Park Shin Hye is All Womanly Elegance for New Jewelry Spread in Elle Korea

I love Park Shin Hye so her just finished SBS drama Doctors is a net win for me. I stopped watching the drama two weeks ago because I was bored out of my mind with the story but the drama remains popular with viewers and recently broke 20% AGB nationwide and is the second prime time drama to do so in 2016 after Descendants of the Sun. I enjoyed Park Shin Hye’s acting but her character failed to resonate with me, and same goes for her chemistry with leading man Kim Rae Won which was all there but the romance underpinnings was not my cup of tea even aside from the discomfiting seeds planted during the teacher-student days. She lost weight for the role at the request of the production and the lithe leanness brings out her womanly elegance which is on display in the latest Elle Korea jewelry pictorial. I do miss her cheekier softness from the Pinocchio days, that remains my all-time fave character and performance from her.


Park Shin Hye is All Womanly Elegance for New Jewelry Spread in Elle Korea — 41 Comments

  1. something has change and that change isn’t doing her good. I do not have my own league of oppa I am not a hater just stating what I have watched recently.

  2. PSH is maturing beautifully. I loved her character in Doctors. Flawed but realistic. Can’t wait for her new film role too! Collaboration with the critically acclaimed CMS.

  3. Since you have not watched the end of the show, her weight and fuller cheeks came back at the last weeks of the drama. She will probably be slimming down again for her movie according to her role. It’s really exciting for her fans that PSH has proven that she can carry a show. That’s girl power and as I am assuming majority of readers of this blog are, be supportive. The photos are lovely and I see a mature lady…..but when she is dressed down, it’s the same natural beauty, nothing has changed! I always wonder why women are more critical of women while heaps of praise for men , just by reading comments.

  4. And congrats Shinhye for wrapping up a successful drama.
    Once again proving hater wrong again.
    Good luck with upcoming movies

  5. I also stopped watching because it not my type of genre; but the chemistry between them were hot. She has grown more pretty and I kinda like her slim cheeks. Makes her look more mature.

  6. So much news of Korean drama production team requesting their actors to lose weight lately. First I heard was Lee Jun Ki and now, I am surprised to learn that the same request was made to Park Shin Hye though I think she looks stunning in Doctors.
    This girl has midas touch and technically, she can do no wrong and her full cheeks indicate that she brings a lot of lucks to her leading men. LJK needs to work with her and they almost did until she turned down Joseon Gunman. Her pairing with KRW proves that she can work with much older male leads as well and in fact, I like her chemistry best with KRW.

    • She worked with JSW before and had great chemistry with him too…
      She has chemistry with everyone but I like the mature one… Which more depends on her roles

      • If you read Koala’s postings back in 2014, she was initially slated to play the female lead opposite LJK in Joseon Gunman. But PSH never done a KBS drama before and idk for whatever her reason was, she turned down the offer and it eventually went to Nam Sang Mi.

    • Requesting the actors to lose weight is dangerous for health. They have tons of fans who would do the same thing. In my country they request the same thing from models during fashion weeks ( Paris) and a few of them are starting campaigns in sns against unrealistic demands. When a lot people are dying from hungry all over the world. Shame on the producers ! Even with weight she is beautiful.

    • Gorgeous? Haha
      It’s their business if they are dating or not.
      If they are dating and don’t want to reveal it shouldn’t we respect their decision?

      • Apparently you woke up on the wrong side of bed, haven’t had coffee yet, having a bad day or just plain bitchy?
        And the fact that they’re both HUGE celebrity makes me want to know EVERYTHING about them. AND YESSS he is GORGEOUS!!

  7. true. when I saw her dark swan photos,I had to check again if it was her,cos she was so gorgeous. I wonder why she never take dramas that show her dressed like that.
    I too dropped Doctors after ep 6,just couldn’t continue. I’m never watching Ha Myung hee’s drama again. she does not know how to write a script at all.

  8. She can’t act to save her life am happy she is successful but she needs to step up her game real fast before the public gets to realise she is all smokes and mirrors.

    • lol she can’t act to save her life but over 20% of Korea was willing to watch her drama and has survived in this industry 13 years and is the top of her generation. When will your favorite?

