Lee Min Ho Enjoys His Coffee in New CF for Georgia Gotica

The summer 2016 big K-drama vehicles have all aired or are airing, and with the transition from muggy to crisp weather comes the anticipation for the fall dramas. None will be as highly chronicled as Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun‘s mermaid fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea, which has him playing both sageuk and modern roles while she’s an immortal mermaid. It’s basically reverse of You From Another Star where this time she gets to be the one who doesn’t age and he’s the reincarnated love. While Jeon Ji Hyun worked twice with her YFAS costar Kim Soo Hyun already, this will be the first match up with Hallyu super star Lee Min Ho, and I for one am chomping at the bit to see how they look smushed together. Please let it be chemistry overload, drama gods! Drama filming has started already and as a teaser have the newest coffee CF stills featuring Min Ho-shhi as a tasty infusion of caffeinated goodness.


Lee Min Ho Enjoys His Coffee in New CF for Georgia Gotica — 16 Comments

  1. When this drama will air, I’m sure people will compare LMH with KSH again and say who acts better and has better chemistry with JJH. But this drama still is not guaranteed to be successful like MLFTS or Dots. Because we have some failure examples in this year like moon lovers and UF.

    • I seriously feel that failure of those dramas mostly contributed by the blind hatred. Not to say the drama not having their very own flaws, but the hatred are just too overwhelming that it eventually outweighed the good things about a drama.

      • What is this blind hatred you are talking about?

        Who or what did Korean viewers hate that brought failure upon Moon Lovers and UF?

      • Please don’t get too quickly work up over my comment about the blind hatred. What I am referring to is that while some negative comments are with basis, but quite a lot are too extreme and this normally applicable to the actors (in this case are Suzy and IU). Sure those two are not HJW, but they, like Koala said taking baby steps in term of the improvement to their acting. But they suffered too harsh a backlash mainly stemming from hatred that most feel their performance are unwatchable. Like I said, not that those drama are without their own glaring flaws but they are neither too bad to failed so miserably.

      • Both UF and ML were promoted big time by their respective airing stations as some mega hit. The higher the promotion the bigger the fail. You really can’t compare proper actresses to idols. Even a little change in their facial features and fans says their acting is acceptable. Please, to be a proper actress needs better emoting then that!

  2. But IMO, LMH is LMH. He has a very stable star-power and could get out of bad drama (not that I am referring to this upcoming drama) smelling like roses.

  3. Yep Lee Min Ho is Lee Min Ho! In Every Drama or movie I have seen him he is GREAT he has something that cannot be compared to anybody.. I don’t know why there is always comparison when there shouldn’t be every person is different and it is logical their acting is different as well to me LMH’s acting is JUST AMAZING

  4. As a Lee Min Ho fan, Im more nervous than excited for Legend of the Blue Sea. Im aware of his acting controversy and his co-star is fucking Jun Ji Hyun! It means, if the drama failed, its LMH’s fault. If its a hit, the credit is on JJH. So please Legend of the Blue Sea, hit daebak!!!!

    • He never had any controvers and btw his the most loved for what he do. Lee Min Ho is a very very loved actor. thats a fact. On the contrary Lee Min Ho has just been slaying non-stop. that is just his biography

  5. Lets hope this is one of the projects where he actually plays a character with depth cuz i did not care for his projects after city hunter.

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