Song Joong Ki Takes Home Daesang at 2016 APAN Star Awards

It’s not exactly awards season yet in K-ent but the chips are falling as expected even for the one-off awards event such as the just held APAN Star Awards sponsored by the Daejeon Drama Festival. The big winner was Descendants of the Sun, taking home Best Drama, as well as its male lead Song Joong Ki, sweeping up the Daesang, adding a Best Couple award with costar Song Hye Kyo, and winnng an APAN Star award as a bonus. His costars Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won also took home acting awards but Song Hye Kyo lost out to the Best Award prize to Han Hyo Joo for W: Two Worlds. Han Hyo Joo’s win is a headscratcher over not just Song Hye Kyo but also Kim Hye Soo for Signal and Park Shin Hye for Doctors. Critically acclaimed Signal did take home best screenwriter and a win for male lead Jo Jin Woong but overall this was really a popularity contest as usual.

Song Joong Ki – Descendants of the Sun (KBS)

Best Drama:
Descendants of the Sun (KBS)

Best Writer:
Kim Eun Hee – Signal (tvn)

Best Director:
Shin Won Ho – Answer Me 1988 (tvN)

Best actor/actress in a serial drama (top excellence award):
Ahn Jae Wook – Five Children (KBS)
Kim So Yeon – Happy Home (MBC)

Best actor/actress in a miniseries (top excellence award):
Jo Jin Woong – Signal (tvn)
Han Hyo Joo – W: Two Worlds (MBC)

Best actor/actress in a serial drama (excellence award):
Lee Pil Mo – Happy Home (MBC)
Jung Yoo Mi – Six Flying Dragons (SBS)

Best actor/actress in a miniseries (excellence award):
Namgoong Min – Remember (SBS)
Seo Hyun Jin – Another Oh Hae Young (tvN)

Best Actor (tied):
Kim Ui Sung – W: Two Worlds (MBC)
Jin Goo – Descendants of the Sun (KBS)

Best Actress (tied):
Kim Ji Won – Descendants of the Sun (KBS)
Ye Ji Won – Another Oh Hae Young (tvN)

Best New Actor/Actress:
Park Bo Gum – Answer Me 1988 (tvN)
Yoon Kyun Sang – Doctors (SBS)
Kim Yoo Jung – Moonlight Drawn By Clouds (KBS)
Hyeri – Answer Me 1988 (tvN)

Best Couple Award:
Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo – Descendants of the Sun (KBS)

APAN Star Awards Rising Stars:
Hwang Chi Yeol
Darren Wang

Best APAN Star Award:
Song Joong Ki
Kim Hee Sun
Thanayong Wongtrakul
Joe Taslim
Jessy Mendiola
Narimiya Hiroki

Special Actor Award of the Year:
Kunimura Jun

Global Star Award:
Lee Byung Hun


Song Joong Ki Takes Home Daesang at 2016 APAN Star Awards — 44 Comments

  1. Last night’s most outstanding recipient was actually Singer Hwang Chi Yeul. A totally well deserved award. His song performance was simply amazing, expressive and mesmerizing. I think it is worthwhile to search for the clip to watch it.

    • Koala, thanks for your article. @unknownunknown – I agree completely with you 🙂 Biased fan of Hwang Chi Yeul here – he’s simply the best. Great singer, dancer, variety show performer, and above all, an amazing personality that makes his fans adore and respect him. The HCY video uploaded by MBCEntertainment is well worth a watch. His performance is outstanding, especially considering that the day before (1 October) he was still suffering from a cough and cold.

      Those of you who can watch Vlive can catch him, Gummy and Lyn live at the Busan One Asia concert tonight (starting 6 pm KST time). Also, his OST for “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” should hopefully be released by this week or next (he recorded it over a month ago). Can’t wait!


      • In my excitement in writing about Chi Yeul, I forgot to add – congratulations to Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum on a well-deserved win!

      • You mean their wins for best new actor/actress?! Calling either of them new to the industry is a joke in itself, not that they don’t deserve recognition for their amazing acting skills.

  2. I do not place much importance to these popularity awards but still I am happy that Seo Hyun Jin received recognition for her role in Another Oh Hae Young and Signal’s SW and Jo Jin Woong were appreciated as well.

  3. How funny that Kim Yoo Jung in new actress category? She may be young and MDBC is the first drama that she headlined but she is a veteran with so many acting projects under her belt. At least, the category should be named as “Breakout Star” instead of “New Actress”. Korean awards really is a joke.

  4. HHJ is the worst choice of the top excellence. It’s totally unbelievable. W wasn’t that popular. Her character wasn’t that liked. The ratings weren’t great and she was called out for her poor acting. It makes me wonder if the rumors that she has a strong backer are true.

