Joo Won Flexes His Masculine Appeal for Fall GGIO Pictorial and Switches Military Enlistment Choice to Active Duty

Joo Won is certainly on the right side of Korean netizen opinion with his latest decision on his upcoming military service. He’s voluntarily forgoing assignment to the Police Promotional Unit and will enlist as an active duty soldier come next year. I don’t want to applaud Joo Won for his choice since he has a right to enlist in whatever division he’s allowed to, but I find his decision a super smart choice for his ongoing acting career since K-netizens are especially warm towards male stars who enlist in the active military units whether army, navy, air force, and especially the hardest marines. He’s headed into filming for the K-drama version of My Sassy Girl which will air in early 2017, which will see Joo Won is his first sageuk drama. Before he dons the period garb he’s giving fans a glimpse of his modern model physique in the latest fall fashion spread for menswear brand GGIO.


Joo Won Flexes His Masculine Appeal for Fall GGIO Pictorial and Switches Military Enlistment Choice to Active Duty — 23 Comments

  1. The shoot looks great and he seems to be in fine shape. Just not really sure about My Sassy Girl. He’s a really fine actor and no longer to see him wasted in not up to par remakes…There seems to be very few successful remakes in Kdrama land…

  2. Is it my pc or did Koala just have this gigantic Joo Won header?

    Did your anti-histamine work this well, Miss O.C. Koala?

    Remakes have a bad name now, all the best to Joo Won!

    • Are you stupid? Why would you immediately say such words? This is her blog and one can always have different opinions. Please don’t behave like an ignorant person.

    • hahaha…your comment reminds me of the actors Koala dislikes from get go: Joo Won, Ji Chang Wook, Ahn Jae Hyun, Song Hye Kyo, Park Min Yong,….and the list goes on. LOL

    • I think it’s something wrong with the site? sometimes, I also get this problem when opening Koala’s entries. Like, the first picture she posted became the header..a huge one.

  3. Still applaud his decision considering active duty has really tough military training, him unlike those who took advantage of public services and goofed around at entertainment bars during time off.

    • Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ah In and Lee Min Ho are all 87ers who’s supposed to enlist this year. I don’t know about the first two but LMH has some injury so I think he’ll not be going for active duty. Still, he’s been called a coward. Koreans take their military duties very seriously.

  4. So the military police is the easy route? Look who from Super Junior has joined the MPs. Max from TVXQ along with others have joined too. I don’t believe Yunho joined the MP group? Does the military give all their soldiers choices like they do these actors and singers? If not, that doesn’t seem fair at all. I can see why there would be some feelings of disappointment, in the easy ride decision. All soldiers should be equal. From what we have seen, these military police have a lot of freedom, way to much time on their hands, and lack of supervision.

  5. Good choice,i saw some celebrities was better and more mature aka handsome after become an active soldier such as kim jaejoong, yunho, lee seungi etc. Honestly south korean need prepare war with north korean no matter what

  6. After all, why would he choose Police unit as military duty ? Would he have some fake/ genuine reasons to back up in the first places? If no, an active duty is natural choice.

    Btw, is My sassy girl his ever first historical project? I personally don’t think he suits historical roles, but coming out of comfort zone is good, anw.

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