Han Ji Min is Cool and Chic in Pre-fall 2016 Issue of Elle Korea

Those who read this blog know Iโ€™m not the biggest fan of Han Ji Min, which is an understatement during the trainwreck days of SBS drama Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Granted that not even the best thespian actress in the world could have made the horribly written leading lady character work in that drama, but Han Ji Min’s performance amplified all the things that were already wrong. In the year and half since her leading manย Hyun Bin has moved on to only making movies while Han Ji Min did Salut D’Amour last year but still hasn’t picked a drama return yet which makes me wonder if she’s as traumatized to have done HJM as the audiences who watched it. I hope her next drama is as fun as Rooftop Prince and her performance shine again like she did there. She’s looking in fine form in the just released pictorial for Elle Korea, I love the colors and her hairstyle is so funky and chic. It’s like a cool breath of futuristic fall air.


Han Ji Min is Cool and Chic in Pre-fall 2016 Issue of Elle Korea — 21 Comments

  1. I didn’t like the story of Hyde, Jeckyll, Me but I don’t think she was bad. I’m curious about her movie The Age of Shadow, the casting is great.

  2. Hyde Jekyll Me was just one big flop. I’m a fan of both Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min and they couldn’t save that drama. No wonder both of them have been avoiding doing another drama and sticking to movies. They are probably still haunted by that train wreck of a drama. Even I was traumatized by the drama. Lol. Hope both return to the small screen with better projects!

    • they’re not the ones who are avoiding dramaland after a failure.It took a long time to Gong Yoo to return, and he makes a comeback with a “winning sreenwriter” . He plays a safe choice. Yoon Eun Hye disapeared after ” Marry him if you dare” and the list goes on… Even top stars make only safe choices JJH and Lee min Ho. Song H Kyo and Song joong ki… All the actors doesn’t have the chance to work with the best productors even if imo these productions weren’t that great.

      • That’s what I mean…they’re playing it safe and waiting for a really good script/worthy screenwriter to come along. I think they are both more apprehensive about choosing just any drama now than ever because of their failed drama.

      • I don’t think it’s the script. I think it’s the writer. everyone is looking for a star-writer. becos star-writer guarantees high ratings.

  3. I love her look here! She radiates such elegant beauty! The hair is chic and surprisingly she makes that hideous dress look good! ?

    Hope she will come back to dramaland and redeem herself…(thinking back to Hyde, Jekyll, Me days).

    • I think she’s doing more daring photoshoots lately. And it’s a good thing. She used to only do cute ones without substance. Theses show his feminity in an elegant and a subtle sexy way. I’m not his fan but i respect her .

    • I love his haircut . I’m fed up with all the bangs and long hair that the leadind actresses wear recently . Love Love Love

  4. She’s not bad and interestingly she did portray his step-grandmother (and was deliciously evil)in the king’s wrath.
    I would like to see her in a more darker project for once.

  5. Omg I get trauma just by being reminded of Hyde Jekyll and me. Cannot believe what it did as a Hyun bin comeback drama – and traumatized all of us for the love of it

  6. I love the pictures; she looks great. I actually thought she was fine through the first 6 or so episodes of HJ & I, but I think when the ratings sank even lower, Hyun Bin powered through the production and she kind of gave up and it came across in her performance. I have no issues with her really, and would definitely watch her in a drama that sounded good. I just think that was a rough shoot.

    I agree with others re: staying away from dramaland after a bomb. There are times a drama fails, but are actually good dramas but luck of the draw on the competition. (Come Back Mister was actually quite good.) However, to be in a drama that is pretty much universally panned has got to suck.

    So basically if you have a bomb, the actors stay away from dramaland and, often, when you have huge success, they stay away from dramaland because you want to make all the $$ you can before rolling the dice again on another production. So I bow to the actors who pump out dramas year after year, some good some so -so and try to keep us entertained.

    • Totaly agree ! Once a french veteran actor said that acting is a job like another. You must work , if you have a lot of offers for you to choose . good. if not, you must be humble and work in any project to keep on improving yourself just like any salary man.This actor is respected by the ones like Deneuve, Huppert, …And has worked in more than 150 dramas ,movies all along his career ! So yes, i bow to theses actors who are not only running after success and love acting no matter what!They are the real artists.