      • Hm, even the press is saying her award is undeserved and asking why she was given it. It’s quite sad that anyone is defending this shady practice, and it’s not the first time with her either.

    • Agreed. It should have went to Kim Hye-soo (based on acting skills), Song Hye Kyo (based on drama’s popularity) or Park Shin-hye (a successful female centric role). W is popular but most of the credits is due to Lee Jong-suk.

    • IMO HHJ was really inconsistent in W & KHS should have won the award not her but it’s not fair to accuse her for having sponsor… Meanwhile W was really popular & I read many many comments with upvotes to give the year end Daesong to LJS but I’m somehow sure he himself doesn’t want it, he is still young, he has many years ahead for winning Daesong.

      • People need to chill. we do not know the dealing happening on the juror table. If none of you notice, none of the top excellence awards nominees came for the award and this include the winner herself.

        Speaking on acting skill alone, signal should won. But this dont warrant the hate the actress is getting. If she is wise and looking at her track record, she will be crazy to do back dealings to get an award ‘yet again’ this time around and to attract uneccessary hate is kind of stupid. Seeing that she choose to be absent and instead, her manager received the award and end up only thanking w team for all their hard work said something.

        She might not want the award either but to deny the award will attract much more hate. Shes no choi min soo especially after a public scandal.

        Just stop with all the bashing. Like you did not know how korean awards work. Anyways, 70% of this award make sense. Thats all that matters to me

      • @Hyperfan
        Not sure if you are telling this to me or your opinion is general because I’m with you in stopping the hate, IMO she wasn’t bad at all & were great in some parts but being awkward in some othert scenes has made this fuss, but I believe most of this is because of her stupid scandal especially by k-netizen not purely for her acting.

      • @HEP lol my bad. it wasnt for you. i was actually trying to reply to the main comment and i was stating my opinion in general.

        Yes, she was great at some parts but some parts fell flat. The way the character was being characterized wasnt giving much help either. Add on with the past scandal plus other actresses with big fandoms.. the hate is getting too much.

        Remember the actors and actresses werent the one that decide this. She never even appeared to accept the award. I think she made a wise decision to stay out of the mess

      • @Hyperfan
        IMO she wasn’t bad at all & were great in some parts but being awkward in some other scenes has made this fuss, on the other hand I believe most of this controversy is because of her stupid scandal especially by k-netizen not purely for her acting.

  5. Well , nothing new. For me the best dramas are Signal and reply 1988. The same goes for the actors. Daesang for all the cast of reply 1988 who were awsome together . After all , Cannes has rewarded a whole cast in the past. Was the red carpet dress code white and nude color ? Elegant but boring.

  6. Taste and context – that’s all I can say about these awards ceremonies. My preferences remain the same anyway. Congratulations to the winners though!

  7. Sour grapes all over! LOL
    Which K music shows or drama awards are not about popularity? Who’s not watching dramas for being entertained? And if a drama is entertaining to the majority of audience then it’s gonna popular.

    Congrats to the production team and the cast of DotS! Specifically, SJK well deserves all the excellence awards in the department, not just for recognition of his acting skills and charisma in DotS, but for showing his versatility and acting range throughout his career so far. DotS PD should have won an award too.

    • Song jong ki is good actor…buy come on joo jin woong is far superior…
      If Pd or that overrated writer eon something….i will forever questioned this award credibility
      His daeang less meh compared to ksh..but still headscratching esp pitting him against signal, reply 1998 and w

      • Who’s superior or not, it’s all personal preference. That’s your opinion someone else deserves the award more than SJK. But the majority of members in Korean Actors/Actresses Management Association obviously don’t agree with you.

  8. yeah, k-netz also shock about HHJ won for top excellence actress, tbh her acting so controversial from the beginning until the end of drama. the viewers know, but they are still give the award to her. what a waste

  9. i was going to ask who that guy who looks like narimiya hiroki was…. and then i got to the bottom of the article. lol. <3

    i'm also really happy for kim eun hee and shin won ho~

    i'm a little amused by kim yoo jung getting a "new actor" award… she's been acting since she was four years old. XD;; but i suppose it's her first time with the "leading lady" title.

  10. haha back to comment after watching the award ceremony. Just in case ppl don’t know, the APAN daesang award was specifically voted by Korean professional Actors/Actresses Management Association, not netizens or random ppl. LOL…So sour grapes and doubters may as well keep your bitterness and uncontrollable jealousy to yourself, rather than ignorantly blah blah blah b/c your faves did not win the big award. LMAO.

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