F4 Member Ken Zhu Preps Wedding to C-actress Fiancee Vivien Han

The Mandarin-speaking entertainment world has been on fire with weddings this summer of 2016, with two already in Ruby LinWallace Huo and Chen XiaoMichelle Chen, and another one coming along with Peter Ho and his fiancee. There’s a fourth one coming along that also serves to whittle down the remaining bachelors of the original Taiwanese F4 – actor-singer Ken Zhu is tying the knot next month September with his C-actress fiancee Vivien Han (Han Wen Wen).

Ken’s marriage makes the third F4 member to tie the knot after Vanness Wu in 2013 to Alyssa Cheo and Vic Zhou in 2015 to Reen Yu. A big congrats to Ken even if he’s the least interesting member of F4 to me, it’s still a happy occasion that he’s found love, and the couple has taken lovely wedding photos to commemorate the union. The wedding is scheduled for September in Bali following in the footsteps of Ruby and Wallace’s nuptials in the lovely destination locale.


F4 Member Ken Zhu Preps Wedding to C-actress Fiancee Vivien Han — 12 Comments

  1. Uh oh only the leader of F4 is left! Dao Ming Si better step it up! Even Shan Ci got married!! Lol Congrats to Ken, he was my fave.

  2. This makes me feel so old. Most of the F4 members gone from the market. Sadness but congrats to the couple!. Such pretty photo’s.♡♡

  3. beautifull.. seing F4 members married one by one makes me feel old. I still remember buy their photobook and go crazy over them yeaaarsss ago.. congrats to Ken..

  4. I love all the photos, but my favorites have to be the ones at the Great Wall of China. Her dress is so reminiscent of Chinese porcelain, and the sunset lighting is stunning. But my favorite outfits have to be his black and gold suit with her red and gold dress! They look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Just wondering..is it because of where they work hence they encounter beautiful people or do they seek pretty/handsome partners? I have yet to see a celebrity with a really normal/typical looking partner.

  6. Even though Ken Chu is the least interesting member within the F4, I hope on at 1 member of F4 can attend his wedding as I had read article saying (Vic, Jerry & Vanness) might not able to attend for various reasons. I feel bad for Ken if none of the F4 team member attend his wedding.

  7. oh geez…way to make me feel old! I must say that I’m in love with Vivien’s fashion choices. All her outfits are to die for. Love the shot of them on the great wall. Haven’t heard much from Ken, but glad to see he’s looking well and happy.

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