Teen Actress Jung Da Bin Shines From She Was Pretty to Prison Flower

Tucked away behind the Big Three of current K-ent growing up child actresses, namely Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Sae Ron, and Kim So Hyun, are many more talented and precocious young actresses with plenty of potential all their own. I’ve been keeping an eye on Jung Da Bin for various reasons, mainly because she’s a fantastic young actress with great natural restraint in her acting, and also because she shares the same name as the charming early Hallyu leading lady Jung Da Bin who passed too early for her time. Little Jung Da Bin went from child to teen actress in my eyes thanks to a holding down the fort turn in She Was Pretty, and last week started the MBC weekend sageuk Prison Flower off with a solid effort as the teen version of the female lead. I hope she’s not thrust too early into being a leading lady and can continue to hone her craft in meaty age appropriate roles, much like this stylish and pretty BNT pictorial.



Teen Actress Jung Da Bin Shines From She Was Pretty to Prison Flower — 14 Comments

  1. I really admired her in She Was Pretty. She’s lovely. Hope she does more works in the future and is recognized for her talents!

  2. I hadn’t realized I had seen her before in She Was Pretty. She was fine there, but I didn’t think her performance was very good in Flower in Prison. Maybe she’s better suited for modern dramas, idk.

  3. Well I guess it was bound to happen eventually

    I couldnt remember which character she played in SWP (or her age) looked at the shoot before reading and now feel totally guilty


  4. I really liked her in She was pretty and The Flower in Prison (but I stopped this drama, I can’t stand Jin Se Yun’s acting )

    • She is definitely an underrated actress. I hope she gets more opportunities to act like her peers in her age range. Yeah… I thought she was better than JSY too in Flower in Prison. I am still watching that drama but have no idea where the storyline is heading.

  5. I absolutely loved her as Eugene child in that 2004 drama and I loved her as Lee Young Ah child version character in Iljimae. She was so so so adorable ! While everyone was raving about KYJ and kept casting her everywhere -making her more and more popular- I was looking for Jung Da Bin and just kept my eyes on her. This girl is a good actress even when she was a toddler. Happy to see an article about her here not making her completely forgotten

  6. She’s great in Flower In Prison
    Beautiful +talented in acting
    Time passed so fast.she’s the cute and adorable Shinbi in Wonderful Life(Eugene and Kim Jae Won’s daughter in the drama)

  7. Aww I’ve been kind of following little Shinbi’s career. I don’t think she’s gotten meaty roles like the other big 3 actresses you mentioned. Hopefully she’ll have richer roles from now on. She’s so grown up now! Now she really can pass as Eugene’s daughter! haha

  8. Ive seen her in ugly alert and Discovery of Romance . Hopefully she gets age appropriate roles that will hone her talent in the future

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