Ji Chang Wook Broods Beautifully in September Issue of Bazaar Korea

I think the timing is ideal for Ji Chang Wook to come back with his first K-drama since Healer, which wasn’t a ratings win but a performance and buzz win for him. He’s going back to the same playbook for Healer as his next drama, the tvN political thriller The K2, will also have him unleashing physical prowess onscreen playing a soldier turned mercenary bodyguard. The BTS stills of Ji Chang Wook practicing for his The K2 role show off his impressive muscles, while in the upcoming issue of Bazaar Korea he’s all covered up and in such spectacularly dull outfits. It’s a testament to Ji Chang Wook that he pulls it off so I’m only admiring his manly aura rather than the unfortunate fashion fails. I’m super looking forward to his return as K2 (the code name for his character), and hopefully it’s different enough to not bring back too many comparisons to his being Healer.


Ji Chang Wook Broods Beautifully in September Issue of Bazaar Korea — 20 Comments

  1. koala can you make a review on their latest teasers? which was so intene from the three lead , i really enjoy your review on dramas a lot , coz they are always objective

  2. JCW looks different than his Smile Donghae days. I loved him in Healer so I watched some of Smile Donghae, and he looks different. I think he had his nose bridge made higher.

    • OMG! You may be right!

      I was just going to dismiss your comment. Then I went to check out his pictures, it does seem he did something to his nose. It’s done very well though. The bridge is just a little higher but the more obvious part is the sharper nose tip.

      • No he hasn’t had anything done. He aged and lost the baby fat and it’s the makeup. If you watch Whirlwind girl 2- chinese drama, his nose bridge looks lower and in many scenes wider, except the 1st few episodes in the beginning and also at the end – where he lost weight to get those abs.

      • Agreed, it’s done very well and is pretty subtle. And he looked very handsome before too, it’s just something I noticed.

    • I’m not sure if he’s done any PS or not. Take myself for example, my close friends of different life stages couldn’t really recognize me by looking at my pictures from another stage. I had a lot of baby fat on my face but my facial features looked way sharper at college when I lost a lot of weight. When I put on makeup, the stark contract is even more apparent, including how my eyes and nose look.

      • Totally agree. When I lose weight and use makeup, my eyes look bigger and my nose higher. Unfortunately I gained like 20 lbs since college, now everything looks rounded.

  3. Something about JCW changed ever since he did Empress Ki. He’s so much more hotter, manlier and just overall gorgeous now. *Drools*

  4. What ever surgery he may have done, he’s always been handsome, and still looks very natural. Some actors and actresses become very unnatural looking after plastic surgery.

  5. I think it had to do with camera angles.in some parts of empress ki and healer,his nose bridge looked sharper,in some parts,it looked a bit flat.
    His nose looks different in some pictures taken in the same period.like I said,it may be camera angles.
    sharp nose or not,he’s still one of the handsome Korean actors.

  6. I don’t get all these PS suspicion. Am I too near sighted or ppl suspicious of him getting his nose done were looking through magnifying surgical loupes. LMAO…I just looked it up on a website claiming JCW’s before- and after-PS differences. I tried to rotate his before and after pics clockwise and counterclockwise. (See how serious I am to find a clue. LOL) Honestly, I couldn’t tell any difference in his nose bridge. It’s very similar to how my nose, eyes, and jawline looked so different 10 years ago from now. Hahahahaha….unless he comes out like Kpop idol ZE:A Kwanghee who have publicly admitted to PS, it’s gonna be you believe but I don’t rumor. LOL..

  7. When is JCW going into the service? Will he be in the military police? I hope not…those boys have way to much free time on their hands.

  8. When is JCW going into the service? Will he be in the military police? I hope not…those boys have way to much free time on their hands. Or so it seems.

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