Seo Hyun Jin Rockets to Popularity After Another Oh Hae Young and Attends Taiwan Fan Meeting

Another wonderful result of the hit tvN drama Another Oh Hae Young, in addition to Eric getting his long awaited drama comeback success, was the arrival on the big stage of popularity for long time leading lady Seo Hyun Jin. Even she’s been marveling at her newfounded fame, which comes after toiling away in the drama industry doing second leads and in recent years leading lady roles in less buzzed about dramas.

She’s a fantastic actress in every role I’ve seen, sometimes it’s all about timing and connection so congrats to her for shining as Oh Hae Young and showing more people what’s so endearing about her. This week Seo Hyun Jin was in Taiwan for a fan meeting which is totally new for her since she wasn’t well known overseas until now. I’m sure there’s plenty more of these types of events in her future and it’s truly long overdue. Love her hair, dress, makeup, and unbridled joy at this fan meeting.


Seo Hyun Jin Rockets to Popularity After Another Oh Hae Young and Attends Taiwan Fan Meeting — 18 Comments

  1. Seo Hyun Jin is a gift, I’m so happy she is getting recognition for her talent. She owns that role, any other actress as our Hae Young could have been a disaster.

    It’s even better that it came as a surprise and from a sleeper hit,not a massively promoted franchise like the Reply series or certain MBC/SBS/KBS productions.

  2. First seen her in The Three Musketeers and I love her ever since. So happy that she finally get the much deserved popularity she deserves.

    • I’m happy for her . She’s seems so natural and fresh. And his acting is really good. Natural like her. Hope this fame will not change her.

  3. This is wonderful news! I’ve only seen her in Oh Hae Young, but will watch out for her in anything else now. She is absolutely a fantastic actress and deserves all the accolades and popularity she can get.

    • you have to watch three musketeers,she was amazing there as well as her chemistry with lee jin wook, then let’s eat 2 and princess su baek hyang. het avting was superb in all het drama, she has an upcoming movie and cant wait to watch it

  4. Love her in King’s daughter Su Baek Hyang, The Three Musketeers, Let’s Eat 2 and of course Another Oh Hae Young! I am happy that she is finally receiving recognition for her talent!

  5. she is amazing, and so so talent. Her acting range is awsome. She would be amazing in a more challenging role in a movie. She is as good as Jung Yu Mi as an actress for me.

  6. Congrats to her. Very well deserved. On the other hand, where’s Eric? Because I saw many articles about her or even supporting casts here and there, but the main lead, the reason why this drama caught my attention, is totally gone? lol

  7. Yeah seo hyun jin keep it up! I enjoyed your dramas! Another oh hae young is super fantastic!
    And Eric too is great. ! We need two persons to clap hands. Eric and seo hyun Jin are lovely together

    • Their chemistry is no joke. It is sad that other casts appear here and there but we don’t see Eric much. Hope to see him on screen soon. And seo hyun jin too. It will be nice if they get something during TvN awards.

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