Yoon Eun Hye Confirms Return to K-ent Acting in Early 2017 with Drama or Movie


This will be great news to Korean fans of actress Yoon Eun Hye who have been waiting for her to resume K-ent activities for the past three years. Ever since Marry Him if You Dare aired in late 2013, Yoon Eun Hye hasn’t done a single Korean movie or drama, not counting her cameo role in Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo‘s movie Chronicle of a Blood Merchant. Her Korean-Chinese jointly produced movie After Love with Park Shi Hoo still hasn’t aired or even gotten an airing date as well. She’s been active in Chinese entertainment the last two years, doing variety show Muse Dress 2 last summer and appearing on various promotional events and CF campaigns.

The Korean drought is about to end as her agency released a statement this week that Yoon Eun Hye is confirmed to return to Korean activities at the beginning of 2017, whether through a drama or movie, and she will begin evaluating offers and picking her first Korean acting project in three years. Until then she will continue her events in China and last week she was in Beijing to ink a deal with Chinese beauty brand Mageline to be their Asian spokesperson. I hope she picks a K-drama as her first return project and that the drama turns out to be a well-written thoughtful piece that will remind the Korean audiences of what a talent she is.


Yoon Eun Hye Confirms Return to K-ent Acting in Early 2017 with Drama or Movie — 124 Comments

  1. She hasn’t had a hit since 2007’s “Coffee Prince”. Her career desperately needs it.

    “I Miss You” was mostly a hit for Yoo Seung Ho and the child actors.

    I want her to impress me with her next project.

    • Missing You also did good for her as it proved her acting is solid and she was a hit in China that time. It was her name in Chinese search or trend indexes that was so high up. Also her fashion got so much buzz there. English community just wasn’t aware of how Missing You did well in China, just like her other dramas, My Fair Lady and Lie To Me.

      If you mean hit drama both in buzz and the quality of drama itself, then maybe you’re right that CP was her last hit.

      Thank you, please look forward to her next work.

    • I like YEH’s acting, she is able for acting any characters,such as her dramas goong, coffee prince, take care of our agasshi, lie to me, missing you. And I think MHIYD was so good also.u can see all her kdramas so different characters.

    • She’s one of the few K-Actresses who can pull a drama and comedy at the same time. Just want her to broaden her choice of drama, havent seen her in legit sageuk (goong is a modern sageuk) anyhoo wish her the best, ill be waiting for her next project!

  2. Great news ! Hope for a good script and a veteran actor who can backup her. When a drama fails she’s always the one to be blamed. I know that she has a lot of antis but i love her . When others have great or popular co-stars she works with less prestigious people. Once she said that she would like to work with these people too but as a free agent it’s not easy. Liberty has a price!!!

    • “When others have great or popular co-star she work with less prestigious people”

      Yup, so true lol. But I won’t called her previous co-star as “less prestigious” but instead “less popular” than her mostly. I think the only co-star which has the same popularity or I dare say more popular than her is Yoochun in “Missing You”.
      Not like most of other Korean actresses, since the beginning YEH has had to rely on her name alone when starring in a drama (except in Goong) since she’s always paired with less popular/famous co-star. So I hope this time she will paired with good actor (a veteran is better). And please please no idol-actor, the previous one give her fans some nightmare (because of his rabid fans)

      • Would you really categorize Gong Yoo and Kang Ji Hwan less popular than she at the time of the shooting of their respective dramas with her?

      • LOL…so Gong Yoo wasn’t as popular as her back in Coffee Prince? Also, Goong is like her first breakout role so I would say that she was in equal footing with her co-stars when it started.

      • @KS @Mikgoo, before doing CP YEH is already a hallyu star because of her very first drama “Goong”. So yes, she’s more popular than GY back then. Korean news were reporting more about her compared to GY.

        When she’s doing LTM she’s still enjoying her popularity of her phenomenal acting at CP. So yes again she’s more popular than KJH. Moreover thanks to her, KJH’s ban to be appeared on screen could be lifted (KJH has had scandal back then). I’ve been following YEH for years so I know about these cases

      • Right Lal. Sorry for my choice of words but i’m not yet confortable with English. I wish that someone could understand french in this blog that i read since years… Thanks Miss Koala.

