Chen Qiao En Captivates in Decades Long Association with the Glorious Sunflower

Taiwan actress Chen Qiao En is in the news a lot these past two weeks as an ancillary reference to two big star weddings. First, she was the bridesmaid in Michelle Chen‘s wedding to Chen Xiao. And secondly, she’s the ex-girlfriend to Wallace Huo‘s marriage to Ruby Lin. It’s all so reel and real mixed together, but I have a feeling the sassy and smart Qiao En is wishing everyone the best and not letting a long ago romance direct her feelings.

I’ve been seeing tons of pictures of her with the blooming sunflower which brings back such old school feels of when she was a member in Taiwanese idol group 7 Flowers back in the early 2000’s, and in that group her flower moniker was the sunflower, hence her fans are known as the sunflower brigade. It’s quite a unique flower to be photographed with and Chen Qiao En rocks it with incredible womanly aura. Love it, and hope she finds love soon of her own to plan a rocking wedding.


Chen Qiao En Captivates in Decades Long Association with the Glorious Sunflower — 12 Comments

  1. She’s not the prettiest actress but somehow she can make me always root for all the character she played in her dramas. She is so likeable. Love her

    • yeah, her breasts shock me, never seen such a big one like that or known anyone for that matter, looking at myself I’m like really really flat then.

      • so do I, judging by how she loves getting topless… I guess the implant worth every

      • @mimi Judging by later comments, I’m sure you can tell that they’re real. I just don’t understand why you’re saying she loves getting topless from just that one pic in the article out of all the other pics where she’s covered up. Yes, she’s a bra model but topless ≠ bra exposure for lack of a better term.

    • Her breasts are real. I remember back then she said she was embarrassed when she was young bc they were so big but I bet she’s glad for them now. Lol

    • Nope. Her breats are real. She’s been always known in the Taiwanese industry for her body for decades now..she was (and still) the bras model for many years.

      I remember her WZBQW time during her early days where she had a bikini scene, her friends and costars were surprised to see her sexy body cause at that time, the girl was a real tomboy.

    • If plastic surgeons have found a way to make boobs so real-looking that they go flatter when you lie back, then yeah, hers are fake. (I don’t think so)

    • Nope, her breasts are real, gravity is showing the proof. Also she has had them that big since long ago when she was young

  2. I’m growing fond of her lately eventhough her drama are crappy. I like her mom & daughter reality show. And recently she has rumours between her with Du Chun and Wang Kai. Omg both men are super hot. I don’t know who to shipped. I wish her best love soon.

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