Kim Ji Won Sports Fall 2016 Playful Fashion for Sure Magazine

I’ll leave it to Kim Ji Won to get me excited about fall 2016 fashion shift to stronger fabrics, from metallics to leather and even suede. With summer and the shift dress floaty vibe winding down, the early fall/indian summer mood is right around the corner and I’m loving Sure Magazine‘s take using the red hot actress Kim Ji Won. She’s still sporting the shoulder length bob from the Descendants of the Sun days, but here it’s given volume and texture that perfectly frames a stronger sartorial take. The pink metallic biker jacket paired with a black and white cocktail dress and chunky accessories is my fave look, playfully accentuating a ladylike inner layer. Kim Ji Won has been busy with nonstop entertainment events since DotS rocketed her to stardom, hopefully here to stay rather than flaming back down to earth as the drama popularity simmers down.


Kim Ji Won Sports Fall 2016 Playful Fashion for Sure Magazine — 5 Comments

  1. She looks gorgeous, she’s one of those rare women who looks equally amazing with a bob as with long hair. Her face shape suits this style perfectly.

    Hope she gets a good and successful drama next, to establish herself.

  2. she is the only reason for watching heirs. I still remember those cringing actings and the songs. gosh I wish I can unsee that drama.

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