Kim Soo Hyun Endures Winter Wear Filming Beanpole CF in the Middle of Summer

It was just in Vegas for the weekend and it was sooooooo hot eggs were frying on the concrete as I walked. On the flip side is Hallyu superstar Kim Soo Hyun wearing a winter parka filming the upcoming CF for the sportwear brand Beanpole. This is one of the longest lasting collaborations I can remember, Kim Soo Hyun has repped Beanpole for five years ever since his post-Dream High days, and for the first few years he did it alongside his DH costar Suzy. This campaign won’t launch until the fall but Kim Soo Hyun needs to do his endorsement duty and put on the biggest winter parka in the lineup and do his best to sell the warmth and comfort level despite the boiling heat outside. I do miss his activeness when promoting dramas or movie so it’s nice to him ramping up his usual CF activities and looking as handsome as ever.


Kim Soo Hyun Endures Winter Wear Filming Beanpole CF in the Middle of Summer — 26 Comments

    • Most of us mature thinking readers just read. Not always commenting.

      I would take no comment over the idiotic, immature drivel sprouted by teenagers who can’t spell or mount an argument. I’ve left high school long ago and even then wasn’t making a fool of myself. Seriously.

      KSH always looks good. And whenever I am reminded of him not being in a drama- will get yet another reminder of his My Love from the stars followers jumping higher still.

  1. I am also surprise with only 3 comments. On second thought, he is popular in his own country and China and so this is not the site for him. anyway, he is still so handsome and charismatic.

  2. I miss this guy a whole lot. He’s been so quiet for longer than a year. But it also builds up his next projects. I think of Kim Soohyun as someone who’s very comfortable and at ease with his sucess and popularity. He comes off as very secure and that probably allows him to pick projects based on what would challenge him as an actor rather than what would give him further fame.

    Personally, I loved Producers to bits and was so thankful he did that drama last year. Yes it was extremely successful, but even if it wasn’t, I’d love for him to do more challenging roles like Seungchan.

    • You speak my mind…Seung Chan and King Lee Hwon are my favs in which dramas I can’t seem to remove from my re-watch list. I miss him too. If I’m not mistaken his movie project also challenging one, looking forward to it.

  3. how i miss the lovely beanpole outdoor cf of him and suzy. I always enjoy their tandem since dream high years even though they are not an item. I guess they will keep representing beanpole just different line of fashion cause I remember seeing suzy done beanpole accesories cf not too long ago.

  4. I just realized that those sour grapes mocking and hating on SJK’s success and rising popularity are fans of KSH, not LMH…Weird! But LOL……

    • You should just stop bullshitting about KSH fans, really. Otherwise, you are nothing more than just exactly like stupid minoz here and there.

      • Am SJK biased, nothing to hide. Both KSH and LMH are among my favorite actors. But to be honest, the majority of LMH’s fans I came across on this blog site are way more decent and cool-headed than KSH’s emo fangirls. LOL….KSH’s fans demonstrate too much insecurity about their fave’s status quo.

  5. The thing I like about Kim Soo Hyun is that despite his success, he’s still humble.
    I liked him in his earlier works better though, such as the moon embracing the sun. I think he’s not picking good enough dramas lately or it’s not offered to him? I don’t mean to bring up Lee Jong Suk, but he seriously either lucky and/or has a good eye for dramas.

      • Funnily enough, directors and co-stars that give actual interviews only have good things to say about him and his work ethics.

        If such rumors exist, please enlighten us and provide receipts.

      • Lolz, never heard of those so called rumours before. Please, share some of your info and sources with us too, if it didn’t just manifest from your own mind a few hours ago that is.

    • LJS? That’s an odd comparison considering he did DS not too long ago. And speaking of KSH last 4 dramas have been Dream High, MoonSun, Stars and Producers. Earlier than those were Giant. If one doesn’t consider that as lucky and/or has a great eye for dramas, then…

      All those dramas have at the very least broken 15% in ratings. Stars wasn’t very challenging for him, but my heavens it was a brilliant drama. And producers was challenging and did really really well in ratings. I very highly doubt someone as huge as KSH would lack offers, lmao. He’s picky but picks damn well imo.

  6. Agh, he’s so adorable! Our little squishy puppy!

    Also I went to Vegas during the summer once and I’m NEVER doing that again. It feels like death outside during the day and I live in a place that is an extremely hot swamp during the summer. Thankfully most of the fun is indoors!! Hope you enjoyed your visit!

  7. I like Kim Soo Hyun a lot but cringe every time I see an article about him on this site, for fear of the comments section. Some resident commenters on this site are quite scary, not to mention childish.

    Luckily, he doesn’t get many articles here and not many comments.

  8. My boy looking so adorable and handsome as always. I just love him to bits. Hope he gets to choose a small screen project before the year ends.

  9. i just knew that he is gonna be a big star when i laid eyes on him in Will it snow for christmas(unmemorable title). Love him ever since.

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