Korean Beauty Brands Pick Top CF Models for Summer 2016 with Han Hyo Joo, Gong Hyo Jin, and Park Shin Hye


The top summer K-drama CF beauties ranking is out, courtesy of a poll done of the top 36 beauty and skin care manufacturers in South Korea. The various brands were polled on their top CF model to rep their product and the ranking shows how impactful being on prime time television can be. The actress with the most points averaging all the categories was Han Hyo Joo who just wrapped up W: Two Worlds, followed by Gong Hyo Jin who is in the still airing drama Incarnation of Jealousy, and rounding out the top three is Park Shin Hye with her top ranked Mon-Tues drama Doctors. All three ladies are visually flawlessly in their own unique ways, making this list feel diverse rather than three very similar in age and aura actresses. I loved their glowing skin and perfect makeup in their respective dramas so if beauty CFs capitalize right now it’ll be a good investment to pay their CF fees.


Korean Beauty Brands Pick Top CF Models for Summer 2016 with Han Hyo Joo, Gong Hyo Jin, and Park Shin Hye — 15 Comments

  1. I don’t have a clue what’s the point of doing a survey on monthly basis. This poll was done for period of August 15 till September 16, i don’t understand how is this time period more relevant than rest of the year? If they did this same survey for period from, i don’t know ,May 15 till June 16, the list would look completely different. I am sure next few months when JJH and Yoona dramas come out they would be on top of this list.
    They should do this survey on yearly basis for more accurate results.

  2. Han Hyo Joo bae, I’m so glad for her. She was at the top and she didn’t deserve the treatement she got for something she had no hands in and then seeing her years of effort scrumbles down. I hope she picks a good project next as well.

  3. This is for September which Doctors finished airing already.
    This is like the Cf ranking in previous months but this time only ladies… doesn’t mean anything besides their dramas are airing and doing well.

    There is no voting here. Why does Koala keep giving wrong information?

    • This is really disrespectful, if I were the author, I’d block you and delete your disrespectful comment. You can try and correct without degrading the writer. That’s what mature people do.

  4. Nothing against them but I am wondering, are these actresses really that gorgeous or the make up do the wonders? I mean, even with close-up shots, I could hardly see their pore-holes and wrinkles.

    • What makes you assume that? If you checked on the comment section of previous articles, I have always mentioned that Han Hyo Joo is my favourite actress. I love her since Dong Yi. Just because I am wondering whether their skin is really that glowingly good or their make-up skill is really superb, so you came all the way and made the assumption that I am bitter about it? You are so shallow to think that every single statement is an attack when in fact, there is nothing malicious about just simply asking.

  5. It is not a poll, it is a calculation based on sns, forum, various news portals and hence it is why the top few ladies are likely to be from the current list of dramas.

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