Song Joong Ki and Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook Take the 1-2 Position Atop the K-ent People Power List of 2016

Even topping this poll once is cause for congratulations so this is certainly the cherry on top of K-actor Song Joong Ki‘s crazy year of popularity to rank number 1 in the Power People List of 2016. It’s the 47th year of this list, which includes all entertainment stars from acting, singing, writing, producing, directing, and announcing. Song Joong Ki is the only actor to rank in the top ten, and behind him in order is drama scribe Kim Eun Sook who sent Song Joong Ki to superstardom with her Descendants of the Sun, perennial powerhouse MC Yoo Jae Suk, variety show hitmaker PD Na Young Seok, and cable network jTBC news president Sohn Suk Hee. Rounding out the top ten is PD Kim Tae Ho in the 6th spot followed by SM Entertainment head Lee Soo Man, screenwriter Kim Eun Hee who wrote K-drama Signal, the first singer the make the list Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, and finally movie and drama producer Kim Woo Taek coming in at number 10. Check out the full top 30 list below.

1. Song Joong Ki
2. Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook
3. Yoo Jae Seok
4. PD Na Young Seok
5. Sohn Suk Hee
6. PD Kim Tae Ho
7. Lee Soo Man
8. Screenwriter Kim Eun Hee
9. G-Dragon
10. Kim Woo Taek
11. Gong Yoo
12. PD Shin Won Ho
13. Yang Hyun Seok
14. Big Bang
15. Kim Gura
16. IOI
17. Na Hong Jin
18. Yeon Sang Ho
19. PD Kim Won Seok
20. Lee Kyung Kyu
21. Girlfriend
22. Yoo Ah in
23. Song Kang Ho
24. Hwang Jung Min
25. Kim Sung Soo
26. Song Hye Kyo
27. Park Chan Wook
28. Twice
29. Lee Woo Jung
30. Baek Jong Won


Song Joong Ki and Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook Take the 1-2 Position Atop the K-ent People Power List of 2016 — 9 Comments

  1. except top 3 this poll is the definition of mass. idk what it is about sk but they never seem to release a correct poll.

    top 3 are most fair and correct except that nothing is right? why is Lee soo man so high up the list is question number 1? he hasen’t done really anything this year exo is on the decline, the same with snsd for years now and god knows where super junior is. JYP is the one deserving of atleast 4th or 5th place on this list based on twice’s revolution which is the biggest in 2016 by far and i would also have added YG instead of Lee soo man because YG had a good year with debutting IKON which is also successful project and winner to some extent.

    GD being on this list seems incorrect also since he hasen’t done much this year but in 2015. you could argue for big bang making the bottom of the list but not so high up.

    besides that song hye kyo being so low is incorrect also she is worth atleast top 6. Yoo ah in was last year not this year since he hasen’t released noteworthy stuff while twice and hwang jung min deserve to be in top 10

  2. Happy for SJK! Deserving of all the fame he’s getting now. I’m so late to get on his bandwagon but I’ve already enjoyed seeing him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal years before. Hoping for continued success.

  3. papa YG is sooo close to bigbang. remember the past article about Bigbang vs SM ent (exo, snsd, shinee and boa released albums at that year).So proud of Bigbang.

    well deserved top 10. KInda hope bigbang releases an album this year so they can get higher. 😀

  4. How did they evaluate the list? Not a random poll or survey again!!!???? The Kpop power list looks so random. LOL…none from SM artists, but the label founder? And rookie groups like IOI and Twice? But no EXO? LMAO…So all the EXO slaying top of the music charts in and outside Korea, including #1 Billboard world album were jokes!!!!!????? Not a fan of any SM groups though. But this list looks so random and fishy although I’m glad SJK is on top of the list. Anyway, don’t take it seriously.

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