Kim Yoo Jung Drops Mellow Elle Korea Pictorial Highlighting Her Continued Growth into Sophistication

Of the three big child actresses grown up, Kim Yoo Jung has now become the first with a mega hit K-drama under her belt. Sure mega means 20% for a prime time drama nowadays but it’s still impressive and well deserved for her incredible acting ability in sageuks. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds isn’t a success due to her alone but she definitely contributes significantly and carries her character fully in physical and emotional acting.

Whereas Kim So Hyun and Kim Sae Ron have more angular sleek features that are so coveted with this generation, Kim Yoo Jung’s round face and pouty lips harken back to the Shim Eun Ha era from twenty years ago, the traditional Korean beauty who is soft and feminine. Yet Kim Yoo Jung still manages to update the traditional Korean features in a way that is very modern, making her ascent to leading lady bolstered by looks that the domestic audience embraces. She’s in the pages of next month’s Elle Korea in a contrasting contemplative pictorial, like an young adult woman wondering what life or just next week holds.


Kim Yoo Jung Drops Mellow Elle Korea Pictorial Highlighting Her Continued Growth into Sophistication — 12 Comments

  1. She’s pretty, but those pictures look horrible. They made her look tired and washed out. I hope it’s not the trend nowadays…

  2. Koala, I could not agree more with you! She isn’t your typical korean pretty girl but her beauty is unique and a breath of fresh air among all the plastic dolls of K-ent.

  3. Why do so many pictorials take these beautiful girls and put stupid makeup trends on them that don’t suit anyone?

    Here it’s the tuberculosis-style “gradient lip”, in another one of Kim So Hyun it was those stupid wispy bangs that are supposed to look “delicate” but in reality the effect is that you don’t have enough hair to cut full bangs.

  4. She is still a teenage girl not yet a fully fledged adult. Japanese showbiz have always been controversial in promoting their their teenage girls as women and now SK is doing it.

  5. Traditional or not, she has superb bone structure and facial proportions. And of course, there is that unique thing about natural beauty where God is far superior with creating beauties than mere humans who can only try hard to imitate. She reminds me a bit of Song Hye Kyo’s features and beauty…

    • I totally understand your sentiment. I’m watching her current drama and I can’t imagine how it must feel like to be a young girl and acting out very romantic scenes with a man (PBG is kind of a boy, but very manly). That said, the characters in this drama are supposed to be young, like in their late teens. In this regard, she is actually well-casted. And there really isn’t anything, romantic wise, in this drama that would not actually happen between two teenagers in love. There isn’t any raunchy kissing or over exposure of cleavage. I do admit to thinking about her age a lot when I watch the drama.

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