Ji Chang Wook’s Action Style and Biceps Take Center Stage in First Stills from tvN Drama The K2

Flower boys in K-dramas have been all the rage for many years but a flower boy’s transformation in the last two years to ripped action hero may mean muscles are staging an arrival. The first drama stills are out of Ji Chang Wook in upcoming tvN action political thriller The K2, showing him fighting off a baddie in hand-to-hand combat and finding time to play with a wee kitten. A perfect combination of rawr and awww if ever I saw one.

Ji Chang Wook started off his career as one of the cute flower boy actors in K-ent but he’s also been quite comfortable in action roles whether in sageuk Warrior Baek Dong Soo or modern day being the Healer. He’s taking his Healer action role up a major notch in The K2, playing a soldier turned mercenary bodyguard for hire, and his gym training to get into fighting shape is no joke judging by the size of his biceps (see below). All I can say is – lucky Yoona.


Ji Chang Wook’s Action Style and Biceps Take Center Stage in First Stills from tvN Drama The K2 — 28 Comments

  1. LOL..Was that why tvN cashed out the highest pay to him among all the actors they have ever cast in history? Now I wonder if that’s also the reason he was cast in C action drama Whirlwind Girl 2. Fangirls love flower face + muscles. All I read from viki time comments are something like:

    I’m here only to watch JCW’s pretty face.
    JCW is so hot
    I can’t breathe, Chang Wook oppa
    I’m dying..
    He is illegal
    Body and soul..


  2. I am not even a fan, didn’t watch Healer but even I think he is hot. Yoona is one of the skinniest actresses around. Piggybacking her will be a breeze. As well as swinging her up in a Princess lift. Carrying her upstairs.

    Rescuing her from tall buildings. Running with her in his arms.


  3. I like how his calves seem toned, too. Too often we see actor have bulked up upper bodies, but untrained lower halves, that lead to odd upper-to-lower body proportions. But JCW seems to have a very wholesome body there, lol. I sound so pervy. xD

  4. The body is woow,but i’m not crazy over pretty face n muscular body, i adore man which charismatic…the premise sound interesting but let’s see the teaser first, i watch healaer but not really left strong impresion to me, it’s just ok for me

  5. Pretty + Muscles!

    I am not sure how things are in Korea. From my observation, Hollywood movie actors who want to be taken seriously and get recognized for acting skills, try their hardest to avoid being labelled as handsome, sexy or a beefcake.

    Is there any young actor in kdramas who avoids showing off his body and prefers the viewers to focus on his acting?

    • Well, I don’t think young actors in Korea necessarily want to show off their bodies, it’s just that kdramas have such a huge focus on attractive leading men that these shows require them to show their bodies. It’s almost standard for a kdrama to have a man shirtless scene.

      I actually don’t think any of these guys like showing their bodies, because usually they have to work out for a few months before filming to get toned like that. Honestly that’s something I don’t like about kdramas…it feels like they objectify men sometimes.

    • I used to call him Baby Emperor too ^^ I remember his shirtless scene in Empress Ki and he was suppose to have no muscle so he leaned out for it

  6. Oh wow Ji Chang Wook! Based on his physique, he shouldn’t have any problem convincing the audience he is a soldier/mercenary/bodyguard.

  7. JCW has got some of the best legs in the business. He models spring/summer clothes so well because every part of his toned body is in perfect proportion and clothes look great on him! His agility is flawless too! Counting the days…

  8. not really a fan of boys with muscles but oh so oh em giee.. ji’s body so so so so hot but even without it he is still my number 1 korean actor idol. that killer smile and those lovely smiling eyes of him is just so heart melting but he isnt just that good looking guy but a very good actor yet do down to earth man. and its kindly very sad that he will leave for a while for his mandatory military service and i wonder how long it is 🙁 so sad.

    but i hope and pray for his safety and health <3

    But though his very busy schedule, please remind him to take good care

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