      • @Snagarel I agree with you. Making comparison especially about celebs’s popularity will going nowhere.

        But regarding YEH pairing with LDG it isn’t true. The reason behind YEH’s pairing with LDG & JYH was because both actor & idol-actor are from FNC ent. And that agencies IS the company who funded the drama.
        I wasn’t really sure the real reason why YEH took this drama (cause I believe she must got anothers offers coming from succesfull project which is “Missing You”) but I heard both the PD & the scriptwriter were begging her to star in this production. And coincidentally both are women. So IMO this reason more or less has influenced her decision making.

        But I think you must know how this drama’s ended. I heard they given the “open ending” because JYH’s fans gave strong opposition if the female lead did ended with LDG’s character. They wanted YEH’s character ended with JYH’s character. It messed up everything

        That’s why I hope YEH won’t be paired with idol-actor next time

    • Totally agree with you. Been waiting for her to be paired with Hyun Bin , Eric, Lee Dong Wook, Wonbin, Lee Min Ho (her chemistry with him for her cameo in Personal Taste was superb) Song Jong Ki (though he did a cameo in My Fair Lady but the scene wasnt enough) also another project with Gong Yoo. Please dramagods.

      • To @ Sganarel, I’m sincere when i say that i love our discussions. You’re kind to reply when my English is so average. Thanks for that. I respect and like SHk because she is part of these actresses who take meatier roles. is not easy when a great part of roles are male centric. Above all, i enjoy watching a lot of different dramas .

    • No, at that time Gong yoo was less popular( Lee Dong Gun was at his peak). he only was in average dramas and YEH had Goong Under her belt. Not forget she was part of Baby Vox who was more popular in Asia than FINKL OR SES who where more popular in Skorea. She was known in japan, Thailand , China, South America. Ju JI Hoon was only a model. So for me She is a selfmade WOMAN.So even antis can deny that. She didn’t have the easiest path.

    • I wouldn’t classify KJH and JYH as less prestigious or less popular than YEH back when she was acting with them. Reading your comment makes ppl think your comment is true but it’s far from the truth.

      • Back when she was acting with them Song hye kyo was acting with Hyun Bin in 2008 and Jo In Sung in 2013. Yoon Eun hye With Yoon sang Hyun in 2009 and Lee dong gun in 2013. Park Shin Hye with Jang geun Suk in 2009 and Lee Min Ho in 2013. Do you understand my meaning now ? She allways stand alone . In 2013 it was Lee min ho and Park shin Hye drama, Song hye kyo and Jo in sung drama but Yoon eun Hye drama.

      • @Abc I think you have no idea how popular YEH was at that time (post CP). She been included in several lists of survey such as list of the most powerful and influential people in the Korean entertainment industry top 100 (2008), and she’s ranked 44 above vet actors Ko Hyun Jung, Jang Dong Gun, Ha Jung Wo & Jun Ji Hyun. Even above popular singer Lee Hyori & BOA. She also joined 20 million club which included Bae Yong Jun, Kwon Sang Woo, Ko Hyun Jung & Song Il Kook because she’s paid 20 million won per episode for CP. KJH’s achievement was no where near hers.

        As for JYH, he’s a popular singer but not that popular as an actor. Yoochun is more popular than him in acting field.

      • And i think that she’s still more popular. Not long ago she was in the top 10 korean actresses better known in China. In 2013 she won the award of best korean actress in Japan above Choi ji Woo, Park shin Hye, Han ji min, Song hye kyo,…. When you know that she doesn’t work in great productions! She’s a great woman !

      • @cahill
        Yoon Eun Hye may be a great woman, but (in terms of popularity) comparing her with Song Hye Kyo and Park Shin Hye, doesn’t make her look popular at all, but, on the contrary quite insignificant. And there is a reason why some actresses act with popular actors and why some don’t (those actresses were already at almost if not the same level of popularity – and by that I mean a stable level of popularity). I wish you stopped making all these comparisons.
        I mean no offence.

