Liu Shi Shi Pairs Up with William Chan as Leads of Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Period Time-traveling Romance Novel

In what feels like serendipitous timing, China is prepping for a new time-travel C-drama that just named as leading lady Liu Shi Shi, best known for being the leading lady of time-travel C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin which is about to premiere its K-version next week. Shi Shi has just accepted the role as the female lead of the drama adaptation of time-travel C-novel Zhui Ling Long (Drunken Exquisiteness), with her male lead to be HK-actor William Chan who has been very active in period C-dramas for the last few years. I’m not sure if the time-travel ban has been lifted yet or the C-drama adaptation will simply skip over that portion and stick with the period story in set in the Western Wei dynasty. Drama filming starts in October with the drama already rocketing to the one of the most anticipated on the 2017 summer calendar.

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Liu Shi Shi Pairs Up with William Chan as Leads of Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Period Time-traveling Romance Novel — 13 Comments

  1. I heard WC was supposed to do a remake of A Step Into the Past from Huang To, another time traveling story. Have you heard anything about This? I am a fan of the TVB version.

    • I have heard of this…and hope he’s not cast. I love William but his acting still needs improvement and I love the Louis Koo version too much. I understand Louis is planning on making a movie version of the series, with Raymond Lam and maybe some of the original cast to be in it.

  2. I don’t get why she can’t break free from doing anything time-traveling? Her works post BBJX have been rather lackluster but I still wish to see her growth as an actress.

  3. But what’s the draw of a time travel story once you remove the time travel? I don’t know this work in particular, but the fun of time travel stories is half the outsider perspective/ fish-out-of-water.

  4. Not anticipating this at all. Not a fan of either cause their acting leaves a lot to be desired. Also, the time travel ban is still in effect so what’s the point of adapting yet another time travelling novel which yet agains stars Liu shi shi, she’s getting older and should choose different roles to grow. She’s been stuck ever since BBJX and hasn’t had anything good out since that show

    • @Elle, i agree! When I read the novel, I was thinking how Shi Shi would be so perfect for the role! Can’t wait for the drama to come out!

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