MBC Courts Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won, and UEE for Upcoming Mon-Tues Drama Night Light

MBC is going dark when it comes to prepping for its late fall/early winter drama of the season. The network has slated Night Light for the Mon-Tues slot come November following Woman with a Suitcase. The title of Night Light has nothing to do with either insomnia or warding off ghosts, it’s instead symbolizing the lengths by which people seek power and ambition. Up for the three leads are Jin Goo, picking this as his comeback drama after hitting a new recognition level with Descendants of the Sun, and his two leads is likely going to be Lee Yo Won and UEE. Writing the drama will be the screenwriter of Last, Temptation, and Time Between Dog and Wolf, while directing will be the PD of My Spring Days and Missing You. UEE is one of those hardworking actresses who does at least two dramas a year and has Marriage Contract under her belt for 2015, and in this case both Jin Goo and Lee Yo Won are also relatively fresh off a drama run. It’ll be interesting to learn more about the story synopsis as to what everyone in the drama is clamoring for in that Night Light.


MBC Courts Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won, and UEE for Upcoming Mon-Tues Drama Night Light — 10 Comments

  1. The cast looks fabulous; it’s overflowed with talent and looks. The writer, however is a completely different story. He’s capable of both a masterpiece like TBDW and a TV junk like Temptation. I don’t want to flip a coin with these actors though. I just want another Last on a mainstream channel this time round.

    • I’m genuinely curious as to why Temptation was so unpopular. You’re certainly not the first person to have expressed frustration with Temptation, but I really really liked it (actually it kind of reminds me of the American version of the Good Wife). I haven’t seen TBDW, but this drama was on my radar because of Temptation.

      For those who also hated Temptation, I’d love to hear your comments. At the time of airing, I couldn’t find a lot of people who watched it so there wasn’t anyone to discuss it with. Thanks guys!

      • Temptation was an interesting drama but what it espoused was not acceptable to quite a lot of people and brings out their insecurities and negative emotions. Just see to soompi thread for the drama at that time and look at the irrationality of the comments, thus was hated. However, if you look at it objectively, the actions of all the characters were actually logical and organic and should be no surprise.

      • I disagree with @stanton. It’s true, Temptation worked a bit like a projection for lots of female viewers. This odd situation happens all the time in k-dramaland. I can’t fully understand the reason – other than the large majority of kdramas is women – but anyway… I have the ability to cope with unreasonable. Still, the characters in that drama made zero sense, either their motivations nor their actions. From some point on, the writer gave up on his own project -despite the fact that his cast wanted to act and despite everyone’s artistic limitations-, stuffed his small audience with more “Stairway to Heaven” scenes, took his money and went home. His compromise to the TV station and/or the actors was almost unprofessional and certainly, unforgiven.

      • For me it was a combo of bad acting, bad directing/editing and the writer chickening out from what he set out to do. It was supposed to be this intense, indecent proposal-style story but then they wanted to have their cake and eat it and portrayed the ~dangerous romance as an innocent, cutesy first love kdrama-style loveline that to me just looked ridiculous. The cherry on the top is that there were no consequences basically, the female lead’s family never even found out imo because the writer didn’t dare to go there and have that confrontation, and the male lead came out of it unscathed (like why only the fem lead gets cancer? as if cancer-as-punishment isn’t eyeroll-worthy enough)

  2. I really want to watch Jin Goo’s comeback drama. But I’m not a fan of either the writer nor the PD. May check the first episode. Wish Jin Goo a success!

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