      • @Sganarel. No offence. It’s not compararison. I don’t know if she’s popular in asia but i’m european and here she is the equal of PSH. In my post , i was refering to the past and in 2013 Shk didn’t have a success since “Full House”(2004) his drama with Hyun Bin was a flop but she worked with JIS . So for me your comment doesn’t make sense. Once again no offence.

      • @cahill
        Yes, her drama with Hyun Bin was a flop but she still remained very popular thanks to her three older dramas which passed 40% in ratings, and her comeback in 2013 was very much expected (that drama that flopped didn’t really have a bad influence on her popularity). That Winter… was Jo In Sung’s first drama after the army (his last one was back in 2005), so their level of popularity was actually the same. On the other hand, Yoon Eun Hye’s popularity reached a peak and then started gradually to decrease. So actually my comment makes sense. And, by the way, I’m also European and I found out about South Korean dramas thanks to “Full House” (so everybody around me knows about SHK). No offence, peace and I wish all the best to Yoon Eun Hye!

      • @Sganarel ( DOM JUAN MOLIERE ?) it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with someone like you. I discovered kdramas when i was recovering from illness in 2006 and the first ones were “Full House” “Goong” and “My girl” . So i have a soft spot for all the actors of thรจses dramas. I’ve never said that SHK wasn’t popular but if you know DRAMAFEVER and DRAMAPassion you must agree that YEH is very popular. Even ” LIE TO ME ” has a fanbase. And by the way I have the dvd boxset of “Worlds within” and “Full house” . I wouldn’t spend money in something i don’t like !!!

      • @Snagarel @cahill I think majority of YEH’s fan won’t care much about who’s more popular than who, they’re just happy that their idol will act again. And more happier that she will act in not jus a drama but movie too and also variety show.
        Before, some of them even afraid YEH won’t take any acting project again after the controversy.

        @Snagarel, I actually admired SHK, because like YEH, she’s supporting the idea of actresses getting more meatier role or the main focus of the plot. As you know it’s so hard to find that thesedays with all those male-centric dramas/movies

      • @Snagarel @cahill. I mentioned YEH’s popularity in my previous comments just to give explanation about YEH’s popularity and status at Korean ent. Since some of people (mostly newcomers in K drama world) misunderstood her. And some even called her nugu just because she haven’t acted for 3 years.

      • To Lal, Please don’t misenderstand me. I was just giving some facts . I don’t want Yeh to be treated as she is a nobody in acting field. As a long time fan , i don’t mind about pouplarity neither. All i want is to see her acting. Some are implying that she isn’t enough “popular” to work with some actors and it infuriates me. That’s all.

      • @cahill

        Sorry for replying so late.
        Right, Sganarel comes from the character Sganarelle created by Moliere. I don’t know much French so I read the translated version of his plays. ๐Ÿ™‚

        And I agree, Yoon Eun Hye is very popular and I hope she’ll have a successful return (and when I said that her popularity decreased, I meant that it did in South Korea, which was a reason – in my opinion – why she had Lee Dong Gun as a costar in 2013).

        And, actually, popularity doesn’t mean very much to me either (@Lal), but I started to make comments here since a favourite argument against SHK is that she’s only popular because of her costars and I wanted to prevent that. I just didn’t what YEH and SHK to be compared, since comparison mostly leads to disagreements.

      • @cahill I feel you, really. Because as long time fans we follow her career and we know the ups and downs of it. So your reaction isn’t surprised me. But the comparison usually leads to heated debate so I think we (you & I) should minimalized it in the future ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • PSH also came from a very small agency. She is their main bread and butter too. With YEH’s past popularity, it’d not be a problem but it’s probably because of the roles/drama she picked were more female centric (Goong, CH, MFL, etc…)
      No big popular male star wants to be her or anyone’s support role right? Can you imagine SJK or LMH being her support like JYH or YSH? LMAO

      While PSH’s role were more less just a love interest for most of her dramas until Doctors- where she was the front and center role. And we can see KRW’s popularity was below Shinhye but he is a good actor so it all turned out well.

