Park Bo Gum Trades Crown Prince Gear for Perfectly Tailored Suits in New Allets CF

There is a degree of reassuring pleasure watching Park Bo Gum act, it’s been that way since I first laid eyes on him as the teenage Lee Seo Jin in Wonderful Life, and since then he’s only confirmed that my early opinion was warranted. He’s currently slaying ratings and drama audiences alike in currently airing KBS Mon-Tues drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, engineering big reversal in that time slot for KBS which had the lowly rated Beautiful Mind getting hammered by Doctors on SBS. I’m not a fan of the Moonlight story line but I love Park Bo Gum in it, his is the perfectly restrained yet thoroughly alive with feels type performance that straddles the line adeptly, like a finely tuned sports car on the Autobahn. Vvroom vvroom.


Park Bo Gum Trades Crown Prince Gear for Perfectly Tailored Suits in New Allets CF — 9 Comments

  1. Park Bo Gum got it all, height, looks and a killer smile!!! He has a smile that will “sink a thousand ships”!!! On top of that he is talented and he is a very good actor! He is the future of the Korean entertainment industry!

  2. He’s so handsome. I mean I’ve seen loads of pretty boys in the K-industry but I find him really handsome in a way that he has a certain “banjun(or in english, reverse)” appeal to his looks. He’s pretty but his features are masculine which makes him look the ‘manly’ kind of pretty. He has cute features as well but at the same time those features can make him look surprisingly sexy. He is one handsome guy. And he has the height and talent as well. Makes me wonder how he looks like in real life. I’ve a korean friend who happened to see him during a fansign and she said that he looks unreal, like a mannequin. Lol

  3. Ya know…if the reports of his humility and kindness are as true as they are prolific….I don’t understand how everyone woman he comes in contact with or works with doesn’t fall madly in love with him. Seriously.

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