      • She is Hye Jin the same and old troll we are used to see in every article about SH. Don’t worry about her she is unable to express herself without be rude. She should be really frustrated seeing someone she hates so much being so successful.

      • @EG Don’t mind about Hye Jin she is unable to state her opinion without be rude. Every single article she will show up to share her indelicacy.

    • @Hye Jin, I think she actually managed to settle into what I call a boring and superficial acting style (monotonous voice, fixed eye expression and a slight frown).
      I used to wait for her to improve, but I think I’ll just skip Park Shin Hye’s dramas in the future (in a drama I expect more emotions to come from the actresses, that is why I critisise them more than the actors).
      It’s good that Doctors is over, as I am now happily watching Moonlight.

      • I am happy that you will skip her dramas so we won’t see your boring comments again in her articles good job

      • Why should actresses have more emotions than actors? You just admit you are pickier on actresses? Typical fangirl I guess.
        And I see you in every PSH’s articles. Are you sure you don’t secretly love her?
        If I don’t like an actress I never care about her article or drama
        I’m sure Shinhye doesn’t mind you skipping on her. It’s not like you are paying for it

      • And everyone here know that Hyejin is an anti or troll but you agreed with her. Guess you are just like her too.

      • @EG,
        “Why should actresses have more emotions than actors?”
        Because drama roles usually require them (actresses) to be more emotional. And, actually, shouldn’t women be able to show more emotions than men? Doesn’t it bother you when the actor is showing more emotions than the actress (of course, if her role is not supposed to be stiff but, even then, the emotions should still be conveyed in a subtle way)?
        And, no, I don’t love her (I think it’s obvious). I only love Song Hye Kyo. I’m quite neutral to the rest of Korean actresses/actors and I just like or dislike them after seeing how they portray their characters in dramas.

        “If I don’t like an actress I never care about her article or drama.”
        But I like Korean dramas and she has recently acted in one. I couldn’t help it.

        Sorry for having to see my boring comment again. It’s not my fault, you know, I was summoned.

      • OMG, @Sganarel, you’re so on point.
        Hye Jin is annoying a lot of time. But she’s honest and I find her comment entertaining sometimes. LOL

  9. I dropped doctors after ep 8 it just pissed me off the kissing ? part.always a fan of hers because she is unique and unlike other. I really thought doctors would have had anorexia darker story than the usual

    • Doctors is a human drama and Hyejung’s growth to be a doctors. They said it from the beginning.Their 1st kiss was intentionally awkward since they just met again after 13 years and were teacher and student…
      Check out their other kisses on Youtube if you want.

  10. Shin Hye looks as gorgeous as ever! Really loved her look and her character in Doctors.
    Heirs had kind of turned me off all the stars in it so I’m glad to be loving her again. Now watching Pinocchio and loving it and her once more.

  11. For the few that have complaints about how she acts…..her face etc…. There are millions more fans who love her, more actors and actresses who are happy to be associated in her projects, directors who want her in their projects, product sponsors who are happy to use PSH as she is a sure bet to sell their products! I can’t name another actor or actress who have brought such tremendous positive influence to her former partners. For a fan, it’s nice to read how other actors really appreciated that they have worked with her. Haha! I compare her to a Michael Jordan who made those around him to shine, while some actors are like Kobe, he was good but I don’t think he’d made anyone shine around him.

  12. even if PSH is given a role like Priyanka Chopra aka Alex Parish or Jessica Jones people will still hate her. I don’t understand why she gets so much hate, her acting isn’t great,not that it terrible either. plus,I can’t open an article just to pour hate. if I don’t like it,I simply ignore it. simple as that.

  13. I think it is great that SH has so many fans. I won’t rain on your parade because you like her, and would hope you won’t rain on mine, because she isn’t my favorite actress. She appears to be smart and frugal though, I will give her that.

  14. I don’t think the producers made a bad decision in requesting her to lose some weight. I actually think it was a good call. Most of the characters played by Park Shin Hye were the sweet, naive ingenue types. And those work well with her big round eyes, plump lips and cheeks. In Doctors she played a total different character and it made sense that her physical appearance should as well. The sharpness of her jaw bring forth a sudden toughness that made her believably capable of being a badass bitch. It gave her the edge that is not always present on her usual sweetheart image. And she looked good!

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