      I just say it’s not because she owns her agency that she can’t work with bigger stars…

      • To @Sganarel and others. I’m just happy with the return of my favorite korean actress . And like the fans of others actresses , i just want the best for Yoon Eun Hye. And if i have offended someone with my comments, i’m sincerely sorry. Everyone has the right to support who they want. Peace!

      • @Gathy, not all of YEH dramas or movies are female-centric. If you pay attention, Missing You is about Yoochun character, but she had a meaty role there as a sexual abuse victim. After Love (with PSH) is more about male lead character, since the story is being told from his point og view.

        YEH picked a project not because she always wants to be the main focus but because she likes the plot and how it moved her (she mentioned it in one of her interview). And I think she doesn’t really care of who her co-star will be as long as he’s a good actor. If that’s the case she must not want to be paired with PSH because of his scandal. And regardless his scandal PSH is actually a good actor.

        So IMO it’s not because she’s owned her agency or that she came from a small agency.

      • @Gathy, I re-read your comment and I’m sorry to misunderstand you. Yes I agree that the choice of her previous co-star is not because of that she came from small agency but because, like I said previously, she doesn’t really care if he’s popular or not as long as he’s a good actor. And having already tasting big popularity on her career before I think her main focus now is to pick a good project with a good plot.

    • Eric is kinda trend now. I hope they will meet up in cable channel. Imagine their chemistry will be exploded.

      I’m so happy she will back. I was waiting for her so many years already. Eun Hye yah…welcome back, sweety:)

      Anything with her I will watch for sure. Varity show, movie, drama, etc………..I will watch for her.

      • Hemmm… Eric’s acting is not that great, imho. His expression was so flat in Another Oh Hae Young… but I have to admit that his chemistry with the female actresses was explosive…

      • Why not? Lee Jun Ki is too beautiful and even if i’am a big fan of Yoon Enu Hye i must admit she isn’t a classical beauty but she’s is certainly the epitome of feminity. They would have a good balance . And i find that these two have an intense gaze. It would be Daebak.

      • No offense to YEH, but she is one of the few actress who can kiss and I mean a steamy open-mouth kiss. My fangirl heart could not take picturing him doing such intense kiss LOL.

      • @Nifty you’re so cute! hahaha doesnt want your bias to be paired with YEH because of her kissing ability hahahahaha. Kyeopta chingu!

      • I have to reply. I am the opposite, I want her with LJK because she CAN kiss unlike so many others out there. I think they would be a good match.

      • I really wish that my baby Joon Gi pair with Eun Hye in a romance drama. They will be a great couple! I swear they are a good match.

  3. That’s a good news to hear!… I want Yoon Eun Hye to be paired with;
    1.choice – is ERIC MUN the best in a Romcom drama they have a good
    chemistry,since X-man show unfinished love story…
    2.choice – So Ji Sub
    3.Choice – Hyun Bin
    4.Choice – Lee Dong Wook
    5.choice – Joo Won

    Hopefully she will choose a good story not a boring one!. Looking
    forward to it!… Fighting!

  4. The original (Korean) article said that it’s possible she will take not just drama but movie too as her next projects. She’s also open to the possibility of guesting on variety shows. It seems she will going all-out next year to cover for her “inactive years” at acting field.

  5. Good luck to her, I always considered her good at emoting (YEH does beautifully at crying scenes). Hope she picks a decent project and shows her skills, though at this point it’s inevitable she will get hate when she returns to Korean activities.

  6. I like her with KJH in Lie To Me. But no… Not with Lee Jun Ki. Her kissing scene is one of the hottest and I am not ready for LJK doing a steamy, open-mouth passionate kiss. I prefer seeing my LJK and his chaste kisses. So please Drama god, make it happen with Eric.

      • Can you not settle for Eric or KRW? Those two are great kissers and they can kiss a crap lot, I don’t mind. I can’t afford watching a LJK drama and cry because he goes “french” with his leading lady. I am an old soul. Haha.

      • Ok alexa , i will keep it i my dreams. But i understand. Off of topic, he is so hot in Moon lovers. And just thinking of his intense gaze…Great actor who is underated.

