Ha Ji Won Glows in Elegant Jewelry Pictorial

It’s been over a decade and my love has never wavered, regardless of whether her drama or movie fails to resonate with me. I adore her emotive style and utmost professionalism, not to mention the steady stream of projects that show she prioritizes acting over just being famous and making bank off CFs. Her recent works have been less ratings oriented but never strike me as a bad decision to take on, even the K-drama version of In Time With You that turned into the frustrating The Time I Loved You was not a drama that looked primed for failure right off the bat.

I think she was adorable with Lee Jin Wook but the story and directing failed to gain traction with me. She’s back on the market open for her next drama and I’m hoping it’s another K-drama rather than joining the steady exodus over to making joint production C-dramas. Her latest jewelry pictorial is lovely and showcases her lush womanly beauty, an asset that was highlighted in The Time I Loved You but in the future I hope it’s not just in visuals but also in a character that is mature in personality as well


Ha Ji Won Glows in Elegant Jewelry Pictorial — 18 Comments

  1. Ha Ji Won is one of my fave K-actresses. She is not only talented but super classy. She is the actress that I want to see badly pairing up with the charismatic Lee Jun Ki. I hope to see them in a project together real soon.

  2. There’s nothing really bad to say about Ha Ji Won. She’s beautiful, extremely talented, successful and a very kindhearted humble person. Ha Ji Won is undeniably Korea’s best actress and a incomparable living legend. Hopefully, she considers accepting a K-drama offer. I miss the Queen so bad..

  3. I have always loved Ha Ji Won from the first time I saw her on screen. She is my eternal girl-crush! I hope her next project is a Kdrama and one where she gets to kick some butt!

    • Ha ji Won, Gong hyo Jin, Kim Sun Ah , Kim ha Neul, Chae Rim, Yoon Eun Hye and Moon Geun Young were my favorite actresses. The Ladies of my first dramas… No one can replace them in my heart even the new actresses . I guess nobody can forget their first love !

  4. Ha ji won, gong hyo jin and yoo eun hye is my fav korean celebrity. I wish ji won and YEH come back with new romance drama.

  5. One day in a far away dream land her and So Ji Sub will pair up again…my What Happened In Bali OTP needs another go around.

  6. I just adore her. Ha ji won is my all time favorite Korean actress! I hope she does a drama soon. I am dying to see her on screen. I love you ha ji won!

  7. what i marvel about her is her courage to take on diverse roles, be they comedy, saguek, melo, war drama, fantasy dramas etc etc she had them all in her bag. She could have just stick around the safe and standard where she just act emotive in the course of pining for her significant other which apparently has been a favourite fare for the masses. But no, she took on roles that require her to go through extra training to portray her roles realistically eg learn to play ping pong in As One, master the North Korean accent in King2 Heart, learn deep sea diving in Sector 7, practice ancient dance as in Hwang Jin Yi,took up boxing in Miracle on first street, the list goes on and on. Just cant identify anyone else with this type of commitment.

  8. I have love this “amazing yeoja” the first time I laid eyes on her and still is. There are a lot of reasons why I like her. Yes, she’s gorgeous, talented and a versatile actress. But the main reason is she’s kind-hearted and humble especially for her status. It makes me proud when I hear or seen on some interviews how her peers speaks highly of her due to her work ethic and easy to work with. To me that speaks volume. I do hope that one day, I will see her get paired up with Jung Woo Sung!

  9. Hello my dearest madam ha ji won!
    How do you do? Now I am watching one of your other films namely closer to heaven movie. Your so cute kind and beautiful and sentimental play in this film make me so happy.
    I love you so much!
    I wish I could live with my so lovely Korean superstars and you everlasting!
    I wish I could meet you and my other so lovely stars in Korea many times in my longevity at least!
    I wish you send multifarious letter of invitations from your homeland whether now or afterward!
    I love you so much!
    I wish I could kiss and bear hug you in your country a lot!
    I miss you forever!
    I kiss and bear hug my dearest madams park shin hye,song yu ri,lee bo young,asami reina,kim sae ron,you in young,…from far distance so much as well.
    I extremely love you and other Korean actresses that shine in romantic series brilliantly as well!
    Finally again I kiss you from far distance so much!
    I extremely love you and your so lovely shining in your films and series!
    Kiss kiss!
    Take care!
    Your permanent lover
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

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