The K2 Romantic Leads Ji Chang Wook Bundles Up with Yoona for Vogue Korea

Not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, if K-drama leads and fashion magazines continue to collaborate to mutually promote then I will continue to slurp up the goodies happily. The OTP of upcoming tvN Fri-Sat night thriller The K2 are in the pages of the coming issue of Vogue Korea, a very high brow pictorial made all the more impressive because of the chemistry and mutual edgy¬†synergy. Neither Yoona nor Ji Chang Wook is a stranger to Vogue but together this eclipses their solo efforts, even the standalone shots have this aura that they are aware of the other person and on edge. My favorite picture is the one above where Ji Chang Wook has Yoona in his arms in a rather throwaway casual slouch but gives off the impression that he’s ready to snap to attention and pull her closer if needed. This is a great complementary photo array to keep excitement high for The K2.


The K2 Romantic Leads Ji Chang Wook Bundles Up with Yoona for Vogue Korea — 5 Comments

  1. Gawd so much pretty! The chemistry seems pretty great, I hope it translates well to the small screen. I’m craving this drama like crazy… There is only so much that fluffy dramas are able to sustain me, been wanting something dark and action packed for a while (ok since Signal). A few days ago I actually rewatched Healer and have inevitably ramped up my expectations for K2… Really hope the drama delivers and the story won’t derail like Yongpal did.

  2. They both look great. I can’t say much about their acting since I have only seen Ji Chang Wook in Empress Ki (his performance was good there but I gave up watching his other dramas for certain reasons); as for Yoona, I couldn’t finish any of her dramas (her dramas just didn’t appeal to me).

    If this drama will be as good as the first episodes of Yong Pal, I’ll certainly be watching it. I just hope that the writer won’t plagiarise Wilkie Collins’ “The Woman in White” this time (I’m joking).

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