      • Sorry, am just not ready yet to give away my oppa (can I call him oppa when he is only 4 months older than me?) cause gosh, her kisses were always hot. I shipped her badly with KJH because of the sizzling hot chemistry in LTM. Who could ever forget that LTM finale kiss, or more of an almost full make-out session. And yeah….LJK is great and freaking hot in Moon Lovers. I say that Wang So is his best performance so far, tugging at your heartstrings even with one eye covered. It’s a shame the drama tanked cause he is really good in ML.

      • @Cahill LOL. You never give up, don’t you? May be I have the impression that (apologized for this but no ill-intention here, ya?) HJM is not so pretty, contrary to YEH whom is beautiful. But still, YEH’s kisses scared me. For someone like LJK whom so used to of chaste kisses, I am worried he would be swayed away by her superb kissing ability. She is the female version of Eric, the “Mistress of Kissing”. Still, I believe LJK and YEH will make a visually stunning pair.

    • It will be too bad if a good actor can’t be paired with YEH just because of her “kissing” skill lol. I think the kissing part could be “adjusted” if it needed. Remember, YEH’s having minimal kissing scene on MHIYD. She just had only one kissing scene with LDG & not even once with JHW. I don’t see why YEH can’t be paired with LJK in the future especially since I consider him as a good actor (I’m impressed with his acting skill in “Scarlet Heart Ryeo” despite the low rating)

      • @Lal It’s no issue actually. Who am I to dictate whom he should be or should not be paired up with, right? Other than this fangirl cannot afford to have her heart broken LOL. Both him and YEH will make a great pair – visually good looking and top-notch acting skill. Not ruling out the possibility but please, dear god please, grant me a composure to brave the heat possibly witnessing a steamy red hot kiss. Yes, he is fantastic in Moon Lovers and let’s not mention he is getting hotter as he gets older. BTW and off the topic, his dream co-star is Han Ji Min.

      • @Alexa, that’s OK. I won’t blamed you since he’s your bias. But I hope someday they will be paired in a project. If it’s not a drama a movie will be good too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • @alexa if he wants to work with Han Ji Min, wouldn’t be YEH a safer choice ? HJM always steal the heart of his co-stars.( Hyun Bin, So Ji Sub, Park Yoo Chun…) Han ji Min is close to his partners. YEH is said to be very kind but very shy with them.

  7. She should try to pair with new partner/male lead

    1.Kim Rae Won
    2.Kim Soo Huyn
    3.Ji Chang Wook
    4.Joo Won
    5.Jo In Sung
    6.Kang Ha Neul (Moon Lovers)

  8. Wow..that’s nice and good news to her fans. It would be a shame to K ent if she just stopped getting involved in K showbiz. I definitely will check in her new drama.

  9. I would definitely love to see her pair with Song Joong Ki. Is she a noona? Doesn’t matter anyway. SJK ALWAYS had great chemistry with her costars, younger or older. Most importantly, YEH’s and SJK’s acting talents and skills are on the same level. Therefore the only things remain to worry about risk factors for drama success will be lying on PD only since SJK is known for being very smart at picking good screenplays and writers.

    • SJK is good too. But I’m more worried about his baby face if he’s gonna be paired with YEH. Still remember their scene on My Fair Lady (YEH’s drama). Despite it’s so short their chemistry looked promising ๐Ÿ™‚

    • YEH can have chemistry even with a log. She’s that good. Even with YSH in Missing You i hope that they will have separate drama or movie together. Koala really made my day with this news. I really want to see her with Gong Yoo again. And want them to fall in love in real life. Their chemistry makes you want to fall in love that instant. I’ll be the happiest person if that really happened.

      • I agree with you about YEH having chemistry with just about anyone (whether younger or older than her) and I too want her to reunite and co-star again with GY (he’s on top my list of 10 very handsome and talented K-Actors she should work with next on her comeback K-Drama or movie next year)!

  10. I have beeen missing Yoon Eun Hye and every news, small or big, I don’t let it pass especially in twitter. I really want to see her again in SK drama and hopefully with So Ji Sub, not with idol, please. I want to see her in a not so comedy, but more of drama.

