K-stars Attend Seoul Premiere of Hollywood Movie The Magnificent Seven Costarring Lee Byung Hun

The summer blockbuster movie season has wrapped and Korean entertainment found worldwide glory with the hit zombie on trains thriller Train to Busan. Starting off the fall season an old school Western movie The Magnificent Seven which had an early one week premiere in Korea thanks to having Korean movie actor Lee Byung Hun in the cast. The movie brought out famous K-star faces including K-actress Lee Min Jung to cheer on her hubby.

While his career has rebounded since the scandal two years ago, her career unfortunately has taken a downward trend since then, which also included her time off after having a baby. Maybe her fashion sense also went because her outfit is so hideous at the premiere, while Sooyoung is so electric pink it looked like her sweater was photoshopped on the color. Nice to see Kim Woo Bin and Jin Goo out and about, with the former just done with a K-drama and the latter just signing on to star in one.


K-stars Attend Seoul Premiere of Hollywood Movie The Magnificent Seven Costarring Lee Byung Hun — 18 Comments

  1. His career will always rebound because he’s a good actor despite being a slimy guy.

    Despite her dramas not doing well, I’ve liked her last two for the most part. Maybe she should move on to weekend dramas.

      • I love her in Smile you. She is so cute and adorable in the drama. She may not be a great actress but she is fun to watch. I do enjoy her production. Wish she is cut more slacks.

      • I loved Smile You!! She and Jung Kyung Ho were so cute in that drama. I really don’t understand why she gets so much criticism for her acting. She’s not amazing but she’s definitely not horrible like some people make her out to be. I enjoy watching her dramas.

  2. I honestly think that because he was forgiven so easily that he will probably do it again. She should have left him begging and crawling to her and let him suffer a bit. I just can t think she is happy anymore after that national disgrace. Either she really loves him or that is just a business relationship.

    • for the sake of her child… i guess… don’t think he is a nice person from what i have read… she does not look happy, or maybe just the photos…

  3. They all look like Walmart models. LOL

    I’ve never got the point why LBH is so popular. His dramas or movies, including his collab with tacky cheap Hollywood productions, have never been appealing to me.

  4. LBH is not worry about his carrier despite his scandal in Korea. If Korea is not using him Hollywood will…such a waste of talent if you let him not being in front of camera for action because of his personal issues.

    • Finally! A rational comment about LBH’s artistic value. Who cares about his private life? Fortunately film buffs don’t share the ignorant teenagers’ feelings. The man is a real talent right from the start. It’s obvious when he was in his twenties and it’s obvious right now in his forties. The problem with Hollywood is the lack of non-action roles, especially for foreigners. I wish he could do another K-film like I Saw The Devil or A Bittersweet Life

    • I couldn’t agree more. Though I’d never define his “scandals” as personal issues. Where I come from “personal issue” is drug abuse, alhoolism, depression and stuff like that. Comments as the above never cease to amaze me. Everyone is Korean here? Everyone is ultraconservative? Cause to me the “issue” is that someone like his wife cannot divorce a man who’s cheated on her or that a quality actor is forced to marry from a pool of insignificant but specific starlets. I really don’t get the Korean star system. Yeah, anywhere else in the world LBH would have gotten married (or not) a couple of times already and nobody would care.

      • I had to agree with you…hahaha…do we really need to care about his personal life?…to hell with that, as long as there are good film and movies…sins will be paid, today, tomorrow or in the future, and we are no god…

  5. I love all of his movies and appreciate the fact LBH continues to get work in Hollywood films as well. Good for him. He flirted with some younger women. So what. As far as I know he never actually did anything with anyone. Is that correct? Love LMH and if she is happy then I’m happy for her and her family. She is so beautiful.

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