      • Yes, you are right in a way, but such a scenario usually happens at the beginning of a person’s career (and, actually, they accept every offer because they have no other choice and not certainly because of their immeasurable love for their profession). If one still doesn’t have several offers to choose from after having practiced a profession for almost 15 years (Han Ji Min’s case), then that person is just not good enough.
        And, I have to say it, Han Ji Min is very beautiful but she is just not talented in my opinion (and, what is worse, she shows no improvement).

  7. @Sganarel

    Honest question. How do you know she doesn’t have offers to choose from? Last I read, she recently passed on the drama that Shin Mina and Lee Je Hoon are now confirmed in (Tomorrow With You). She’s probably just waiting for a drama that she is interested in to accept.

    I personally think she’s a good actress with the right script. I wouldn’t say she is the best, but she’s definitely not horrible or “talentless”. She was good in Padam Padam. She portrayed a cold woman pretty well. And I loved her role in Rooftop Prince. I personally thought she had awesome comedic timing albeit the cheesiness of the drama. She also did a good job portraying Hyun Bin’s evil grandmother in The King’s Wrath.

    How many dramas of hers have you actually seen to make you say she is not talented? I’m assuming you have seen most of her dramas since you did state that she has shown no improvement (because how else would you know she’s hasn’t improved, right?). Not trying to pick a fight. I’m just curious.

    • *Anne and I are the same person*

      Using a different device with my sister’s name automatically logged on. I only got to change my email and accidentally posted my comment before getting a chance to change the name. >_<

      @Sganarel Please reply to me, Jamie, if you do. Thanks.

      • @Jamie

        “How do you know she doesn’t have offers to choose from?”
        It was just a guess… I could be right, or I could be wrong…

        “How many dramas of hers have you actually seen […]?”
        Well, I’ve seen her for the first time in “All In” (2003 – where she played the younger version of the main character), then in “Capital Scandal” (2007), “Padam Padam” (2011), “Rooftop Prince” (2012) and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” (2015).
        I can honestly say that the way she acted in “All In” (she appeared in the first 2 episodes I think…) was exactly the same (a sort of forced expression of indifference) as in “Padam Padam” (you say she was better here; well, that is because the character happened to fit her so-called acting style).
        “In Hyde, Jekyll, Me” she managed to seem completely non-existent (the script being also very bad, I can’t say it was only her fault).
        “Rooftop Prince” was a comedy with a nice plot but no complexity of characters: it was enough to say the lines and the public would be entertained (I liked that drama but I did not see any talent there).
        “Capital Scandal” is one of my favourite dramas, but, unfortunately for Han Ji Min (who plays her part there the same way she usually does it), the second female character stole the show.

        I haven’t seen any of her movies (I rarely watch Korean movies).

  8. @Sganarel

    Thank you for your response. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fair enough. I guess we just have to agree to disagree because we obviously feel differently. ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Han Ji Min’s Plan Man shows how versatile she is as an actress. Plus her Cain and Abel made me fall for her. How can a person say she’s talentless. She may not be the best actress but she isn’t talenless at all. i’m a picky viewer and I agree that some of her dramas didn’t reach to my standard.

  10. her movies are better than her dramas. for years of watching her works she has improved a lot though there is still a room of improvement regarding how she acts. but in totality she is an actress well-respected by Korean people, actors or not. her movies are well-receive by the Kviewers and the total admissions each of her movies is a proof.

    think we don’t have any right to say that she hasn’t improve. all actors A-list or not did try their best to improve. sad! we’re just shallow enough in seeing their ability. Peace!

  11. I love her and Lee Seojin way back Yi San. I wish for them to be reunited in a drama. Everything they’ve done after that are all self rewarding. I’m sure that they’ve picked something from those experiences, both for keeps and to learn from. And I’m certain that they appreciate all constructive criticsms otherwise they wouldn’t improve on their craft. I just hope to see them again in one screen. Individually, I beleive they both shine, but together they look like a powercouple like the couple I idolized in the Philippines.

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