    • A lot of Young actors are really good. But i think a veteran actor like SO JI SUB is much better. A real man who can handle his feminity. I remember when Gong Yoo was in army she makes a surprise Christmas call and at that time he said that one day she’ll become a beautiful woman and a fatal one. He was right! La beautรฉ du diable!

  11. Yeay… so glad to hear this news. Please Unnie… choose your next project wisely… choose a well-written drama/movie that will flatter your acting skill and catch audience attention.

  12. I am so happy to hear that she is back. I am crossing my fingers and hoping she will be paired with Kang Ji Hwan. I will forever be a hwan hye fan. ??

  13. Yay, this is AWESOME news! I love YEH and have been missing her on K-Drama land. I’ve been re-watching her old dramas recently (as I’ve seen them multiple times esp. Princess Hours/Goong, Coffee Prince, The Vineyard Man, and Lie To Me to name a few of her less than 10 dramas…) and her X-Man variety show episodes in YT. She’s so multi-talented and beautiful. I’m so ready to see her in a new K-Drama!!

    Speaking of her returning to K-Drama (hopefully, very soon…early 2017 would be an awesome start!). Though she has good chemistry with anyone, I’d love to see her co-star and pair up with the following very handsome and great vet K-Actors:

    1. Gong Yoo (again…a reunion with him in 2017 would be great as it’ll be 10 years since they co-starred in Coffee Prince!)
    2. Kang Ji Hwan (again…love her pairing with him in LTM. They had the best chemistry and their epic karaoke and coca-cola kiss scenes were super hot and unforgettable!)
    3. So Ji Sub (Oh My Venus)
    4. Song Joong Ki (DOTS…although he appeared briefly in YEH’s My Fair Lady Drama, they weren’t the OTP…so would love to see them pair up soon)
    5. Joo Sang Wook (Fantastic)
    6. Lee Sang Woo (Happy Home)
    7. Lee Dong Wook (Bubblegum)
    8. Jo In Sung (It’s Okay That’s Love)
    9. Ji Chang Wook (Healer)
    10. Hyun Bin (Hyde, Jekyll, & Me)

    • it will be hard for Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook , they are filming “Goblin”. Lee Sang Woo is dating Kim So Yeon and Joo Sang Wook Cha ye ryun. Jo IN Sung and So Ji Sub would be great.

      • I know GY and LDW are currently filming Goblin, but sometime next year or in the near future she can work with either one of them. It doesn’t have to be so soon. I also know LSW is dating KSY, but that’s in real life…it doesn’t mean he can’t work with YEH in a drama just because he’s dating someone in real-life. Eugene is married and co-starred with him recently in All About My Mom and they were great together and had worked very well professionally. Joo Sang Wook would be nice as he has good chemistry with anyone. Glad you agree about Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub. Either would be great, indeed.

  14. Wow one of the best news I’ve read in awhile. I miss YEH alot. Love her acting and I’ve always found her to ooze a very unique kind of woman appeal. I thk not only to be bpcadted with a good actor but the plot must be good. Hopefully she will pick a gold drama n the scriptwriter n PD will do that drama justice. She and KJH had great chemistry but LTM sort of derailed half way through. I love all the list of proposed actor but JCW is out of the question. The guy is heading to army soon. I can’t quite imagine her and Joo Sang Wook. Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Kim Rae Won if veterans n guys older than her. If a reuninion pairing KJH, Ju ji hoon, gong yu- all she had great chemistry with. If noona role then Song Joong Ki, Lee seung GI, Kim bum.

    • Oh, I see about JCW, but she doesn’t have to work with him soon. Perhaps after he comes back from the Army…who knows? I just included him on the list for consideration, as I think he and YEH would make a good pair in a drama. You may not imagine her with Joo Sang Wook, but he has good chemistry with anyone and YEH does too…both very good and convincing actors, so for me it’s not hard to imagine them as a couple in a drama.

  15. About time too! Hope YEH picks good projects like a cable drama followed by a variety show which seem to be the trend these days. She would be great in variety with her young girl warrior strength, caring and sweet personality plus many talents. Running Man will throw their doors wide open for her. Heck, KJK oppa might even be sent on a mission to even ‘kidnap’ her. For co-stars, dont mind her pairing up with younger actors. She had great chemistry with Yoochun and YSH in Missing You. My personal wish list is Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Junki and Lee Dong Wook. Pls pls dramagods!!

