Song Joong Ki Models for Playboy Casual Wear in Latest CF Campaign

This is a supremely odd combination but I guess an endorsement job is just a job at the end of the day. Song Joong Ki is repping the Playboy clothing label in South Korea, which is of course the same Playboy of the iconic bunny in a tux image and purveyor of sexy mags. The label has been licensing its brand across many different categories so it’s not being directly produced or marketed by the magazine home office, but it’s still inextricably tied with the image of Playboy centerfolds and unexpectedly well written magazine articles hidden within the treasure trove of pictures. I was thinking Joong Ki would be a good fit for some military or outdoorsy brands, but Playboy may have selected him for the lady killer side of his character’s personality in his hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun. Whatever the reason for this synergy, at least Song Joong Ki effortless rocks the sweatshirt with bunny ears with zero snark.


Song Joong Ki Models for Playboy Casual Wear in Latest CF Campaign — 5 Comments

  1. LOL when I read the title. My first thought, must be $$$$$ that’s gonna feed his agency staff as he said before about his mission regarding endorsements after DotS. Fortunately, the wears don’t remind me of the infamous brand except for the logo. But men, I’ll cringe at any guy wearing anything with that huge bunny on the print. LMAO

    Just a side note. Did his agency really have to sign him up for this endorsement deal? I don’t think they’re desperate for cash. They’ve got all these talented and CF-demanded actors including Cha Tae Hyun and Park Bo Gum across 3 generations. Blossom Ent must have been making tons of $$$$ nowadays.

  2. The ‘onus’ is on the company, not the model. You think models are involved in collaboration decisions? And the logo doesn’t trigger the same effect it does stateside. The magazine’s not in circulation in SK and it takes a while–if it does at all–for consumers to make the leap from one to the other.

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