bo Gum and Jinyoung‘s second male lead characters grow enamored of her, maybe even throw in supporting actor Kwak Dong Yeon as the bodyguard warrior. Poor Chae Soo Bin in her thankless second female lead role that is clearly going to be annoyingly bitchy, or she can pull off Kim Min Seo‘s turn as the achingly pathetic yet memorable crown princess take from The Moon Embraces the Sun.

Third preview for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds:


Third Preview for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Brings the Traditional Sageuk Narrative and Visuals — 7 Comments

  1. i think i like bogum better in modern drama – he can improve his sageuk speech more and the other guy is even worse. The female lead is a sageuk veteran but she doesnt look like a boy at all

    • I actually think that his Sageuk tone is fine and quite good for someone who is tackling a Sageuk for the first time. Well…his second actually because he was in a historical movie. It’s clear and precise and his voice has a melodic quality to it which makes it even better. I speak Korean and other Korean speakers that I know of, too, have no problems his Sageuk speech whatsoever.

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