  16. So relieved to see positive comments! For almost a year, it was heart-breaking to see and read YEH being witch-hunted about fashion plagiarism! Dear YEH, please choose a very good script from a known and reliable scriptwriter because you need a top-rated, critically acclaimed to once and for all shush these haters! I can imagine an explosive chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun, Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, if only Yoo Ah In weren’t going to the army, yes Song Joong Ki, noon romance with Park Bogum anyway he’s the same age as Yoo Seung Ho.

    • None know about it, except God & the production co. They keep postponing the release date without clear explanation. IMO, if they’re worried about viewers feedback/response because of the scandal they should release the movie in China first since both leads still popular there regardless the controversy.

  17. @ Alexa i was just teasing you. HJM is a perfect beauty. She has no flaws and a very good personality so she should be more dangerous than YEh if you want to keep your oppa . He must have a soft spot for her . Take care.LOL.

  18. I still wish she had been able to do Love Song with Park Yong Ha. It still saddens me that it never happened after all these years and the reason why it didn’t is even sadder. It’s such a shame that nothing she did after Coffee Prince has been as popular in Korea. I agree with some of the comments and she should definitely come back in cable as they have been putting out such qualitatively great shows.

    • This missing project because the saddest cause saddens me too. And if i was supersticious i would say that after that she has bad luck with korean audience. I loved all his projects and his chemistry with all his co-stars. Cameo of Song joog Ki and minor role of Kim Young Kwang ( Pinocchio) and Kwon yool(Let’s fifght ghosts)in “My fair lady”. Time sure flies…

  19. BEST news I have heard in 3 years!! Favorite actress bar none, even though she hasn’t done as much as others. While Coffee Prince is my all time favorite drama, unlike some other comments here, I have enjoyed everything that she has done, and rewatched them all several times, esp CP, Goong, and LTM. The only thing missing from MHIYD was the chemistry between her and LDG, but she had great chemistry with Jung Yong Hwa, other than this, I liked the drama as well. The chemistry and casting are so important, I hope she gets a great script and great male lead like Gong Yoo was to her in CP.

  20. Happy with this news i miss her! Wish i could see hee afain with joo ji hoon *ultimate bias*

    Or ji hyun woo (hes a great kisser too)

  21. Oh my God…I almost screamed my house down when I saw this news..it’s the best news I have received since I sadly started preparing for my exams…I have been waiting for this since forever…I literally check every month for any tiny news I can hear about yeh….so happy..can’t wait for the year to end,I hope it’s a drama and that she gets paired with a very nice actor that can handle her kissing skills…pllssss yeh pick a very good script from good writers and producers.the Hong sisters wouldn’t be a bad choice

  22. im so excited for the comeback of my one only favorite yoon eun hye…. i hoping for the combing k drama for with lee min ho/kim hyung joong/gong yoo/song joong ki

  23. I’m super excited for this news. Would love to see YEH again in k-dramasB. The controversies that surrounds her doesn’t take away the fact that she’s a great actress. Hoping for a comeback ASAP!

  24. Whatever Yeh’s movie or drama theme…itd okay because I watched everything…Its just that not at all times you are at the top…Next time they must pair her with hottest actors…As you can see Jun Ji Hyun’s love interest in her drama were Kin So Yoon….twice it was…then the most recent is Lee Minho plus fantastic kind of drama story fit among all ages is a big factor…..

  25. Im an avid fan of goon yoo and yoon eun hye i think i watch CP more than 10x until now i hope and pray they end up together in real life as a couple or husband and wife and i wish they may reunite also in a drama comedy or movie because they are the best i love them both Godbless to them

  26. Daebak!! ? this is a great news.. I really really missed her acting. You’re always be my #1 Idol unnie.. ?? hope you will lead a kdrama. ์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ—ค์š”!โ™ก

  27. You’re my firs korean idol,im an avud fan of your..please do come back and make a movie again..i watched korean movie because of you.. God Bless

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